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  1. That was fun to watch. If Scott and Jim want that Trophy for their games, they will get it. GBR!!!
  2. With all the false starts the last couple of seasons, seems the O- line has been trying to hit first, already GBR!!!
  3. Tastee Bowl. Much better then Runza"s GBR!!!
  4. I haven't seen the question asked yet. Is Frost with this new staff, getting at least two more years to turn it around ? Or does he have to get to at least 6 wins, to get another year. I think he needs at least two more years, to see what these hires bring to the table. GBR!!!
  5. If I'm a booster and have plenty of money, {which I don't } I give to what ever group is gathering money, for whatever recruit, we are trying to land. I do it for my school, not for some kind of return for my money, other than getting better players. There still are boosters who do it, for the love of their schools, not all of them, but still enough out there that do. jmho GBR!!!
  6. Smothers needs to stay. Not just because we need more experience at the QB position, but I still think he can maybe win the starting position. He looked good enough against Iowa, that with more practice time, who knows. I don't know if he will fit in with what Whipple, wants to install. I guess will find out. GBR!!!
  7. Well I was hoping he would come back to finish, what he started. I will miss him. Not a great Q/B but a pretty good one, who could do some good things with the ball. Would have liked to see what he could have been, with a very good O-Line. I hope he tears it up at his next stop. Thank you A M. GBR!!!
  8. Neb- 24 Iowa- 21 Rush-170 Pass- 212 GBR!!!
  9. If I did think about watching it, thanks for the spoiler alert. GBR!!!
  10. I have never had so many good laughs, off this many replies, since I've been on this board. Great way to start the day. GBR!!!
  11. So is Smothers not even a choice to start, if AM doesn't return ? I keep seeing "portal" for our next Q/B. If Smothers isn't even in the running, can't see him sticking around. Then we have no proven back up, to whoever the starter is. 2022 is going to be .......... GBR!!!
  12. Neb- 23 Wis- 21 Rush- 97 Pass 234 GBR!!!
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