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  1. Wait... You are saying they are going to SHUT DOWN THE HUSKER FOOTBALL PROGRAM..... Makes sense. RIP HUSKER FOOTBALL
  2. Great.. Now I am irrationally pissed off. I HATE HIS STUPID FACE
  3. I would vomit on myself if they hired him.
  4. His size wont help him but I think his speed is certainly attractive to a lot. I thought this was a decent write up on him : https://www.profootballnetwork.com/trey-palmer-wr-nebraska-nfl-draft-scouting-report/ They say round 3/4. I think like others said it will be based on what else he puts on tape this year. If he thinks he is a 4/5 rounder, he might choose to stay one more year and work on a few things. Nothing says he couldnt easily get in the first 3 rounds with one more year of playing time as a #1 Wr
  5. I thought it was a stupid comment by Frost but was at the point where the guy couldnt sneeze without someone getting pissed.
  6. Coach my left arm got ripped off? You throw with your right.. You will be fine. Can you imagine if Frost said that after the whole "throwing up" incident?
  7. Blast from the past.. I interned at Froggy about 12 years ago. Cant believe Gary is still there. Broadcast house is a great place with awesome people. I can promise you they will take what you shared with them very seriously. People make mistakes but when you are in front of a hot mic, you need to be better. My guess is she will get suspended for a few days.
  8. I mean, I would love to see us turn it around that fast but obviously very different situations. I am not in favor of Urban because he just seems like a scummy guy, but that certainly would be a splash hire and he would give us INSTANT credibility. I wouldnt be shocked if the Boosters were more than willing to pony up the big bucks to make it happen. I still think it is far more likely they go for the longer rebuild with a guy like Campbell. I honestly have no idea what way they go. I doubt we can have the quick turnaround like USC just because USC had a ton of talent but with todays transfer portal.... Quick turnaround might not be that tough.
  9. I would be fairly surprised if its Leipold. I dont mind Bill O'Brien but think that still feels like a stretch. Campbell strikes me as a guy who will turn it down. At this point, I wouldnt be shocked at all if its someone we havent heard of yet. Season is young, no rush at this exact moment. Things will heat up in November.
  10. From my understanding it is because of his ability to create a team culture, hard nosed and actually grow players. Most seem to think he can recruit better players here and therefore coach them up to be a step above what he has now. I am cool with Campbell but dont think he is a slam dunk. I do like the idea of someone who can actually create a strong culture.
  11. I dont have an issue with his quotes. Winning is a mentality. He isnt saying that they cant get out of it, but they need to flip the mindset. Wins can come in bunches. I honestly have no beef with what he said. Seems like he is trying to be a part of the solution.
  12. As I am listening to this, this is the first I am hearing of some of this. Is this all known stuff that Frost wasnt committed? Anyone hear these stories?
  13. 2-3? I wish it was that light. We are going to get a new thread anytime someone tweets out a new candidate... People feel the need to create a new thread to share their thoughts when we have 100 threads already going. But I guess thats better than it being apathetic over here.
  14. My only hope is they can actually play as a team and have a few guys who will do the dirty work.
  15. I agree. This is the least excited I have been for a Nebrasketball season in about 5 years
  16. Tanner Morgan cant throw anything over 20 yards without it being a duck. That Offensive system hid his flaws well. He also had some tremendous WR's.
  17. I am a MN United fan and was very impressed what the Union did to them. Sorry to see the luck run out. I hope MLS takes a hard look at Omaha for a team.
  18. The show has had multiple "What in the Eff" moments and I am not usually one to get shocked but it has some interesting moments. I think the show is good.. Not great. It has moments where I am invested but feels a bit disjointed at times.
  19. By talented, does he mean WR's who are 10 ft tall so he cant over throw them? Not trying to be the "ex-boyfriend" but Adrian was not very good here. Outside of the OL, he was the problem plenty of the time. But good thing he has more talent around him to let down.
  20. I really dont get why they would want Lat back. I think Trey coming back would be great. Lat.. not so much.
  21. We have never won a WC qualifying game in San Jose, Costa Rica. That place is a nightmare to play at. Costa Rica despises the USA(mad we made them play in the snow in Colorado) and the crow is super hostile. They have gone as far as to not allow any soccer programs near by rent their fields out to practice on. Government has made it a pain to get through customs. We have more talent then them but it is a pain to play there. That being said, they might rest some guys who are on yellow cards so they can play in the playoff game.(CR is going to most likely finish 4th)
  22. I liked Andre's effort and energy but he was a depth guy at best. If you need him for anything more than 10 minutes a game, you are in trouble. This should just mean Blaise, Walker, Breidenbach are set...
  23. He removed all mention of Nebraska on his Social Media and is sending out highlight videos.... Seems pretty clear he is gone. Bummer but I would assume he will have some takers with how strong his SR season has been.
  24. Not really. US Soccer is poorly ran and Berhalter is mostly crap. He had a nice stretch last summer with some wins over Mexico and that quieted down some of the anger but his system is just fairly boring. I assume we get exposed in the World Cup and he is fired--but who knows. The Klingman days sort of ruined bringing in an outsider.
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