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  1. Minnesota_husker

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    I think its because I am so handsome.
  2. Minnesota_husker

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    Did you honestly think Tim would be able to out coach Greg? I mean I was so happy we won but I didnt see it coming. Greg has constantly had Tim's number.
  3. Minnesota_husker

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    Its a mixed bag. I get why people dont understand the hate for Miles now with this team(that he built) but again, most realize this is a flash in the pan. The team next year should probably be picked to be in the bottom 6 of the Big depending on Dachon Burke. Miles has done a nice job of finding transfers but he hasnt been able to get 4 year guys to grow. It seems like the guys talents dont grow under Miles. The major issue is Miles is VERY likeable. I have said it over and over again.. I love Miles but that doesnt stop me from being frustrated with how our offense is run. I hope Miles is given a chance to run as far as he can with this team but I am concerned games like Texas Tech or 2nd half of MN will continue to show that this team is beatable.
  4. There actually is a pretty strong Nebraska faction there. This isnt that much different than playing in Des Moines or Kansas City in my mind. If Nebraska can add a few more fans what harm does it do?
  5. Minnesota_husker

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    Egg on my face. I didnt read the whole thing and thought you meant up till now. THAT IS MY BAD... You are right, I dont think you can fire a coach if he gets you a tourney win.
  6. Minnesota_husker

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    Explain to me how you define success? He has a worse winning percentage than Doc Sadler. Has won all of zero NCAA Tournament games. He brought us some national attention but lets hold back on the whole "more success than our program has ever had" because that isnt true.
  7. Minnesota_husker

    2018-2019 Season Notes

    Yes. The B1G will be way up this year. We could finish at 10-10 and still be in.
  8. Minnesota_husker

    Nebrasketball Game #10: Creighton - Saturday, December 8 - 5:00 p.m. (BTN)

    Just getting a chance to come around here after my 48 hour bender of celebration. I just want to say I never doubted this team would win for one second. Just please ignore any Messageboard Post/Tweet/snapchat/facebook update/Myspace post I have made. Really happy they got the monkey off their back. This team will be VERY tough to beat at home. I hate Creighton. GBR
  9. Minnesota_husker

    JUCO DT Tony Fair

    Yes, St. Paul likes to rock the boat but he isnt wrong. If Frost is going to make comments like that, people have every right to question it in situations like this. Again, Tony doesnt seem to angry about it, so who knows what happened.
  10. Minnesota_husker

    JUCO DT Tony Fair

    Judging by the Tweet from Tony, either Tony is a smart kid and took the high road or he is ok with how Frost and Co. handled this whole thing.
  11. Minnesota_husker

    JUCO DT Tony Fair

    Not a ton of time for Fair to find a new home but enough that it sounds like Nebraska did this right. I am always a fan of adding more depth on both lines but I trust they know what they are doing. Good luck to Tony.
  12. Minnesota_husker

    JUCO DT Tony Fair

    He worked so hard to get his grades up and now they might not even let him join. That just doesnt seem very...... Fair to me.
  13. It funny that you say he "runs an offense"... I wish we had just 1 play... just 1. You would think we only had two guys on the court on most trips down. The lack of movement without the ball is so frustrating.
  14. Minnesota_husker

    Nebrasketball Game #10: Creighton - Saturday, December 8 - 5:00 p.m. (BTN)

    I want this game badly but Coach McDermott has Miles number. Not holding my breath.
  15. I like the list. I think it boils down to quality wins. Clemson should still be a quality win. Seton Hall win isnt quality at the moment. Creighton win would be huge. Okie Lite would be nice but not one to hang your hat on. This does put into perspective the Minnesota loss stings but doesnt sink our battleship. The Big Ten will be a tough place this year, especially on the road. Would still like to see us get to 20 wins prior to the Conference tournament.