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  1. Neb- 24 Iowa- 21 Rush-170 Pass- 212 GBR!!!
  2. If I did think about watching it, thanks for the spoiler alert. GBR!!!
  3. I have never had so many good laughs, off this many replies, since I've been on this board. Great way to start the day. GBR!!!
  4. So is Smothers not even a choice to start, if AM doesn't return ? I keep seeing "portal" for our next Q/B. If Smothers isn't even in the running, can't see him sticking around. Then we have no proven back up, to whoever the starter is. 2022 is going to be .......... GBR!!!
  5. Neb- 23 Wis- 21 Rush- 97 Pass 234 GBR!!!
  6. Neb- 23 OSU- 21 Rush- 168 Pass- 238 GBR!!!
  7. This would be a good game, to start the turn around. GBR!!!
  8. You posted what I've been thinking. I would like to see Smothers get a lot more playing time. Haven't seen much of him, but I think he did look good against NW, considering the little real time action, he has had. If Martinez plays like he did against Purdue next week, what does Frost have to lose. Put Smothers in. GBR!!!
  9. NEB-38 PUR- 34 Rush- 167 Pass- 298 GBR!!!
  10. Neb- 27 Minn- 17 Rush- 201 Pass- 234 GBR!!!
  11. Neb- 34 Mich- 24 Rush- 168 Pass- 271 GBR!!!
  12. I learned T Prochazka, is big even on a TV screen. GBR!!!
  13. Neb 41 NW 17 Rush 210 Pass 231 GBR!!!
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