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  1. Ohio State 51 Nebraska 28 114 rushing 288 passing
  2. Some of the better running backs are the ones who can get a quick first step and attack the hole instead of getting cute. Obviously you have to trust the hole will be there but getting cute and dancing around only allows more time for 2nd level guys to get there.
  3. I thought others said we kind of cooled on him and not sure if we had a space for him.
  4. I honestly think this team starts to turn a slight corner. But this year is sooo goofy, I dont know if that will equal to wins. Ohio State - L Wisconsin - L Northwestern - W Penn St. - L Illinois - W Iowa - L Purdue - W Minnesota - W 4-4 would be a success in my mind. You have to win the 3 games you can win/ NW, IL, PUr. Iowa/MN/WI could all be potential wins if our offense can be explosive. This could also very easily be a 1-7 season.
  5. He kind of runs like the waterboy--just pure anger and some decent speed. I would not enjoy trying to tackle him.
  6. OK.. now lets find a video of when Bo realized he was on a hot mic...
  7. In the words of Ronnie Green, was the Hot Mic thing done on purpose? I dunno.
  8. I am voting Biden/Harris. I dont love Biden as a candidate but still would take him over Sanders. I was a fan of Pete but he wasnt ready. After he dropped out I was all onboard with Warren but at this point I would vote for democrat candidate just to see us move on from Trump. I have voted for both parties in the past and while I lean Liberal, I would not have a problem voting red. At this point I think the damage has been done by Trump and I dont see our country unifying any time soon. It seems like you are either Red or Blue...
  9. If I was guessing on pure speculation: Vote yes to play: Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Indiana, Illinois Vote no to play: MSU, Michigan, Maryland, Rutgers, Northwestern Deciding vote comes to MN and it seems like they have been leaning toward not playing. When they announced the shut down Fleck and the Gophers played good boy and said they fully supported. Not sure if that was just to show conference unity or a directive from the upper brass at Minnesota.
  10. No you didnt. And stop giving people hope. Lewis isnt coming here.
  11. With everything going on with Covid, I just cant imagine how hard it is for these guys. Not only are some of their family fighting this nasty thing but losing jobs as well. If he isnt sure if he will play, why not try and go back home but stay on scholarship and do classes remotely for now? Either way, I hope things work out for Keyshawn in whatever he decides.
  12. The B1G is so all over the place when it comes to sources which makes me think that either people are pretending they know something or the communication is nil and so schools are guessing.
  13. I dont trust 2020.... Knowing our luck he picks Iowa on a Nebraska football show just to dig the knife in more.
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