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  1. Oh man, at some point we have to stop calling it a commitment and start calling it a drunken hookup.
  2. I'm honestly surprised that they put Purdue at preseason number 5.
  3. For #2, my other is that we need more hype. If we're not even winning at least an off-season conference championship every year, what are we even doing here? It would also be cool if there were more recruiting updates. With that being said, this is a free board and I don't even know who would want to do that, and I don't expect them to. Rivals doesn't even seem great about that, but I could be wrong.
  4. This person, and all fans like him, are idiots. With that being said, I hope Deshawn plans on staying out of any school that cares about football if he wants to avoid this kind of thing.
  5. Ben Folds, I love that song.
  6. The most surprising thing to me, was that someone took an entire day to respond to this post.
  7. I can't answer that question.
  8. I suspect soon it will be more than a rumor.
  9. There is no reason the person who leaked that we were looking to back out and the people who found out who we were talking to have to be the same people.
  10. Not sure if I should admit this but I just threw the bones back at a twitter video.
  11. My gerbils, Shawn and Steve.
  12. @seaofred92 Come on. It's almost the offseason. Tell us why we get this one.
  13. Scott's wins over Colorado.
  14. Have we ever landed anyone from IMG?
  15. It’s the off-season so I’m going to believe this and declare us 2023 Big Ten champion.
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