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  1. I got the definitive edition of Middle Earth: Shadow of War. I also got the complete Dark Souls III collection collection for like 20 bucks. Decent PCs look amazing on a 4k tv.
  2. Well the subject title was good news. I'd hate to hear that he was looking to do worse.
  3. That would be so crazy awesome to have a homegrown QB take his talents to the league.
  4. Hopefully it will be a lot less s#!tty than it was in Madden 20. You son of a b!^@h, I’m in.
  5. Luckily I believe you have at least a week to see if anything grabs your interest. I was thinking about picking up some DLC for Total War: 3 Kingdoms and Total War: Warhammer II since those get rather expensive. I still have to check out season 3 of Warhammer: Vermintide 2. So many games, so little time, so little space on my 500gb SSD. I had to put Gears 5 on my normal 1 TB HDD because it is extremely large and I didn't play on playing anything other than CO-OP with my friend.
  6. That's cool. The only thing I'd want a Nintendo for is Breath of the Wild. Ocarina of Time is one of the best games of all time in my opinion.
  7. It will still have saved lives, just not as many as you would have liked, unfortunately. And when you say 'we,' remember that the medical community is still learning more and more about COVID-19 every day. The politicians make their decisions, but the doctors don't forget what they've learned from the countless research papers and aggregate data that's been collected. That's the comfort I can offer you.
  8. Gears 5, Company of Heroes 2, CIties: Skylines, Doom Eternal. What have you guys picked up so far? This year's sale is awesome. Gears 5 looks amazing on my GTX 1080 and 2k monitor. I believe it ends July 9th. I'm sure they will add more games over the fourth.
  9. I don't believe that's entirely accurate. We did buy time to discover more about the virus and treatment options. I can empathize with people who are completely disheartened about where we are headed, however.
  10. I hate that you all have made me interested in a basketball recruit.
  11. I got really lazy and took all of my knives to a dude to have him sharpen them.

    1. RedDenver


      I did that for years, and it's a really good option if you don't want to sharpen them yourself.

    2. macroboy


      The Knife Guys in Denver are my go to

    3. dubsker


      My wife has been doing most of the cooking lately, and my time has been a bit short.  I wanted to set her up for success while she learned how to cook and I didn't feel like honing all my knives by hand for a few hours.  Plus, support your local business right now and all that.

  12. Kettle bells, a bike, running shoes, a pull-up bar and lots of pushups. I don't have to worry about COVID much if I stick to running/biking through the neighborhood and doing mostly time under tension reps with the bells. You can get really creative with those things. I have 50 pound one I carry up and down the stairs between sets. I still have to go into the community very regularly but at least I get to stay out of the gym. I'm still trying to do one pull-up haha. Palm out flexed arm hangs for now. Cutting out processed foods, sugar and adding a vitamin D supplement have made a pretty big difference in how I feel.
  13. I thought this would be about Booker T.
  14. The 100. I don't feel that bad though because it was on a netflix I didn't pay for.
  15. JJ you're my hero for saying it so I didn't have to.
  16. NBA 2k20 by myself and AOE 2 definitive with friends on PC. The new path of exile season Friday looks interesting. I'm not sure I have the time for that one right now.
  17. Hopefully it's easier than running in an NBC mask, haha.

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    2. RedDenver


      @knapplc that's the recipe I was following. I forgot to mention I seared it on the grill it at the end.

    3. knapplc
    4. RedDenver


      @knapplc No, I'm focused on getting the food on the table and always forget to take pictures.


      I recommend saving the liquid from the bag and using that to make homemade bbq sauce. (I love Carolina-style sauces like this one: https://www.thespruceeats.com/big-daddy-carolina-style-barbecue-sauce-333684)

  19. I just embrace the s#!tshow man. Gotta laugh it off. The speed and talent is where it is. Schools play games. Kids change their minds. I can't let it ruin my day. No matter where we recruit it's in enemy territory, but the $EC/Florida is what it is. It's a dumb game that has to be played if we want to win. I'm just not going to get too excited anymore until someone shows up and starts contributing.
  20. I agree. I follow recruiting but anything near SEC territory and I’ll believe they are here when they actually suit up. The amount of flip flopping that goes on down there is nuts and getting yourself too invested as a fan is asking for hurt feelings if they “trade up.”
  21. Imagine that. "Mandatory Fun" that actually looks pretty damn fun.
  22. ' Where did I say that? So sensitive. I just stated that southeast recruiting is a s#!tshow. Because it is.
  23. Southeast recruiting is such a s#!tshow. I was warned by a friend down south not to get too invested in it.
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