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  1. Minnesota_husker

    USWNT Sportsmanship vs Thailand

    USWNT is taking no prisoners. I think they are taking the approach of a bulldozer. No quit at any second so you dont lose your edge. I wouldnt have celebrated that way, but when you think about how much work they have put in, they have every right to be happy. Regardless of the number of world cups they have been in, it is still an honor to win and be successful. They have put even a larger target on their back and better be ready to feel no mercy from another team. I dont think they care though.
  2. Minnesota_husker

    Wan'Dale Robinson cited for possession of marijuana

    Big problem is the campus is fairly empty. Pretty easy to figure out where a smell is coming from when half the dorms are 90% empty. Not ideal but I honestly am not that concerned. I assume a lot of these kids are smoking pot. Seems like the Cops went way above what they needed... Going all the way to his car to search? They must be fairly bored.
  3. Minnesota_husker

    CJ Smith Enters Transfer Portal

    Let me help others out here. Mavric is being sarcastic. Transfers happen. Not concerned in the slightest. CJ isnt bad. This doesnt help depth but I would assume he saw the writing on the walls and he wants to play. I can dig it. Go get it CJ!
  4. Minnesota_husker

    Kevin Warren new BIG Commisioner

    Everything I have heard about this guy is glowing. He seems to be a great guy with a strong head on his shoulders. Bummer the Vikings are losing him.
  5. Minnesota_husker

    Potential Transfers

    I wish it would happen but I think our team is set and Thorir will be apart of it.
  6. Minnesota_husker

    Isaiah Roby to enter the NBA Draft

    Best of luck to Roby and honestly I think this was the best decision. He is moving up mocks and could easily be a late first round pick. He could maybe improve a few things, but I dont think another season was going to change much. On the flip side an injury or struggling to be dominate in the offense and another year older wont help him. He has proven the physical traits are there. Yes, he might end up in the G-league but I could also see him earning 10 minutes a night on a teams bench and improving.
  7. Minnesota_husker

    David Wingett

    Yes we are full. Even if we werent full, Fred wasnt going to waste a scholarship on David. There is a reason he ended up at a school like SDSU. I hope he goes there and does well and can stay healthy. I was reacting to the question if we were "out-recruited".
  8. Minnesota_husker

    David Wingett

    You are joking right? Please tell me you are joking. No... You honestly believe Nebraska got "out recruited" on this one? Ooooo boy.
  9. Minnesota_husker

    Isaiah Roby to enter the NBA Draft

    Imagine if he went to Golden State. Give him a year in the gym shooting with those boys and he could be a fairly interesting player. That being said, I dont think he gets into top 30.
  10. Minnesota_husker

    Potential Transfers

    This didnt age well. I think everyone has signed so must be able to oversign by 1....
  11. Minnesota_husker

    Potential Transfers

    I think we will have plenty of time to still fill that spot, I just dont think it will be with the Wake Forest kid.... I dont think we had much of a chance anyways. Wait over the summer and see if someone decides last minute to grad transfer. I would like to keep a few open spots for 2020 kids.
  12. Minnesota_husker

    Potential Transfers

    I am not saying he will but technically we dont have an open spot right now. I dont know the rules on over signing for basketball but I dont believe someone could sign right now until Roby officially declares.
  13. Minnesota_husker

    Potential Transfers

    Zero scholarships at the moment. I assume one opens up for Roby but as of now we are technically full up. 13 scholarships- Seniors- 3 Kavas Cheatham Roby(I assume he leaves) Juniors-4 Burke Thorbjarnarson Green Walker- SIT OUT/ 2 years after Soph-3 Mack Stephenson- SIT OUT/ 1/2 season Banton- SIT OUT/ 3 years after Fresh-3 Arop Ouedraogo Cross
  14. Minnesota_husker

    Potential Transfers

    sits 1/ plays 2. 6'8 forward. Played about 8.8 min as a Fresh and then got pushed down the bench. Seems like a rebounder who just needs some minutes. Could be a solid 2 year off the bench guy. He has a pic with Fred, so I assume he visited but this is the first I had heard of him. I am a bit surprised we used our last scholarship(for now) on him. Once Roby goes to the NBA(which i assume he will) we can hold on to that spot for a late transfer or bring it into next year.
  15. Minnesota_husker

    Potential Transfers

    Where in the heck did that come from? This is the first time I have even heard of this dude.