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  1. Wait, did someone say Bob needed relief?
  2. I am tempted to get HBO for a month to binge watch a bunch of their shows. Best shows only on HBO.. Go!?!?
  3. What in the hell is wrong with you? Breaking Bad is the best TV show of all time. If you want a show that is exciting and has constant turns go find a soap opera. This boggles my mind that someone would call Breaking Bad boring.
  4. Minnesota_husker

    JUCO DE Chester Graves

    Last Chance U is a good example of that. From watching that it seems pretty dang difficult to not graduate from JUCO. I wonder if he could either A: sit out a year and try for the NFL draft or B: AAF?
  5. Minnesota_husker

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    THEY LOST TO RUTGERS WITH A HEALTHY COPELAND. They maybe dont lose by as much but the only game he was 100% out of that I might agree with is Illinois... Copeland is a key player for this team but Roby has stepped up big and I think he has filled that hole. I dont think we see this type of Roby with Copeland in the lineup.. which is too bad. It might have been fun to go super big with Tanner/Cope/Roby with how Tanner and Roby have been playing as of late.
  6. I dont get why anyone who has ever heard Miles talk would taken offense to the comment about still getting paid. Miles jokes all the time. Even in this crappy time he has done a great job of keeping his head up. People who defend Miles have a hard time of understanding that you can like the guy and still question his abilities. I would love to have a beer with Miles. He seems like an awesome guy. I just dont think he is a very good X & O's coach and a good coach can easily take his team out of the game. That being said, I sure hope people arent tweeting crap to him or saying crap to his face about how he sucks. Its ok to be respectful yet critical in your analysis of his ability.
  7. Minnesota_husker

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    I would argue that you are VERY wrong. Rutgers game is case and point. Roby has majorly stepped up and that only happened because of Copeland going down in my opinion. Roby has taken over the Cope role. Only game I would actually maybe give them is Ohio State. Maybe @ Illinois 5 losses- 3 of which were blow outs.
  8. Minnesota_husker

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    They were already going down this slope with Copeland playing. Anyone using the Copeland injury as an excuse is lying to themselves. They might have an extra win but this team looked awful with Copeland in. Miles just cant handle the pressure when they are predicted to be something good. When teams give us there best shot we shrink.
  9. Row-the-boat, Ski-u-mah, go gophers... At the end of every interview is so freaking annoying. I honestly cant stand the guy. I am sure he is a great family guy but his energy and self-righteousness drives me up a wall.
  10. Perfect. Fred can go to MSU and we will take Izzo.... Works for me!
  11. Minnesota_husker

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    False. Thibs was an awful hire. So glad he is gone.
  12. Minnesota_husker

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    Hoiberg played for the Wolves and everything I have heard is they fired Thibs for Fred. Hoiberg will be the next wolves coach if he wants the job.
  13. This sums up the whole "PJ Fleck is a used cars salesman" perfectly. The guy has a way with words and understands how to pressure/sell you until you realize.. Wait, what did I just agree to?
  14. I have many thoughts. Most of them arent good. I am not a PJ Fleck fan. He is a walking sound byte. I dont think he is a bad coach but he is very gimmicky and I think he relies on that. While I think he means what he says I dont know if he truly can connect with people who see past his sayings. Jerry Kill was creating something special with the Gophers and his health took that away.. but lets not kid ourselves, things were already starting to go poorly between Kill and the UofM administration. He didnt feel like he had the support he needed and while he couldnt go on because of health he also didnt leave on the greatest terms. He left in a way that they had no choice but to go with Tracy Claeys. Claeys wasnt given a super fair shake but the way he handled the sex assault probably made it a worthy decision to move on. The major issue Claeys and Kill had was they were looking for a way out. The new AD wanted his own guy and I think they were looking for a reason to can Claeys. All of this is part of the reason Kill has a bone to pick. Now, on to PJ. I think PJ holds guys accountable. I have mentioned in the past he is a bit like Frost in that sense but where he loses me is how fake/gimmicky he comes off. I also dont think he is that great of a coach. He reminds me a bit of Tim Miles but less goofy/fun. When PJ came in. He TRASHED the old team. Similar to what Frost did. He questioned work ethic, and how they basically didnt go to class. No idea if that was true but I can understand why Kill was offended. PJ was giving himself a bit of an out and trying to take pressure off himself if it didnt work for the first 2-3 years. His big thing now is that they are SOOO young because he had to hit reset because all the previous guys didnt fit his culture. PJ is a salesman. He is going to spin things to make himself look better. My guess is if he has any success at MN, he will leave for a bigger job. In this case, I think Kill should probably just move on but I dont think he is all that far off. PJ strikes me as a guy who will stab you in the back to further himself, but will put a cute spin on it.