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  1. I haven't seen where Hood, Sherman, and Gilbert have signed yet. Are they still on the commit list ? GBR!!!
  2. When we had what they called the pipeline, we were three deep. Players waited their turn, they didn't transfer out for more playing time. Todays players won't sit and learn from the one's ahead of them. With a player like this jacob-hood, you get him and see if he can help you. He may end up on the third string, lot of those before him did, but by their junior years they were seeing a lot of playing time. I hope we can start to see that again, and the kids by in to what the coaches are trying to build. GBR!!!
  3. OK, Viking fans, we will get them next year. Tough loss to swallow, but I 've been through it before. Better D next year, would REALLY help. GBR!!!
  4. Anyone notice Maryland recruiting list of Crystal Ball Predictions. I counted 10, 4* and there was still more pages to schroll. That's adding up to a hell of a class, if that happens. GBR!!!
  5. I like our head coach pick. Probably the second choice, I would think. Luke Fickell could be an over all best bet, of the bunch. Just think he is waiting for the OSU, job. Just scares me after Bill C, of another NFL coach coming in. I'm sure Trev did his homework. GBR!!!
  6. If our q/b isn't on the roster already, who among these new coaches, is a top recruiter. Haven't heard anyone saying so and so is a top recruiter. We knew Mickey was, but that ship has sailed... GBR!!!
  7. Frost was around some great coaches, that didn't pan out, as much as I wanted him to be, the next great coach here. Let's hope we start getting lucky on some of these hires. We sure could use some. GBR!!!
  8. Don't know if it was sarcasm either, but Fickell will always have his eye on the OSU job. I think Wis is just another job, while he waits. All i read was he was never interested in the Neb job. GBR!!!
  9. Looks like the coach Neb has wanted for some time, is headed to Wis. That just made them better. Let's hope Rhule is the answer for us. GBR!!!
  10. Doesn't Mickey have a clause in his contract, that he can stay on as w/r coach and associate head coach ? I guess it would be up to him, if he wants to stay or leave, if that's the case. GBR!!!
  11. Need to stop running sideways. Thought they had corrected that with Grant. Put Johnson in at least he hits what ever little hole is in front of him
  12. I hope they are not thinking Mark Stoops. He was let go down here in Tucson, because he is not a good head coach. Assistant coach yeah. GBR!!!
  13. Neb - 7 Iowa- 23 Rush- 108 Pass- 166 GBR!!!
  14. Neb- 23 Wis- 21 Rush 139 Pass- 210 GBR!!!
  15. Maybe next year for turn around. Hope the next coach can maybe be another Bob D. GBR !!!
  16. Michigan keeps running it we cover the spread. Course it would help if the O could eat up some clock. GBR !!!
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