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  1. Teleabraska *god this was a struggle to type out.
  2. I am also planning my OV for the Michigan game and then an unofficial at the Nebraska/Minnesota game. Hope they push out the red carpet for a 34 year old unathletic dad. I will challenge Bair to a race to see if his speed is truly what others say(wanted to keep this on topic)
  3. It pays to be friends with Gopher season ticket holders. Just got 4 tickets to the Season opener. I stopped going because of Frost, but hoping Rhule can get us a big W! 

    1. GSG


      Geez Louise. The cheapest ticket on StubHub is $114 in the nosebleeds. Who the hell is paying that?

    2. Minnesota_husker


      Our tickets were still 100 a piece but they are about 30 yard line and have physical seats(not a bench).

      The prices will all go down. Gopher fans know husker fans will come up. Honestly would suggest to buy day of.


  4. Is your source that random Twitter handle with with 19K followers?
  5. I would be fairly surprised if he stays in. I was way more concerned if he looked at international play and apparently that isnt likely.
  6. I know, I was responding to the guy who mentioned we were on the outside, and just letting him know we are out(have been for a while)
  7. Huskers are out. The official visit was cancelled. Seems more like we moved on.
  8. Bummer but I think we are all in on the 3 local boys: Hunter/Wrightsell/Allick. Hunter is the only one who can play PG of those 3 and I am still concerned about that.
  9. 3 spots open Guys in the mix Josiah Allick Hunter Sallis Latrell Wrightsell Brady Dunlap
  10. Makes me think we have a good chance with a Guard. Wouldnt be shocked if he isnt the only one.
  11. I assume you are talking about Ramel Lloyd or Quaran McPherson? Quaran is honestly a guy I thought would transfer. I have heard very little either way on him and seems to be a project guy. Seems like Ramel Lloyd has impressed a lot of people while he redshirted. He might have an opportunity to be more like Griesel, he has the body of more of a wing/off-guard. Does he have the ball handling skills to bring it up and work the offense without a guy like Walker to help out? The issue with him is experience. I am not sure you can trust him or Quaran to be your starting PG in the B1G without any real college experience. Can either mature in to that, sure? But I think this is where you have to look at depth and experience. Let those guys grow into the role. We need someone who can help work the offense. My concern with Sallis being that guy is also experience but he obviously has a ton of talent. And no, I dont watch practices. I am going off what those who do say. It is all speculation and a lot of my opinion. I trust Fred and the coaches and so whomever they land, I trust they have a plan. Its April and fun to speculate.
  12. 1. I am not saying they would leave but as we find players who will take minutes it isnt out of the blue. 2. Sometimes the departures dont need to be logical for them to happen. 3. If you honestly think we have a true PG currently on this team, then I am concerned for you. Unless you have some quote to back up your comment about Sallis only coming here to play the point, I am not buying what you are putting down. 4. Well duh.
  13. Well, maybe. Still no word on Kesei(though it seems to be trending the right way). Breidenbach/Wilcher still seem like up in the air. We are still pursuing transfers: Sallis(G), Hugley(C), McCollum(PG), Wrightsell(G) and Freshman: Brady Dunlap(F) Wouldnt be shocked if we saw some turnover still. If we only have two slots I would prefer Hugley and Sallis. My main concern with that would be who is our PG, so part of me leans to McCollum but its hard to pass up on a legit center and Sallis.
  14. Brice Williams has committed according to Jon Rothstein
  15. Ya, Walker strikes me as an overseas guy. His size and skills just arent really set up for todays NBA game. His age wont help him either.
  16. Not as much. Griesel couldnt shoot and he was fine at guard. I think Hoiberg moves his guards around a bit.
  17. They like for there guards to shoot and that isnt really Hunters strength. Not saying it wont happen because well, its Creighton but I think stylistically they arent a great match up.
  18. Get his GF to transfer? I think our only shot is if the rumors of Greg not being happy and him maybe looking elsewhere... Maybe if a huge NIL deal showed up, but I think he is Creighton bound.
  19. I do think at the end of the day, it probably ends up one of those two, but I dont think he is playing Nebraska. I assume he grew up a Nebraska fan, and always wanted to play here. He now has to make a tough decision on what will set him up for the best future success. If Nebraska suddenly starts winning games or if they feel like Rhule is the guy, he might take the risk. But I would bet he is still strongly considering Nebraska.
  20. I mean its hard to tell but his body does lurch forward and the shot comes off funny. It is obvious it isnt blocked, so either he tried to sell it or the push was enough to change the trajectory of the shot---therefore a foul. I can understand why Blue Jay fans would be livid but I dont think it was an obvious missed call but certainly dont think that type of call has been made in the past. Pretty brutal way to lose.. Which I enjoyed.
  21. This joke is high level because the tie is even state farm colors... He didnt go progressive or Geico, he went for the detailed joke. Clearly a dad.
  22. Yes. I think he probably does since all they have is basketball and I think most of our NIL money goes to football. I also think we would need to pay more than others since we are less likely to be good.
  23. The only way is through a HUGE NIL deal. I think its easy to mention hometown kids but did any of these guys truly root for Nebraska like Griesel did? I have no sources, so just using my logic here but those who toss around Sallis, Traudt and Hepburn seem like more wishful thinking.
  24. Told my buddy who lives in Chicago, if Huskers win tonight and tomorrow, make room on the couch.
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