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  1. I know this is said jokingly, but if they vacated the wins, we wouldnt get credited with a win nor would it happen any time soon. That being said: GREAT WIN ON GAMEDAY FOR THE HUSKERS!
  2. November is a bit weird because the lakes are cold but not frozen but a lot of people go to cabins. Pro sports is another argument, so this time of year on a Saturday- Wild or Wolves. Tons of concerts/shows. Again, I dont really buy it if you truly are a fan but as someone who has lived in Lincoln, Omaha and Minneapolis, there are more things to do up here from outdoors to shows/concerts/sports.
  3. Exactly. I have heard plenty of Gopher fans exclaim "I am going to watch it on TV" like that is somehow some feat. You should always be watching your team on TV..
  4. I assume they will sell it out before the game starts but that stadium still wont be more than 90% full. No one up here really cares about the Gophers. Even with PJ Fleck and all his sayings and the teams success it isnt sustainable for that long unless the fans show up. I have never really understood it. 40K students and they cant get 5K to show up for a game. 3+ million in Twin Cities and cant get 45K for a game. I always hear the whole "MN has more things to do" but I just dont buy that argument. Its because people just dont care about the Gophers.
  5. I can see it now. Saban to Florida State.. Belicheck to Alabama. Coach K to the Patriots And Fred Hoiberg to Duke... Scott Frost then takes over the Basketball team as the new head coach and we bring back Pelini to coach football. 1+1 y'all.
  6. I dont really think you need your HC to be an ace recruiter. You have your guys out there pounding the pavement and then you bring the HC to close the deal. Tim Miles was a great face and someone you could drop into a living room to help close but he wasnt the guy starting/building the relationship. That is why some of these "ace" recruiters arent becoming HC. They are there to basically find, secure and "babysit" the talent. I think some can coach but that is why you have your Doc Sadlers to help coach them up when they walk in. That is how I have come to understand it.
  7. I knew it was another garbage "look everyone, how funny I think I am" posts. If it was real I would be pretty concerned at the future state of the program that a guy with major connections was giving up this fast. I dont want Frost to leave. Has he been underwhelming as a coach, yes... I also think it is super stupid to place bets on less than two years. The writing was on the walls with Mike Riley.. He had very little success across the board. Frost has some proven success. I am 100% frustrated with where things are at, but I also know that firing frost or hoping he would move on sets us WAY further back.
  8. My feeling on free throws is it should be something players work on in their free time or as a cool down. If you have a 2 hour team practice, that should be dedicated to plays and general coaching. Free throws should be after practice.
  9. I saw this and thought it was about Taylor Martinez and got super excited that we would have a little T-magic throwing the YOLO ball in 18 years. I am very disappointed.
  10. So, now that we lost, where do I go to burn everything down?... Do we meet in Pender or how does this work?
  11. Nebraska- 41 Purdont- 17 Demons are fixed/ World is right Pass- 371 Rush- 199
  13. It has never really made sense to me how you can have guys struggling to shoot 60%. I would almost just assume they dont practice them. I feel like if you gave me a year, I could get shoot 85% in free throw situations at that level... I would be garbage at everything else and fatigue is probably a real issue.
  14. As Lou Holtz grandma always said, "You cant shoplift a pickle, because people will thinkyou are up to something"
  15. I actually look forward to this. I think he will need some practice about picking his spots and not trying to get too cute with his takes. Kind of want him and Kevin Kugler together for a few games. I think they could have some great banter/chemistry.
  16. From what I read on the twitter machine, it sounds like on one of the in-bounds, they actually ran a play.... It might be sort of weird to see this team actually have offensive plays.
  17. Was it your coke dealer? You forget to include shared by the "Salt Water Aquarium guy"
  18. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/bench-warrant-out-for-dismuke-after-he-misses-court-date/article_f4cb7d07-0941-53ad-95a2-dd8764d6baf3.html
  19. Let me fill you in on something: They are messing with you. They dont know anything, they just like to pretend and get people worked up.
  20. We might even need to start looking at other planets.... I wonder what sort of talent we could find in Uranus.... God I am stupid. Sorry folks, this is the best I can provide.....
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