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  1. Probably going in with our backup q/b. Doesn't need to throw for 4 td and run for 200 yards. Just manage the game, has plenty of play makers to use. Our o-line is what it is, don't see it getting any better the rest of the year. They have spurts, and then they have their breakdowns. Play without turnovers and bone head penalties, and they could win it. Been watching the Big Red for a long time, It hurts to see a Minn team fav over us. Can't remember the last time if ever, there was a game they were fav over us. My hunch is this will be the last time..... GBR!!!
  2. Neb-47 Minn - 42 rush- 238 pass- 231 GBR!!!
  3. Let's see if still feels like he's in Miami, in January GBR!!!
  4. Neb- 27 NW -17 Rush- 187 Pass- 278 GBR!!!
  5. Cornhusker fans won't quit on this team, and the players won't quit on frost. They ran into a much better team, but they played till the end, GBR!!!
  6. Neb-34 OSU- 28 Pass-276 Rush-156 GBR!!!
  7. I hope are fans are polite to the Game Day guys. Lot of Husker fans don't like Kirk H, but that doesn't mean we can't show them what Husker fans are made of. I take pride in telling people down here about us. GBR!!!
  8. We have a chance. Would like it better if we had a fg kicker. Last week showed we have what it takes, to fight back. This is a powerful OSU team. We have to play a whole lot better then last week. We don't match up with them in talent across the board, but we do have a hand full of players, that are just as good as any they have. This will be their toughest test to date. If we can get up early on them, we could win it. Our team is playing 4 Q now. GBR!!!
  9. Neb-41 Ill- 14 Rush- 238 Pass 305 GBR!!!
  10. Let's hope it's the o-line, stepping up. Give Martinez time to throw, and Mills room to run. GBR!!!
  11. NEb- 47 NIU- 23 Rush- 187 Pass- 327 GBR!!!
  12. I think Frost knows how to build a top ten team, given time. T O inherited a lot better team when he took over. He was almost let go in the lates 70's. It came down to winning the Bluebonnet Bowl, as far as what I can remember. What would have happened if that came to be. Frost just needs a couple more recruiting classes, to build what we all want, a B1G championship caliber team that is in the hunt for a title most years. Frost inherited a very down and out bunch of kids that wanted to win, but just didn't have the coaching to do it. The younger fans don't know what the glory years looked like, so I understand their frustration. Of course they have a right to ask if Frost is the right guy, just not in the second year two games in. Maybe in 4-5 yrs I could see their concern, if the staff can't get it turned around. We have the right coach imho, just let it play out. GBR!!!
  13. Want a 11:00- 1:00 start here in mtn please. My son is getting married at 5:00 pm here. Told him I think his wife to be, did it on purpose. Told me there will be a TV there, but she has it in some guest ranch near Rio Rico , AZ and I'm not sure they even have elec Will have to bite the bullet I guess, and hope for the best. GBR!!!
  14. The o-line talent is in last years recruiting class. Frost is building it. He will get it fixed. GBR!!!
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