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  1. 2 minutes ago, QMany said:

    Yesterday, the prosecutor said, ""My job in the end is to prove he violated a criminal statute. And there is other evidence that does not support a criminal charge."


    Today, the same prosecutor charged third-degree murder.


    It looks something woke up somebody.

    Some of the rumor mill is that cause of death might be something else--although I dont know how anyone could say the officers actions didnt cause whatever caused death.


    My guess is Gov. Walz made him speed things up. Even with murder charges, I still suspect major issues this weekend with looting.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Husker in WI said:

    Definitely more research put into this than the normal previews, actually knows a lot about who is expected to contribute among the newcomers. A couple things I disagree with here and there - I don't think our ILBs were pretty good last year, I'm really not concerned with the DL since there's a good mix of experience and young talent. But seems pretty fair, a lot of times these are pretty ridiculous but they make good points about the teams being different by the end of the year and the potential for the offense to take off.


    I don't see 10-2 for Minny this year, but I definitely didn't see 11-2 last year so who knows. I'm really curious about their defense, they lose a lot. It's one of those things though where a Minnesota fan can point to a bunch of talented guys we haven't seen yet, and non-Minnesota fans can point out we have no idea how good they are. I expect fairly significant regression, but maybe the Fleck train is just rolling.

    I dont like PJ Fleck but he has already built something that makes me nervous.... He is also losing a lot of VERY talented players that saved his butt. Antoine Winfield basically saved them twice last year. They almost lost to Fresno State and South Dakota State.


    He was a huge savior for them. They also lose Coughlin and Martin who were high level guys on the LB/DE space.


    PJ is getting strong recruits right and left and he has enough hype built up that the fans might actually support.\


    That all being said, I still think there record was a bit of a mirage. Dont get me wrong, they were a VERY good team last year but Iowa/Wisconsin showed where they can be beat.


    If Fleck sticks around, I see them being a team that is very steady and then has big years every couple years when the stars align. Fleck has all the guys buying in and that is not good for the Huskers.



  3. 21 minutes ago, seaofred92 said:


    I am confused. One minute I feel like he is out then back in then out then back in.

    Here is my take on Cam. I think he is a passionate dude who lets himself wander. I think Fred is being really tough on guys like him to try and right the ship now.... It seems like Cam and others understand they screwed up but still hard to not feel like you are getting big punishment for little things.


    Fred is flipping the culture. Holding guys accountable. 

    If Cam comes back, I hope he fully buys in and that will help him on the court.



    Hopefully Cam realizes Fred is trying to set him up for a better life, regardless of basketball.



    Becoming an adult and maturing is not always an easy process. 

  4. 1 hour ago, ECisGod said:

    Right now we have no scholarships available assuming Allen, King & Mayen actually sign.  I think everyone assumes Burke is gone, so that's one.  Mack would be two.  I'd say there's an outside chance Green leaves, but I don't see anyone else leaving (right now anyway).

    Here are the names of players I would say are potentially gone:

    Burke- pretty much gone in my eyes

    Mack- I think he is probably gone but who knows

    Green- I had him as my most likely to leave, not sure if he sticks around now that others are going.

    Cross- Some have speculated/ I think he stays and hope he does

    Thor- Does he want to go play pro overseas? I dont think he will yet. I assume he is back one more year.

    Easily- Heard this mentioned if he thinks he can get a perm scholarship elsewhere but I dont see it. I think he sticks it out.


    My guess is we lose 3 guys- Burke, Mack and Green. Losing Mack sucks but I think Fred has plenty of irons in the fire with other point guards.



  5. 2 hours ago, runningblind said:

    Can I sign up for more ads to not see any more. .1 posts?

    I dont know, I kind of like his tenacity.


    So many of the trolls here just give up after they get blocked ... He just keeps coming back with obvious names, posts Bo Pelini-esque rants, gets blocked and comes back for more.


    Now-a-days trolls quit too easily.



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  6. 5 hours ago, BigRedBuster said:

    This season just needs to end and we need to start looking forward to next year. 

    While this season has sucked, I have seen flashes that give me hope/excitement.


    They run plays that work. They have a few guys who seem to be pretty talented but lack depth. Cam Mack is a really good player who just doesnt have the talent around him. This team will look VERY different next year in some senses but concern is still around Hoibergs small guy lineup in the rough B1G. 


    That being said, I think future teams will run a lot more which should help with lack of size. 


    Adding some talented guys like Walker, Banton, Stevenson, Allen and King should make a major difference.

  7. 8 minutes ago, funhusker said:

    What do you enjoy about your current healthcare that you wouldn't get under M4A?


    I like my doctors, and they all take Medicare.  I would assume they still would.  But I think I'd actually like my choices "better" with M4A because I wouldn't have to go across town to see a doctor within my network...

    My fear is more that  it will create lesser care/longer lines-- Some of it might just be fear of the unknown but my current plan allows me to go to plenty of doctors and the coverage is good for my family.


    I just think going to the way extreme with healthcare reform could create a lot more issues than we know. Would prefer a gradual change. 

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  8. 5 hours ago, TGHusker said:

    So what do the local papers and commentators say about Amy?  Is she supported strongly there in Minn?

    Thats just the thing, I dont know.... Most dont really talk about her.


    She has pretty easily won election and re-election every time yet I just dont really know much about her.


    She has gotten far more comfortable and I honestly think she is a strong candidate but just doesnt have enough to get her over the hump.


    She seems to be supported  but not like glaringly. 

  9. 5 hours ago, Frott Scost said:

    People I have no idea where this talking point comes from other than anecdotal evidence so of there is actual data to back this up show me but EVERY poll I see, Sanders does extremely well with independents. Back up your claims with facts or data and not opinion. 


    Fair point but I just dont get how.. He is so far left that I honestly have nerves voting for someone that is that far left.


    I tend to sit closer to the middle. I like my healthcare coverage. I am a fan of Healthcare for all but also like the idea I can still keep mine. 


    Your evidence is noted.. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around it. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, TGHusker said:

    I watched the full debate last night and found it pretty entertaining to say the least.   My take on it:

    1.  Bloomberg is an arrogant snob who seems to think he can buy the election. He appears to be as much of a slime ball as Trump but with perhaps better business skills and voices more compassionate policies NOW that he is running for Pres.  He is however still a slime ball and should not be anywhere near the WH.  As Liz Warren said after the debate, he needs to get out of the race, check his ego, and just donate his money to help defeat Trump.

    2. Mayor Pete - or should I say Perfect Plastic Pete.  I think Amy nailed him by saying we can't all be as perfect as him with all of his memorized platitudes and talking points.  Pete is like the little barking dog who is standing behind his bull dog buddy.  Pete attacks everyone out of a pious attitude but has no substantial experience to back up his worthiness for the job.  Anyone can be a critic, few can be real movers and shakers -getting things done. He was the mayor of a city that is the same size as one of Tulsa's bedroom communities - big whoop. 

    3. Liz Warren - at first I thought she was trying too hard. Trying to over exert herself. She pointed out the flaws of everyone on stage- repeatedly.  But she kind of redeemed her self with her hard attacks on Bloom which were spot on. She also came to Amy's defense when Pete unfairly attacked her and the moderator asked an unfair question.   She set herself apart from Bernie.  In the end I was back to neutral with her performance.

    4. Uncle Joe - Biden was in and out.   I'm thinking he is at the mental state where he is just too old for all of this.  Not sure how he'd do one on one against trump. When he did talk, he had decent things to say but he just faded in an out. He didn't act like a front runner.

    5.  Sanders - Bernie was Bernie -  I was not convinced about his strategy to pay for his health care plan.  I still question his ability to beat Trump.

    6.  Amy - I think she was the most 'likeable' person on the stage.  Of course this isn't a personality test.  I did think she did a good job in defending her positions when attacked.  She tried to present herself as a doer who  got things done and as a uniter - an anti-trump in that regard.  i think she had a good debate. 


    If I had a vote in the Nevada primary it would be fore Amy or Biden.

    I only watched like 25 minutes... But as someone who honestly could lean either way in most elections(except when Trump is involved), I do have some major concerns with some of the Dem candidates.


    That being said, I am very ready to move on from Trump, and sadly because we have the stupid 2 party system here, I am forced to go for a Dem.


    I like Mayor Pete the most, but do have some concerns similar to what your mentioned.. I just dont know if he is ready.


    Bernie is a bit too extreme left for me. I respect what he says, but he isnt my first choice. Warren is still far left but I like her.


    I am from Minnesota and still cant get a read on Amy. I honestly am surprised she is still in this.


    Biden has done nothing for me. He just seems lost or like he is expecting the nomination to be handed to him.


    At this point, I honestly dont think any of these candidates have a great shot against Trump because they are all going to miss ina  crucial area.


    Mayor Pete cant get the minority vote.


    Bernie cant get the independent vote.


    I honestly think the best candidate is Elizabeth Warren.


    I dont claim to be a great political mind, so happy to hear anyone who disagrees with my points and feel free to convince me who might be the best for the Dem party and America.



    Trump supporters need not apply. You will not convince me he is good for this country. 

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  11. 18 hours ago, Big Red Viking said:


    See how they treated Glen Mason.  

    That is a very different situation.


    Glen was there for a long time and was more of a bo situation without the attitude. Glen also had some major issues with the AD. They thought they could get a new coach who could get them over the hump.


    Brand new administration that had nothing to do with Glen.



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