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  1. Thanks doctor, pandemic solved. Close the thread
  2. That would not be a good year, that would be a massive disappointment and unacceptable in year 3 with a 3 year starting quarterback. If you can't past 7 to 8 wins with that then he is not doing his 5 million dollar a year job.
  3. What does that have to do with ANYTHING?
  4. I'm hoping it's an announcement for huge game clocks in the end zone. So he can't forget how many minutes are left on the clock in the 4th.
  5. I read the post you quoted and it wasn't Knowledge mildly surprised
  6. Ya you keep saying that yet it hasn't proven to be true
  7. Bo wasn't given enough time to transition his defense, almost had it done by what players were drafted this year and previously along thre D Line. Pelini recruiting the best players on the defense 5 years after he's gone.
  8. Frost didn't even recruit 3 of them, let's be clear he didn't elevate the Davis Twins. No I'm not for firing him, I'm for people to stop just assuming that he is going to win massive amounts of games with the current way he coaches. It's the most annoying thing to read. Up until this point he hasn't been a good in game coach. Those are just facts
  9. Every coach has pulled in "amazing classes ". That's all I have read about for years, the only pros that have been brought in were by the actual good football coach. Once we start winning? When does that actually happen? That's a serious question, because getting great classes for the last 5 years hasn't turned into anything. Name 5 professionals on this team, seems hard doesn't it. Please tell me how I have to wait X more number of years until whatever dynasty you made on your last NCAA XBox game.
  10. How about actually taking a shot instead of looking like little b#%#%es all the time. I agree
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