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  1. That my friends is fantastic
  2. Wow you must be bored lol, that's much think
  3. You can't have your elbows out trying to fly like a bird, you will get called every time because it is a foul.
  4. KingBlank

    Tickets Sold Compared to Actual Attendance

    Ever been to Nebraska basketball game and they announce there is 15000 people in attendance but it's half empty? Because I have and it's hilarious
  5. KingBlank

    Tickets Sold Compared to Actual Attendance

    It was empty in every corner, picking on the student section is ridiculous, they stand have more people in each row. The rich balcony was empty for both games, and no there isn't 4000 people worth of room to stand behind the glass up there. It's people in every section
  6. Well to be honest Osborne, Perlman, Green would have had a very hard time in today's culture keeping his job intact with some of the incidents that happened. Would we have kept the beatings, robberies, rapes quite, fights in bars where cameras didn't exist, or would we have admitted them and kicked the player off? You tell me because Tom never wanted to lose a player because he always thought he could fix them. O yes sir there are some similarities they just happened 20 years apart.
  7. KingBlank

    Big announcement coming?

    Dude it was the first game canceled due to weather ever, you are definitely in a very small minority Correct
  8. KingBlank

    Big announcement coming?

    Dome is literally the worst idea. This is Nebraska we don't need a dome ever. Ya weiners, buy a coat. Plus snow games are fun as heck to go to.
  9. KingBlank

    Now that the season is over for us.

    David was the number 1 juco recruit in the nation according to some. Rex was the Texas Gatorade player of year if I recall. Hello Helu was recruited by top tier programs. Ameer had late hard interest from Auburn. Those guys were pretty highly regarded as incoming football players.
  10. KingBlank

    Looking Back....

    You saw what happened when he did, the worst 3 years in the modern era. I dunno facts and stuff
  11. KingBlank

    Looking Back....

    Well you know also the record
  12. KingBlank

    Looking Back....

    Careful it's not ok to give Bo credit for anything ever around here
  13. KingBlank

    Game Ball

    You also have the rich seats half full and the 600 level half full during that game in the second half. Do they lose the right for their tickets as well?