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  1. The streak is based on ticket sales, not on how many people are in the seats, is that right. ? GBR!!!
  2. I said the same thing about Chin, when Scott was hired. Was told he would have better players here and do fine. Scott put up so many points at UCF, that the wins covered up what the D really was. I think after next year if Chin can't put a decent team out there, then Scott has to take a hard look at Chin's job. He can always move him to help at a different part of the program. GBR!!!
  3. I think we have some good up and coming w/r and r/b. There are some big boys headed to the o-line soon. I don't know what happened to 2AM since his freshmen year, but we need him to forget what's happened since, and let it fly. Frost has to check himself on his play calling in the red zone. Just start a power game in the red zone, or roll out the qb's, and let them make the play. Chin has to coach his D up. Don't know if he can. Would hate to see another BC and Cos thing again. I was one of the fans on here to," let Luke start posts". It didn't work out, so lets regroup and start ag
  4. Neb- 37 Iowa-31 Rush- 170 Pass- 230 This takes the sting out of a bad last game GBR!!!
  5. Time to maybe pull Luke. Looks like we are going to have to pass to get back in n this one. GBR!!!
  6. You don't learn how to win sitting on the bench, when you know, and are ready play at this level. jmo GBR!!!
  7. I would also like to see Scott in at r/b more. I would like to see more of our freshmen getting more playing time. This is a unique opportunity for them and Neb. Their still freshmen next year. Unless their strength and size isn't ready for the pounding, it takes to play at this level, give them the learning opportunity. We have some very good freshmen coming up, and the playing time would be a bonus for next year. I want to win every game as much as the next fan, but this year is almost a throw away season. Win's and loses still count, but so does experience gained, for next season. I think n
  8. Neb-38 Ill-27 Rush-202 Pass-135 GBR!!!
  9. It was his first start and he had a good first half. Second half different story. They figured out he can't pass, have no wide receivers, our O-Line can't block, either Luke is going to run or Wandell is. Pick one. I don't know if Luke starts the next game, but Frost has to give him more options. jmo GBR!!!
  10. i'll go with "Fleming" GBR!!!
  11. Used to be the only time we worried was against Okla. Now it's every week, against who ever we are playing. Hard to except that, but it's true. I think the team is ready to turn the corner. Frost turns the freshmen loose, and we get our first win today. Got nothing to lose, so lets see what he has been recruiting. N-23 P-21 GBR!!!
  12. Neb- 23 PSU- 21 Rush- 132 Pass- 268 GBR!!!
  13. I hope we see Fleming, Betts and Manning in at w/r together. Scott and Wandale in at r/b more. Luke start at q/b. Let's at least give PSU something to think about. They sure don't have much if any tape, on anyone but Luke. I was all in on the Frost hire, and still think he can turn it around. He may need to take a hard, hard look at his red zone, play calling. GBR!!!
  14. We don't seem to have enough talent stepping up. Where are our w/r's. We have been recruiting them for 3yrs. I think two got in in the second half, i think. We have running backs that don't seem to get much playing time, besides our starter. Play the freshman, can't be any worse then what's out there now. They don't lose any eligibility this year, so why not see what they can do. Martinez doesn't have any one to throw to, except it seems like the T/E's. I like the way the D's been playing. Looks like they are starting to get it. The O is turning out a lot of yardage, b
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