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  1. The more and more I hear, I think he is gone. They are mainly whispers from people who might or might not know anything, but seems like he is just ready to move on.
  2. Minnesota_husker

    DT Jeffrey M'ba [Virginia Commit]

  3. Minnesota_husker

    Potential Transfers

  4. Minnesota_husker

    Potential Transfers

    Anyone know who the 4th might be? Cam is #1 without a doubt. Add him as a true PG and you have a really interesting backcourt with Green/Mack/Burke/Cheatham https://watchstadium.com/news/ranking-the-best-transfers-in-college-basketball-this-offseason-04-22-2019/
  5. Minnesota_husker

    Roster Outlook for The 2019-2020 Season

    Seems to play hard and not shy from contact. That being said, he reminds a bit of Jordy at times in terms of foot work-- gets a little "shuffle-happy" and gauges space by shoving his shoulder in to guys. The tape I saw made me think there isnt a lot of height in the league he was in, so he would have to get use to playing against guys who are 6'9-7'0 where he is giving up a few inches. He seems to only shoot layups/or bunnies. All of these things are me being hyper-critical and I assume the staff sees him as a project. I am a bit more apprehensive on guys who would take a schollie for 4 years but I dont pretend to be a great basketball mind.
  6. Minnesota_husker

    2019 PG Mika Adams-Woods

    I think we have cooled on him and probably let him know his role would be lighter here. That is just a guess but with Armon still here, I think that shows Hoiberg isnt as high on him.
  7. The great thing about the Athletic is it gives you sports stories from all over. Still growing the college football coverage but tons of other great coverage. I question how long they can last because they have TOP NOTCH writers who arent cheap.
  8. Minnesota_husker

    2020 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    Recruiting Minnesota might be a losing battle but if you could get success it also could be MAJOR. Seems like the studs pick Duke( Tyus Jones, Tre Jones, Matthew Hurt) but other guys like Brad Davison could be ripe if the Gophers strike out.
  9. Minnesota_husker

    Nana na na hey hey hey goodbye

    I honestly think Nana leaving was more of a Hoiberg call than a Nana call.
  10. Minnesota_husker


    He is no Johnny Trueblood
  11. Minnesota_husker

    Nana na na hey hey hey goodbye

    A lot of people think he is excatly the type of player that Hoiberg wants. Tweener size, can shoot from outside and athletic. Now, I would agree that Nana never once proved he could shoot from outside and he was a little slow to pick up the defense. I think Hoiberg just didnt want to deal with the headache.
  12. Minnesota_husker

    Nana na na hey hey hey goodbye

    Fine with me. Stinks to lose more depth but the rumblings on him didnt give me hope on him helping us.
  13. Minnesota_husker

    2019 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    Ya, but he could go anywhere he wanted as a Scholarship Athlete as well. The transfer portal has changed teams from blocking other schools. I believe even though he is a walk on, he still needs to sit out a year if he transfers since he played.
  14. Minnesota_husker

    2019 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    The little rumblings I heard was it wasnt going to happen. Transfer rules have changed so he can go wherever once in the Transfer portal. That being said, it sounds like good chance he will stay at MSU. I wouldnt be shocked if maybe he graduated and grad-transferred in a few years. But seems like he likes MSU.
  15. Minnesota_husker

    Potential Transfers

    Thanks for sharing. Chris Clarke is a name I havent heard but might fit Hoibergs system of taking someone with a troubled past and giving them a second shot. (8)Joel Ntambwe already visited so holding out hope we can get him. Terrell Allen has been discussed as a backup plan to Cam Mack. Maurice Calloo visited here. If the Hauser brothers want to play here, you roll out the freaking red carpet. they cant play this year and Sam only has 1 year after he sits... dont care.. they would be awesome. David Jenkins would be top of list as well but I dont think we have even really heard any serious mentions of Nebraska. Eric Williams seems to be an interesting one as well. Working to have him come visit. No idea how this all shakes out.