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  1. I, for one, appreciate new threads when there’s significant news like this. It seems silly to bury stories in generic threads. The past season when we had every story in one thread about the Huskers 2019 season was kinda frustrating. If you are away from the boards for a couple days, you are most likely going to miss some stories you’d otherwise read if it were in its own thread.
  2. I was prepared to post an eye roll GIF, but as I continued reading, I don’t think there’s an eye roll that would be adequate.
  3. Returning production doesn’t mean much when those returning didn’t produce much.
  4. Over/under on this thread being deleted? 5 hours? I think the idea is to bombard Huskerboard with ads to scoop up money while driving users over Huskermax. Which will definitely work.
  5. I am severely disappointed to see this isn’t about Marion Butts having a kid who was snubbed by all the FBS schools. We all know: Butts in cleats keeps butts off their seats.
  6. No, sir. I was just being pedantic about his name actually being Burrow, always has been, but people continue to say Burrows.
  7. You'd think as prolific and dominant as he was this season, people would know his name.
  8. Dang. I was really hoping for Colman. My teams have been disappointing me with their coaching searches lately!
  9. For all the things wrong with the Browns this year, the special teams were pretty great. They integrated two rookie kickers and they looked like all-pros. Learning under Mike Priefer would be an amazing asset. Go get him, Scott!
  10. To add to the seven we already have!
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