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  1. Andre showed some moments last year and I think if he keeps growing, he will crack the rotation. Wilheim can shoot a bit more, so not shocking he is getting some time. Webster is a vet presence. He will see time when they need someone to play smart. Overall, I think it will vary who is hot and doing what they need to.
  2. I thought the write up shared about us seemed fair. If this game is in Ann Arbor, I am not feeling confident at all. If Nebraska can start strong early and slow down Michigans run game, things get interesting. I dont think people are giving Michigan enough credit. They havent had any super tough matchups but they have also dominated every game except Rutgers. There QB has only had to throw it 81 times though. Stop the run, get them down two scores and force him to beat you with a loud crowd.
  3. But those guys will both probably be one and dones as well. We need the long term projects and 4 year guys to pan out. The 1 year guys are great but gotta build around them.
  4. With the adding of Denim Dawson, I officially request we call him Canadian Tuxedo . Interesting where this leaves us. I know we can oversign like Seaofred suggested, but we are in Jamarques Lawrence top 2. Not sure if we have anyone else we are super hot/heavy on? I guess the biggest thing is having room for the two big 2023 boys in Omaha Biliew and Simeon Wilcher.
  5. You can say that almost every year about them. Trayce Jackson-Davis is really good. Almost averaged a Double/Double last year. Not sure if Indiana has a ton of talent outside of him. I mean they do but nothing that makes me think if you shut down Jackson-Davis, someone like Armaan Franklin will be able to take over(He did have a few nice games last year). Maryland lost Aaron Wiggins to the NBA. They had a surprisingly low recruiting class(44 nationally/ 9th in B1G). They did get Fatts Russell from Rhode Island and some size in Wahab and Dziuba. Still not sure if they stay more where they were at vs taking a step up.
  6. I am very interested to see how Iowa does without Garza. I think his skills allowed them to have bad nights and still win. Not sure I really get the love for Wisconsin either. If the team blends, I think they could be top 6. Michigan, Purdue, Illinois and Ohio State might be the cream of the crop. But I think we can compete with Maryland, MSU, Indiana, Rutgers, Iowa and Wisconsin. I dont think Northwestern, Penn State or Minnesota will be any good.
  7. Tanner got drafted because he had prototypical QB size and decent arm strength. The Jags took a chance at hoping they could develop him given he had a lot of the physical attributes.
  8. Jerry Kill wasnt as flashy as Fleck but he was a great coach. One of the first things that really made me dislike Fleck was how he bashed Jerry and the "culture" he created. Yes, it was Jerry's former Def Cord who allowed for those 4 players to sexually assault that woman, and he deserved to be fired, but Fleck used that as a way to basically knock what was left in the cupboard when he arrived. Fleck has had 1 good season with the Gophers. Curious if he can fix what has happened this year but that shouldnt even be a shock. His 1 good year featured two near losses to Fresno State and South Dakota State... He has always coached down to the talent they play against.
  9. Weight wise... Yes, I think we are more lean. Not height but seems like all those guys(outside of Walker) can get pushed around a bit.
  10. If this team can come together with the new pieces... I think they could be really good. Need to see a good blend and need to improve shooting. A bit concerned on our size down low but if we can light it up from outside that might not be an issue. The talent is all there.
  11. My biggest problem with the Frost tenure is that each week its another glaring issue that seems to highlight itself. One week its special teams being a total S show next week it is stupid penalties Then it is turnovers. For me, that is all coaching. Frost cant get everything to work together and also clearly hasnt solved those problems. At a certain point, you just accept Frost is a bad coach and we move on. The constant "I told this player to do this and he didnt" and "Until they start caring, I dont know what else to say" is on leadership and coaching.
  12. I missed most of the game but saw Corcoran had awful numbers on how he graded out.... My question is: Was he beat with swim/spin moves inside or why did he basically just stop mid way and freeze up. I dont claim to be an O-line expert but he struggled to get contact and then seemed to give up as soon as the defender was across his left shoulder. Either he is super slow or he was scared the guy would turn back in on him.
  13. ROW THE YACHT *I stole that from a MN radio host
  14. Ahhh.. Good to know, I didnt even look to see why he didnt play.
  15. My main takeaways were: Buffalo wasnt nearly as good as I expected. Part of that could have been the Huskers playing better but they just seemed to make life easy for us. Culp is in his own head. The missed extra points show me he has the yips. At this point, ya gotta show faith in him and hope he finds his swing. I think he will. I wish we would have played Illinois now. They look lost and we look more confident. I think Nebraska would win by 14+ if they played this week. Toure is really fun to watch. Again, Omar Manning has disappeared, so having a guy who seems to run good routes is fun. I like when Adrian just plays and doesnt over think. I have been very negative on this team, but overall was happy with the win.
  16. I dont know what he is supposed to say, but I do know 90% of what he does say he shouldnt. Frost has put a target on himself by basically being an arrogant A-hole and acting like he is this great coach. Some programs are just snake bitten, but I feel like you can look at more than half of his losses and say "If he didnt do this or that, we would have won" that isnt the sign of an unlucky coach, its the sign of a bad coach who doesnt know how to win. For the first 3 years he blamed the players/the culture. Now it is all his own guys who keep making stupid mistake after stupid mistake. I have zero faith in Scott's ability to make smart decisions in-game. So, to answer your question-- I am at the point now, I almost just dont care. We arent going to win meaningful games with him as coach. I dont know what coach wants to come here and honestly how long it will take them to build a team that can at least compete in the west. I have basically lost faith in Nebraska Football.
  17. No one said you would. Sounds like Virginia told Traudt the offer would be on the table for another week and thats why he took it now.
  18. 3 things I want to see: 1) an offense that shows either flash or ability to make the other team look lost. The offense looked vanilla or unable to adapt in past years. 2) True pressure on the QB. I want to see the QB running scared 3) Special Teams that doesnt make me cry. I dont need you to run amazing fake punt plays but for the love of god, dont let the punter run for 20 yards or not have any blocking on kick returns.
  19. I wont be too sad as long as he doesnt go to Creighton. Sounds like Virginia is the heavy favorite. I know we are also heavily in the 2023- Omaha Billiew, so I wonder if that is also a sign on where we think we stand with Isaac.
  20. Is this your guess? I have sort of thought all along we wouldnt get him but Hoiberg took over recruiting and seemed to at least get his attention.
  21. Accepted or just penalties? I fully expect them to decline a holding when our RB gets hit for a 3 yard loss. Still take the over.
  22. https://bigten.org/news/2021/8/24/general-acc-big-ten-and-pac-12-announce-historic-alliance.aspx?fbclid=IwAR1XX4o4mpPcfIfj-PflqZVVXhe_1M6vDUTG0FvCLGZ9W8lN8Z24AxaP9gk 41 World-Class Institutions Across Three Autonomy 5 Conferences to Collaborate on the Future Evolution of College Athletics and an Inter-Conference Scheduling Alliance GREENSBORO, NC & ROSEMONT, IL & SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 today announced an historic alliance that will bring 41 world-class institutions together on a collaborative approach surrounding the future evolution of college athletics and scheduling. The alliance – which was unanimously supported by the presidents, chancellors and athletics directors at all 41 institutions – will be guided in all cases by a commitment to, and prioritization of, supporting student-athlete well-being, academic and athletic opportunities, experiences and diverse educational programming. The three conferences are grounded in their support of broad-based athletic programs, the collegiate model and opportunities for student-athletes as part of the educational missions of the institutions. The three conferences remain competitors in every sense but are committed to collaborating and providing thought leadership on various opportunities and challenges facing college athletics, including: Student-athlete mental and physical health, safety, wellness and support Strong academic experience and support Diversity, equity and inclusion Social justice Gender equity Future structure of the NCAA Federal legislative efforts Postseason championships and future formats The alliance includes a scheduling component for football and women’s and men’s basketball designed to create new inter-conference games, enhance opportunities for student-athletes, and optimize the college athletics experience for both student-athletes and fans across the country. The scheduling alliance will begin as soon as practical while honoring current contractual obligations. A working group comprised of athletic directors representing the three conferences will oversee the scheduling component of the alliance, including determining the criteria upon which scheduling decisions will be made. All three leagues and their respective institutions understand that scheduling decisions will be an evolutionary process given current scheduling commitments. The football scheduling alliance will feature additional attractive matchups across the three conferences while continuing to honor historic rivalries and the best traditions of college football. In women’s and men’s basketball, the three conferences will add early and mid-season games as well as annual events that feature premier matchups between the three leagues. The three conferences will also explore opportunities for the vast and exceptional Olympic Sports programs to compete more frequently and forge additional attractive and meaningful rivalries. The future scheduling component will benefit student-athletes and fans by offering new and memorable experiences that will extend coast-to-coast, across all time zones. The competition will bring a new level of excitement to the fans of the 41 schools while also allowing teams and conferences to have flexibility to continue to play opponents from other conferences, independents and various teams from other subdivisions. “The ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 recognize the unique environment and challenges currently facing intercollegiate athletics, and we are proud and confident in this timely and necessary alliance that brings together like-minded institutions and conferences focused on the overall educational missions of our preeminent institutions,” said ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips. “The alliance will ensure that the educational outcomes and experiences for student-athletes participating at the highest level of collegiate athletics will remain the driving factor in all decisions moving forward.” “Student-athletes have been and will remain the focal point of the Big Ten, ACC and PAC-12 Conferences” said Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren. “Today, through this alliance, we furthered our commitment to our student-athletes by prioritizing our academics and athletics value systems. We are creating opportunities for student-athletes to have elite competition and are taking the necessary steps to shape and stabilize the future of college athletics.” “The historic alliance announced today between the Pac-12, ACC and Big Ten is grounded in a commitment to our student-athletes,” said Pac-12 Commissioner George Kliavkoff. “We believe that collaborating together we are stronger in our commitment to addressing the broad issues and opportunities facing college athletics.” The ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences include: World-leading academic institutions committed to the shared values of supporting the next generation of leaders. Innovative research that benefits communities around the world. 27 of the 34 Autonomy 5 members in Association of American Universities (AAU). 34 institutions ranked in the Top 100 national universities by US News & World Report. Broad-based athletic and academic programs. A long heritage of leadership in diversity, equity and inclusion. Over 27,000 student-athletes competing on 863 teams in 31 sports. A combined 1,019 NCAA Championships. Longstanding relationships across bowl partnerships, men’s and women’s basketball challenges and Olympic Sport events. 194 Olympic medals won in Tokyo by current, former and future student-athletes. Some of the most iconic and historic venues in college sports. Hundreds of millions of dollars in direct annual institutional support of student-athlete scholarships. Over $15 billion in annual federal research support, nearly one-third of the total across all colleges and universities. Quotes from the ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 CEO chairs: Duke University President & Chair of the ACC Board of Directors Vincent E. Price “The alliance is first and foremost a statement about the vital connection of academic excellence to college athletics. Our members include 41 of the top public and private universities in the world which will soon have new ways to compete at the very highest levels in sports, and to collaborate in education, research and service to society. Together we will be able to use our strong voice and united vision to create the best possible experience for our student-athletes and institutions.” University of Wisconsin Chancellor and Big Ten Conference Council of Presidents/Chancellors (COP/C) Chair Dr. Rebecca Blank: “The Big Ten Conference has always prioritized academic excellence as well as athletic excellence for student-athletes. Today’s announcement reinforces the values of integrity, fairness and competitiveness among all members of this alliance and provides additional opportunities for our student-athletes to enhance their collegiate experience.” University of Oregon President & Chair of the Pac-12 Board of Directors Michael Schill "The Pac-12 is thrilled to join with so many world-class universities in a collaborative effort to support our student-athletes through an unwavering commitment to excellence in academics and athletics.Together we can help shape a future for college athletics where broad-based athletic programs in concert with educational opportunities allow us to support the next generation of leaders."
  23. $$$$. They are a Creighton station and Bish works for them. Would be silly to not try and talk about them as much as you can. That all being said, I really like Bishop and Josh from a personal stance, but when Kugler left, I lost a lot of interest. Kugler was A+
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