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  1. The OL and DL are the biggest areas I want to see them move the needle this season. I feel like they have recruited well for both positions. Need to see that pay off for this team to have a chance.
  2. Special place in hell for someone who does that. Piece of human garbage.
  3. Are you sure about that? I dont think you give a struggling coach a loud voice... They might but he is done ZERO to earn it.
  4. Most people around these parts usually prefer to bring up the trainwrecks more than the so/so. The fact he is somewhat forgettable isnt the worst thing in the world.
  5. Those seem like the easy rumors to start(not by you) when someone leaves like this.... No idea if it is true or not, but my guess is Moos just got tired of the day-to-day... but who knows. The timing is weird given his past comments.
  6. Nebraska media is always so weird. They clearly know A LOT more than they share but I think they are scared to break it and have the university shut them out/fans turn on them. In other markets, you might have multiple teams to cover, so maybe you can toe the line but here they so rarely come forward--or they are just bluffing.
  7. I think that bridge might have been burned. If i remember correctly, he sort of just left and didnt really tell the team. Not sure if its an immaturity deal or entitlement but you sort of expect that from a 19 year old... That is why you need a strong support system and it seems like his support system failed him a bit. If he really wants to be a QB, he should go find a place with a good track record, and prepare to sit a few years and learn/ be patient.
  8. I felt like it was sort of hard to tell because of the camera angle, but to say that Umpire seemed inconsistent was an understatement. I dont love blaming things on the ump but it seemed like he got caught up in the moment/crowd.
  9. It seems a bit silly. If you have a player that is elite level at a high major, eventually he will be showcased and teams might come a calling. If anything, I think you almost use it as a selling point-- We took a kid few believed in and then everyone came a calling.
  10. You just never know. This seems just like the Elijah Wood situation. I think if you have a guy who knows he wont see time for the first 2 years and is ok with it, it can work. Quaran sounds like he had some talent but blew out his knee and then things went sideways. I tend to agree with you, and these things dont seem to work often--- But no harm/no foul in trying him out I guess(other than wasting a Scholarship)
  11. I would assume we are done now. Hold onto that other scholarship for something special. Quaran seems like Elijah Wood. He is apparently friends with the Wilcher brothers.
  12. I think its a valid concern seeing that we have struggled to get the ball to wide open guys for easy looks. That also being said, some of his tape shows he seems to have a bit of a "I dont care who is guarding me, ill shoot" and he sort of makes his own shot and has a pretty quick release. Dont know if that is against guys more his size or how is speed will match up. I just like the idea that he seems willing to sort of go "full steph curry" and shoot wherever.
  13. Ahhh gotcha. I guess that makes more sense. If Edwards hadnt reclassified and we had just added him as a freshman, I think I heard we would have had a top 10 class. That is bonkers.
  14. Sort of interesting that they include Edwards and Wilcher in the recruiting class when they were transfers. I get they are just using their stars to explain fi they were new recruits(and Edwards basically is since he re-classified and joined in Jan with DePaul). That being said, in terms of excitement, I really want to see what Tominga can do. I get he is smaller and questions about other aspects but some of his tape gets me excited that he will shoot from anywhere, has a quick release and seems comfortable shooting in weird spots. McGowens is the prize of
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