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  1. Would be curious if other schools practice in big gyms or if the reason they seem to be shooting better is they get more shots up in warm ups to figure that out. That all being said, my thought is it should be muscle memory. I honestly think it comes to the office and guys struggling to move without the ball. It feels stagnant and so guys are getting the ball when they are standing still or they are forcing the shots up. It never feels super fluid and most guys probably need a bit more of that. I would love to see this team get better about making the extra pass. If a guy like verge drives, my hope is his first pass ends up in the corner to someone like Bryce and then over to another guy which forces the defense to move and gets us better looks. So often it feels like teams dont have to chase our guys and it makes defense way easier. We know the guys can shoot lights out in practice-- Have heard that about Kesei and Lat.
  2. That would mean we got a nice thing and Husker fans arent allowed nice things. My guess is we get a kick in the shins and a QB who is missing two fingers or something.
  3. I highly doubt this would happen, but know Notre Dame is PJ Fleck's dream job..... I doubt his schtick flies there but.... If Brian Kelly actually goes to LSU.. the dominoes are going to start falling BIG TIME
  4. Punters/Kickers have easily been one of the most frustrating fails this season. I know Culp was good two years ago but was sort of obvious punters were garbage. I hope we can add a some help
  5. I wish he would just cancel Runza.. It isnt good. ***I know this might get me killed.
  6. I am fine with losses against Oklahoma, Michigan State, Michigan. Not fine with losses against Purdue, Illinois and Minnesota if you want to make the argument we are improving. Sure it would be nice if we could have played Indiana, Rutgers and Maryland instead of Michigan, Ohio State and Michigan State.. but I honestly dont think we win more than a game against those 3 other teams based on how poorly coached we are. I could handle a 6-6 year based on the schedule. At this point, we will be lucky to be 4-8. Can we stop with the conjecture we are improving.
  7. Meh-- I think this is a bit overblown. My guess is we have a bit of a reputation deal so maybe you get some calls that dont go your way. Not nearly as bas as it was with Bo but I dont think it is some big conspiracy. We(myself included) just like to tell ourselves that as an excuse to our team just not being very good.
  8. In most situations, I would want a Head coach who focuses on the whole team-- Get a strong O-coordinator and D-coordinator and help support them. With that in mind, Frost has been awful with in game coaching decisions.. so not sure I really want him doing that. Maybe if he brings in a QB who can hit a wide open WR-- Certainly a lot fo the struggles are on how bad Adrian has been but I still dont have faith on the system or decisions even with an above-average QB. So no. I dont really care who Frost brings in at this point. I have seen enough to prefer we just move on all together and the next coach can find his QB in the transfer portal.
  9. The only news about a QB I care about is if they are roommates with a WR...
  10. THIS. Nebraska isnt the job it once was but it isnt a bad job. Plenty of pieces here for someone to be successful. In the past I thought Nebraska fans werent patient but we have been plenty patient with Frost. He hasnt shown anything to give us hope. I dont know who will come in here, but one thing I hope we can accept is it doesnt have to be someone with ties to this program. They dont need to know about things like the blackshirts. Let them come in and re-invent if they need to. Just build a winner*. *Win games you should, compete for Big west- Honestly my bar is so low, I just want this team to win 7+ games
  11. A few of the guys out there seem to lay it all on the line. I honestly dont think its an effort thing for a lot of the guys. Its a coaching issue. Guys arent put in spots to succeed at times. Of course other times it seems to be execution but I honestly believe we have talent and even the right mentality to win a lot more games. Its consistently bad gameplanning or in game coaching. I think Frost is just a bad coach. He surrounded himself with yes men or mediocre coaches. His ego doesnt let him see he needs help. I dont question Frosts heart. I think he truly wants it to be successful but he is in over his head. Adrians soph year and total lack of any viable QB options show me he cant get over what his intial though was. Adrian might be a great leader but he is a poor QB who makes constant mistakes and yet has only been benched once.
  12. Andre showed some moments last year and I think if he keeps growing, he will crack the rotation. Wilheim can shoot a bit more, so not shocking he is getting some time. Webster is a vet presence. He will see time when they need someone to play smart. Overall, I think it will vary who is hot and doing what they need to.
  13. I thought the write up shared about us seemed fair. If this game is in Ann Arbor, I am not feeling confident at all. If Nebraska can start strong early and slow down Michigans run game, things get interesting. I dont think people are giving Michigan enough credit. They havent had any super tough matchups but they have also dominated every game except Rutgers. There QB has only had to throw it 81 times though. Stop the run, get them down two scores and force him to beat you with a loud crowd.
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