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  1. I’d bet on Northwestern in a heartbeat
  2. You really think anyone would think cancelling football would help either party? If they wanted to make it political, they would obviously just blame it on the other party. This was done somewhat based on medical advice, and mostly because the presidents wanted to save their hides if anything happened to players. The B1G expected the other conferences to follow suit, but now that they haven’t, they’re trying to save face. The approval of the rapid tests plays a huge part in that, as well. People point to Kevin Warren’s drive to allow athletes to become well-
  3. It’s systemic racism, not systematic. ...and are you really calling out a Black person for using the “n-word”?
  4. Michigan State has nixed on-campus classes, so I’d count them out.
  5. Anyone who thinks there’s going to be football of any level played this fall is outside their mind.
  6. Initially, I was surprised Abdullah wasn’t on the team. Then I saw the list and was reminded of how loaded the B1G was at RB the last decade. Holy mackerel.
  7. Scott Frost’s next championship won’t be at Nebraska.
  8. I gotta get me a skin like that for my phone. That looks sick.
  9. Somebody’s hairstyle choice has not caught up with their hairline.
  10. Gimme Jordan Stevenson over Mo all day!
  11. It’s a touchy subject, but there are incredibly obvious ones that should be addressed. I've always thought a player shouldn’t be allowed to return for that series, but never thought about it making players stay in who are actually injured. I don’t see why the conferences can’t take a look at them after the fact and assess penalties on the obvious ones. A one half penalty seems about right. Leaving it up to the head coaches is tantamount to brushing it aside as a non-issue.
  12. I, for one, appreciate new threads when there’s significant news like this. It seems silly to bury stories in generic threads. The past season when we had every story in one thread about the Huskers 2019 season was kinda frustrating. If you are away from the boards for a couple days, you are most likely going to miss some stories you’d otherwise read if it were in its own thread.
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