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  1. So you counteract that by doing the same thing?-- even if its obvious sarcasm. My point is, that is what message boards are. A bunch of people pretending to have sources. I dont want to de-rail this convo anymore than I have but not sure what you expect. Plenty of people who made statements earlier have been correct.
  2. You ok? Its a message board. People spew garbage all the time. Pick and choose what you want to believe.
  3. I am so confused... Is he leaving or not?
  4. I have lived in Lincoln and in MN. They arent drastically different. Minnesota gets colder by about 10-15 degrees and way more snow... But Lincoln is way more flat and the wind whips. Some of my coldest moments were walking on campus in Lincoln. He wont notice that much difference from Omaha. However the UofM campus is not my favorite at all. Its too spread out. I love Lincolns campus. He might like the big city aspect.
  5. Ya.. how dare a kid want to go spend more time with his sick mom. I get those who think the family angle is an excuse but sick of blaming kids who seemed all in and then leave to make their life better. Wandale wasnt highlighted. Maybe that wasnt all Frosts fault but it seemed to me like Wandale gave his all and it didnt work. Add on top of that, that his mom is sick. I am bummed he is leaving. But lets get rid of this narrative that he didnt give his call or that his future NFL aspirations somehow got in the way.
  6. I think that is beginning to happen. I havent heard as many outwardly questioning Frost as they did Riley but it sounds like some former players are getting restless. Frost reminds me more and more of Bo. His ego will be his un-doing. He hires friends or yes men and puts so much on himself. This clearly isnt working and its time for him to call on help.
  7. I think the staff has still worked him, but I think the Gophers have also put on a full court press. I think he had second thoughts but will end up at MN unless something drastic happens. I have no sources, just my gut feeling.
  8. CTB and JOJO coming back are the two big keys. I am open to some of the other guys but also ok to see some of the young guys get more playing time. Culp being back would be nice. I assume he will be. Honas is a vet, and if he can continue improving I am all on-board. Kind of meh on the rest.
  9. I dont think he is a "hot name" I think one team(Detroit) has interest in him and it isnt known if its even mutual. I think Fleck stays in CFB for a bit still.
  10. Curious for the rankings folks what would losing Dickerson do to the Gophers rankings and what would it do to the Husker rankings if we added him?
  11. While I agree that Fleck feels like a fraud, his players seem to love playing for him. They are winning far more than Nebraska andif a kid doesnt pick a program because of the mascot, I have more questions about the kid than the school.
  12. No. I think the states are too inter-mixed. It would create a ton of issues involving things like work/family being dispersed in different states/ immigration and not to mention how do you even break things apart. Lets say Texas breaks off, what is to stop them from trying to grab land from others.
  13. Glad to see their loan finally got approved so they could go back to buying players.
  14. Honestly given our issues at center he had me sold when he said he could snap the ball....
  15. Is there actually smoke here? Kind of thought this was dead in the water. I would love to have him and with a bunch of FL guys transferring there is a pretty obvious route to playing time.
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