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  1. KingBlank

    QB Transfers

    No Riley annihilated it, Anderson the buried it under 35 tons of garbage.
  2. KingBlank

    Worst CFB Hires of the Past Decade

    No he wasn't wrong. False
  3. KingBlank

    Worst CFB Hires of the Past Decade

    Yet we lost at home to who last year? Embarrassed? They won the game, get over that we should win 78 - 0 it isn't happening anymore
  4. KingBlank

    Worst CFB Hires of the Past Decade

    Who are you? Can we be best friends?
  5. KingBlank

    Worst CFB Hires of the Past Decade

    Collins, Valentine, Davis Brothers, Gregory, Mcmullen, Moss They would beg to differ, terrible arguement.
  6. KingBlank

    Worst CFB Hires of the Past Decade

    My man
  7. KingBlank

    Worst CFB Hires of the Past Decade

    I would argue that is false until the end of time. The large contingent of my friends that are fans would agree 4 out 5 that the firing was idiotic.
  8. KingBlank

    Worst CFB Hires of the Past Decade

    Nothing he said in that offended me, I thought the exact same thing about all the people leaving in the 3rd quarter, eff um, still to this day I don't give a crap. He had every right to feel that way. False, omg a coach got super mad, who cares, anyone who did is to sensitive.
  9. KingBlank

    Worst CFB Hires of the Past Decade

    Quit with this false narrative there was/is a large part if the fan base that was completely fine with Bo. The fabricated propaganda put out by SE to try to make Bo into some villain was down right ridiculous. Riley did more to harm this program then Bo ever did.
  10. KingBlank

    Discontent in the AD?

    Attendance is down because they have sucked
  11. KingBlank

    Taj Griffin

    Lol no, he also transferred like his head coach did
  12. KingBlank

    Taj Griffin

    The only possible reason he wasn't a starter?! Well there's the issue of he wasn't good enough to start, football coaches aren't in the business of playing their second best players
  13. KingBlank

    Taj Griffin

    Dangerous enough to never start
  14. This is how I look at it, the kids who have now had a chance to play have brought "it". Whatever it is, they seem to have that now, an instinct, a passion, a focus to make plays. My gripe about this was early in the season, the excuse was lack of depth or bench, well those guys "the lack", they have something that is different then before. You need to play these guys early in the season where mistakes aren't as costly and the team learns that these guys have a purpose. The stat sheet withstanding, I mean seriously you Trueblood trying with all his might to score 6 points, finding crossers, following his shot, chesting up to guys that are better. Do they need to play 25 minutes, absolutely not, but you need the team to see that, feel that, know that, because that guy has your back when you get 3 fouls, instead of trying to mismanage fouls and lineups, trust is must for the entire team. I believe if you had Thor and Jonney and Heiman getting minutes, showing that when we play we are going to go a as hard as we can even though we know you guys are the starters the season changes drastically. That's just my take, and I think Miles biggest downfall.