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  1. Minnesota_husker

    NCAA Basketball Assistants Arrested in Corruption Probe

  2. Minnesota_husker

    How the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy Affects Nebraska and Minnesota

    Thats what I meant. I think the new administration will be open to it if its what the fans want.
  3. I know this is a valid topic to discuss but I am just so tired about talking about Riley. This isnt a dig at Mavric because its valid but I would argue that Riley inherited a talented team. No, they werent guys that fit his style and they were all pretty pissed about losing BO but talent wise they were better. Frost inherited a dumpster fire. To stay on topic, No Riley wouldnt have been fired but to others point I think Eichorst would have been and then starting season two Riley would have been on the hot seat to start especially with a new AD.
  4. Minnesota_husker

    How the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy Affects Nebraska and Minnesota

    Yes, it was your bad. I feel like the gophers were always onboard. Sadly I think after Bo left the administration was trying to remove all memory of Bo.
  5. Minnesota_husker

    How the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy Affects Nebraska and Minnesota

    C is a real trophy. The others are crap put together for marketing or advertising. I like the bits of broken chair is doing charity with it but these things need to happen naturally. Nebraska/Iowa should just fight over a golden corn stalk or something. Something you can easily carry.
  6. Minnesota_husker

    From a Minnesota Fan

    I wonder what Chinander does teach them?
  7. Minnesota_husker

    ****Official Alliance of American Football Thread****

    THIEF! I was a bit surprised not to see more Nebraskans. Will be interesting to see if any join in Feb.
  8. Has anyone discussed the new Alliance football league rosters- Salt Lake City Stallions look like they might be our "Husker" team to cheer for. Armstrong, Newby, Bell, Pierson El and Banderas all on the roster.

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    2. GSG


      @Minnesota_husker Post in my thread dammit!

    3. ScottyIce


      Looks like Jake Wieneke from SDSU is on the team as well.

    4. Minnesota_husker
  9. Minnesota_husker

    From a Minnesota Fan

    Defensive coordinator should probably work with his guys to turn their heads to locate the ball then.....
  10. Minnesota_husker

    How the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy Affects Nebraska and Minnesota

    The Broken bits of chair is how trophies should come about. It has meaning and is fun. No one cares about the trophy with Iowa... I am sure when they first came out with the Axe or the little brown jug people thought it was stupid. I have a bunch of Gopher Alum n my family and so the Husker/Gopher rivalry is VERY real to me. I want this win badly! And i also want that effing trophy.
  11. Minnesota_husker

    From a Minnesota Fan

    No. He wasnt even there in the night of question. He got roped in but the investigation proved he was at the party early and then left and when things went bad he was at home. His dad(former NFL great/Minnesota Viking Antoine SR) made a bunch of threats to transfer and sue the school because of reputation issues but when they hired Fleck he stayed on.
  12. Minnesota_husker

    From a Minnesota Fan

    Good takes. I live up in MN so I have heard some of these but some really good insight. Annexstad has looked better than I anticipated but to your point he has a weak deep ball. It seems like he doesnt have much arm strength and could be the reason he wasnt heavily recruited. Tyler Johnson will play in the NFL. I feel bad he hasnt been given an opportunity to shine more because he is VERY talented. I have been at the last few Gopher/Husker games and Ill be honest.. I BADLY want a Husker win. I have quite a few Gopher Alums in my family and I am just sick of hearing it from them. Welcome to the board. We hope you stick around after the game and talk football. We have attracted a few fans from other teams in the past to stick around. One thing is for sure. Screw Wisconsin and Iowa.
  13. Minnesota_husker

    2019 PG Mika Adams-Woods [Nebraska Commit]

    Was he playing against Leangelo Ball? Kind of looked like him... I know he wasnt because it looked like that kid was like 6'8.... Seems to like to drive to the hoop. Didnt get a feel for rest of his game but Miles likes his slashers.
  14. Minnesota_husker

    2019 F Yavuz Gultekin [Virginia Tech Commit]

    I assume either Georgetown or Northwestern then? Hasn't visited MN, TCU or NE yet.
  15. Minnesota_husker

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    Officials dont go out trying to screw a certain team. While it sometimes feels like it, they are not going into a game with that mindset. Now, during the game, I think an official catching on to patterns and guys who play a certain way through out might get the benefit of the doubt or it might go the other way. Bo Pelini might be the slight exception to this. Officials knew what would happen if Bo disagreed with their call and they might have had a bias towards throwing a quicker flag on him for his antics but I dont think they plan on going after a team. The reason the Huskers are near the tops in penalties is because they are undisciplined. Yes, I was pissed with some of the calls in the Northwestern game including two pretty obvious(to the naked eye) Intentional groundings... However, if a player was in the area, I guess they were right not to call them. I dont know how many coaching staffs we have gone through where we pull our hair that CB's dont turn their head around. You will get called for that if you make any contact. It is what it is. Doesnt mean i wont complain about officials during the game or think they are out to get us but when you take a step back, it is just crazy to think that.