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  1. Seem's that Slusher wanted to go to a SEC team, after he had made a commitment to Oregon, who is a hell of a lot better than Ark. We wanted him bad also. Read all the time the top recruits want to play in the SEC, because they say it's a fast track to the NFL. Recruit's flip I get it, but PAC 12 didn't help themselves with how their viewed. OSU winning the NC and the rest of B1G winning bowl games, would only help the image, of the B1G. There is only so many spots on each team, not everyone can play at OSU. If we learned anything by Slusher and other players, conference status seems to matter. jmo GBR!!!
  2. Don't understand your thinking, but to each their own.... GBR!!!
  3. I will always root for our conference mates.... Unless there playing us. GBR!!!
  4. Good to see Iowa win that game. Also surprised at the point's they put up. GBR!!!
  5. Merry Christmas, and to a Happier New Year, Husker fans.... GBR!!!
  6. huskered17

    NFL 2019

    VIKING'S lay an egg. Man was that brutal to watch..... Was it Cousin's or the O-Line. Or is GB's D that good. GBR!!!
  7. These next two years are going to be important in recruiting Calif. Before they go and land an U Meyer type coach. If Frost can kick start the turn around soon, we may be able to get a BIG footprint in the state. USC won't be down for long. I think we all know that. GBR!!!
  8. Ahh, remember those days. Lot of fun with my bud's. GBR!!!
  9. Nebraska had 40 yrs of greatness using the walkon program, under Bob D and Tom. Some great players came out of them. Let's hope we get it rolling again. This kid just might be the next good one. Scott sees something in him. One question, will he be able to practice with the team, being on a track scholarship ? GBR!!!
  10. What I remember is, he ran over people. Tough straight ahead power, and enough speed to take it to the house when he broke free. Didn't he turn down Okl or San F, when he had been cut his last season, and was asked later in that same year to come back and play for one of them. Could have been another team besides those two. GBR!!!
  11. Not saying Frost will be the next T O, but Tom had Bob to lean on , Frost has Tom. Like Scott's chances of turning it around, better than the last 3. GBR!!!
  12. Tom had the same doubters after a couple of season's, and for good reason I guess. Did take over a pretty good program, and was given time to keep it rolling. Frost walked into a S!^t storm, and a very bad team. Now he is going to need more time than T O ever did. Three years from now if they are still winning 4-5 games, then yeah your assessment of Frost was right. I think you will be proven wrong, and if so, it's a win win for all of us. GBR!!!
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