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  1. I prefer to go by wins and losses but hey to each their own.
  2. 1. Massively debatable 2. Completely on the head coach 3. No one knows what you're talking about 4. We lost to Illinois at home and got smoked, last part again no one knows what you are talking about. 5. Failed administration before you have nothing to do with still being a horrid football team in year four. Quit trying to pin Frosts absolute disaster of tenure here on anyone. 6. You sound like Matt Davison's kid brother
  3. This is the most ridiculous falsehood in this entire thread. Bo had way better freaking players then anything remotely put on the field by this staff. I am not even going to get into the D Line he had ready to go when he was fired. He had identified that and recruited beasts to that position. 2 of them were the most underutilized players in Nebraska history. Ahh that's right though, that wouldn't have continued right? That's always the stupid narrative? He couldn't recruit right? As far as I've seen this staff hasn't even come close to being even in the running for guys of Bos classes
  4. Cry me a freaking river about the national stage. "Good" teams continually to this day get hammered in big games. He also was in big games because his team's were good. Every single Scott Frost team would get slaughtered by any of Bos teams.
  5. 17 in the 4th, while Martinez racks up 200 yards and Nebraska fans will conjure up some look at those stats excuse as to how good he is.
  6. Actually his best players were still Bos players hilariously enough
  7. There wasn't any reason for that not to happen the last 2 years as well and the excuses and whining about why that didn't happen are ridiculous.
  8. Especially if I am standing on my head.
  9. Matt Davison is that you? Matt......did you get drunk and start posting again?
  10. Well then you are going to continue to see the losses pile up if you don't have offensive play makers. Also continued blame for the OL is tired. They weren't awful. QB is the most concerning position and it's not even close.
  11. That's because there is no sky anymore just a dark cloud filled with fear and terrible football
  12. Ya you all keep saying that about players and Nebraska still continues to be awful. So everyone leaving always seems to supposedly make us better.
  13. That would be great, still highly unacceptable.
  14. I wasn't necessarily advocating as to who is the better coach. I'm referring to the stupid we needed to burn it down/ rebuild/ culture change. Similarly the bare closet thing. Simply coaching well can win you some games because you are the more talented team. The basic excuses of the fan base here in the moment are using excuses that many others don't, the coach the same way. You are seriously going to come out in the press and say something about the guys that were here 3 years ago? In a loss to Iowa, I mean come on. It just feeds that narrative, I truly feel that Michigan state had a
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