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  1. What does questioning the decision on Burrow have anything to do with us sucking? A lot of the people questioning Frost’s decision were doing the same at the time. To act like there’s only criticism in hindsight is ridiculous. Many of us knew Gebbia wasn’t long for Frost’s offense. Given the “culture” that was instilled by Riley, why would anyone expect Gebbia to stick around? You can trot around on your high horse, but your lack of foresight is no reason to criticize those who questioned it the entire time. We are simply pointing out that what we thought should have been done probably should have been done. If you’ve never made a “told you so” statement before, I’m surprised you’re posting on an internet message board.
  2. I’ve never missed the eye roll more than this past week
  3. Do all the buy-in folks not think it’s a coach’s duty to get his players bought in? There are obvious situations where it wouldn’t matter, but Lamar Jackson is a perfect example as someone who WAS bought-in* but they’ve lost him. * or so the coaches and all the buy-in folks were saying
  4. I very clearly stated otherwise. What I stated was if I were not bought in, what my reasoning would be. Obviously someone like you or me who have been fans of the team would be bought into the school, regardless of coach.
  5. Based on his erstwhile coaching, I’d like to say I believe he can get the job done here. Based on his stay here at Nebraska, not so much. Its just rich that the staff came in blasting the prior staff and roster. I mean, doing that and then complaining about a lack of buy-in is laughable. If I was here and a new staff came in like that and ended up getting similar results with “upgrades” to the roster, it’d be pretty difficult for me to stay bought in. Especially with the actual in-game coaching decisions being made. It’s all then exacerbated when you see what Joe Burrow is doing at LSU vs. the QB room Frost was good with that spring. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also looking forward to when Frost has all his guys bought in. But Frost is gonna have to check his ego before I’ll truly believe he’s gonna turn things around. That’s starts with dumping Chin.
  6. https://twitter.com/bubbaprog/status/1190674552814211073?s=21
  7. I guess all those people keeping “mum” with the rumor in the attrition thread were for naught.
  8. I’d already purchased land even before reconnoitering the rim #noragrets I’m a Browns fan, so I can handle a little adversity. 12 wins over three years? The Browns would call that improvement.
  9. We beat Michigan State in ‘15, so I guess it’s possible.
  10. It’s like the worst-kept secret this side of Frost’s return.
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