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  1. Our goal line offense was bad. Now without any proven r/b, or w/r will it get better this year ?. 2022 was the year I thought Frost would be taking control of the west, div. Now it looks like it will take longer then that, and I don't think Scott gets anymore time, if he doesn't get to a bowl game next year. We might get 5 wins this year, but I don't see how they get to 6. Hope I'm wrong, really like Frost, see a lot of T O in him. GBR!!!
  2. My sister's dog is LiL Husker GBR!!!
  3. Did he really. He just brought in Bo, who at the time might have been one of the best D coaches. Just had a ten win season. You don't think he should have had time, to get some new coaches, who would be willing to go on the road, to recruit. He had some that couldn't. Not saying he would have gone on to greatness, but we sure haven't had any better luck with anyone else, in the last 19yrs. Frost is getting the time to build the program. He probably will, but if Pederson were still screwing up the program, would Frost still be here ? GBR!!!
  4. Solich was a Cornhusker thru and thru. He didn't deserve to be fired they way he was. Say what you want, I liked him. Could he have kept the program, top ten ? He never got the chance to try, so we will never know. GBR!!!
  5. We might not be able to get "those guys", but every once in awhile we did. What we used to do better then anyone else, was develop those exact type of guys. I don't think the kids now will wait their turn. Frost has to hit on his take, on a kids willing to work, and have the right attitude, from one or two meetings? First or second impression's don't always give you the whole picture. Give Frost time, and lets hope he turns the corner next year. GBR!!!
  6. Zach Wiegert, said what I think a lot of us thought. We probably should have won 5 straight. I always thought we could have, if a call here and there, had gone different. We were that close. GBR!!!
  7. Wish him great success at the next level. I think he will be playing on Sundays, GBR!!!
  8. I wish him nothing but the best. He gave all he had to the Big Red. Go get em, Jack. GBR!!!
  9. I thought this was a great read into where we are today, as a program and going forward. I think we are maybe 1 pass rusher away from being one of the top D in the west. No one is going to shut down the offenses of today, totaly. We do have to be able score in the red zone, besides f/g. Better power running might help that. Play calling in the red zone is still hard to understand. GBR!!!
  10. Well we might have just beat the worst team in the B1G, but they played 8 games before us, and no one had 3- 90 yard drives against them in a half. Has to say something what this team can do, with the coaches we have now. Special teams are out in the twilight zone, by themselves. GBR!!!
  11. This is just not acceptable. Some assistant has to be worried about his job. Should be right after Xmas
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