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  1. First lets see if he will take a walk on spot before we give his scholarship to one of the many 5 stars wanting to come here.
  2. That is a very different situation. Glen was there for a long time and was more of a bo situation without the attitude. Glen also had some major issues with the AD. They thought they could get a new coach who could get them over the hump. Brand new administration that had nothing to do with Glen.
  3. After this year, Fleck has at least 5 years of job security.... That being said, he might be coaching Notre Dame or a different school by then.
  4. Thats right.... Should have just done the math 2020-Lincoln 2021-MN 2022-Lincoln 2023-MN
  5. Will that be in Lincoln? I assume since the other one mentions the home opener. I kind of like the Thursday one. Only negative is tough to get visitors in for the game with HS football being on Friday.
  6. Sipple is a puppet for the staff and will share something to help them out. They have the "backup noise" on.
  7. This list needs a lot more YOLO Ball in it. #givemeallthemagic
  8. NO! Most years I finish last or second to last. I am going full Coach O on bourbon street....
  9. Just in case people forget. The Three Huskers in this game- OT-Turner Corcoran(West) OLB- Keyshawn Green(East) LB/DE-Blaise Gunnerson(West)
  10. I dont know... Find me a few kids who wrestle Grizzlies and Moose, and I am all on board.
  11. Lets say he decides to leave Miss State, do we really have a need for another Linebacker? Maybe before but we have limited spots I would prefer to leave open for Grad transfers.
  12. I am at a loss for words.... I would like to thank the Vegas odds makers who I basically followed for a good chunk of my picks because I have zero faith in my own picking abilities.
  13. So tough to get the brain in that mindset so early. I do think the B1G will be very interesting in the fact that I think spots 4-12 could be like fairly interchangeable.
  14. Can we end the contest now? Championship pick: LSU by 10
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