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  1. Going to be tough to get him out of Alabama but would love to see a big dude like him in the middle anchoring that part. Let some of our DE/OLB go peer-recruit.
  2. Since when did we consider Rutgers a Power 5 team?
  3. I dont agree. The teams that will cancel arent going to be from the Power 5.
  4. It would potentially benefit a lot of teams if players who are on a team that has cancelled their season are allowed to transfer without sitting out. Not sure how this would hurt us if it was only allowing kids to transfer(without sitting out a year) who had their season cancelled?
  5. I wonder if we will see a situation where a school will cancel the football season, those players will be given a free transfer option and we might be able to fix the WR position if something goofy like that were to happen.
  6. Whoa Whoa whoa.. Since when are facts acceptable forms of argument around these parts?
  7. This one really sucks. He easily could have been the team leader but something is up here it feels like. With how he left Wisconsin, i wonder if this kid just needs some help or if other things are going on. This one caught me off guard and super bummer. He would have been one of our top guys.
  8. Mike Gundy has lost his team.... I dont see how he survives this if he loses some of the players who have already spoken up. 

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    2. MLB 51
    3. Decked


      Without hard proof of that ever occurring..31 years ago..I don’t think anything will happen there either. 

    4. Enhance


      @Decked Agreed. Doesn't matter if he has 100 people backing him up. Gundy apologizing now would sound like him walking back on denying it 30 years ago. He won't do that.

  9. Hoiberg has been busy getting offers out like crazy to 2022 prospects.
  10. I am going to make a guess that is almost certainly wrong, but based on some recent tweeting from some of the current commits... Fidone. Call it wishful thinking.
  11. I hate Barstool sports mainly because of Dave Portnoy being scum but I like Big Cat and have been watching this coach Duggs thing. Reminds me when 1620 did the ABC tournament on NCAA football and found myself actually enjoying that. Barstool is making a killing off of this thing with shirts and NCAA teams are so desperate a lot are tweeting about it. Its crazy to see how this has taken off.
  12. He isnt mocking the rationale husker fan.. He is mocking the homers and there are plenty. He isnt wrong that plenty will only try to spin everything.
  13. He isnt wrong. He has turned into the curve that Nebraska fans wont like him regardless of what he writes, so I think he writes stuff to get some attention.
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