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  1. One thing is for sure, there are some programs who have coaches in years 1-3 that have been impressive years and bowl runs, seems some power is shifting. K state winning the Big 12 beating eventual Natty competitor TCU ,Tulane is just the latest. there were a couple other very good bowl wins with new coaches. If these programs can do it, it would be an unbelievable crime if we don't. Lets hope this works out this time for Nebraska. 5th time is a charm? '
  2. heck, Imagine if Nebraska's original transition 20 years ago to the next coach had gone as well as K states recent change seems to have gone
  3. not a dig, tough bounce. anyone who has played or had a kid play at this level knows you hold your breath for 4 years
  4. nothing like representing your team for the coin flip in OT of the Big 12 championship. Brutal. Howard is a stud.
  5. As of 11:00 AM this morning, Nebraska is a dangerous opponent for OU.
  6. remeber the 10second runoff? this was even worse than it looks
  7. I thought the bottom was in 2010. It's now if we dont pull out a miracle
  8. until he fumnbles, 10 seconds before he wasn't thinking about coming in. Im running a vanilla play to get my QB1 back in
  9. this call is dumb. Im not calling a draw play for my back uo QB on his first play
  10. so 4th and 1 and GS runs right up the middle, way to get stingy shirts
  11. Sorry guys, Im color blind...are we playing alabama?
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