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  1. why does her back look like there's a sharp cut?
  2. sd'sker

    too many?

    once again, two of my 17 very favorite teams are playing each other. going to be a stressful weekend.
  3. i trust my feelings first and foremost. but if my feelings are a little nebulous, then you gotta go with beliefs. however, if your beliefs fail you, and that is a BIG if, i guess you can trust your thoughts. but i am not always completely comfortable with that. like what if i am hungry? then my thoughts might not be focused or accurate. but that is generally the order of knowledge i trust.
  4. sd'sker

    too many?

    i like every team that played neb in '95, all the teams in mississippi because i lived there for a year. i might be forgetting a few.
  5. how many favorite teams are too many? i have 17 very favorite college football teams and it may be too many. especially since nary a weekend goes by where at least two do not play each other. how many very favorite football teams do you guys have and how many is too many?
  6. for those of you looking for a new team to root for because your delicate sensibilities have been offended, i recommend the ducks. i watched an awesome disney movie when i was a kid and have liked them ever since.

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    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      So you're saying we have a chance!?

    3. Danny Bateman

      Danny Bateman

      @The Dude


      Enjoy that, man. Fly Eagles Fly!

    4. macroboy


      sd'sker, it's about time you came back to us.

  7. rewatching the 2015 MSU game. man, this staff is capable of great things if given time and trust.

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    2. Danny Bateman

      Danny Bateman



      I meant Iowa in place of MSU. I'm a tired fool on a Monday. Sorry for the confusion. Carry on.

    3. Danny Bateman

      Danny Bateman

      But seriously, kegger at NUance's place.


      (Nobody tell ZRod)

    4. NUance


      Yeah, ZRod is a keg hogger.

  8. sd'sker

    OWH: Huskers Could Make Bowl at 5-7

    because bowls for 7-5 teams or even 9-3 teams are so elite?
  9. sd'sker

    The Tangent/Derailment Thread: 2015

    that's a nice sentiment.
  10. sd'sker

    OWH: Huskers Could Make Bowl at 5-7

    "Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect." --Vince Lombardi 15-20 more practices with this great staff. That sounds like a good idea. yeah. it does sound good.
  11. sd'sker

    Eichorst Rant

    I've seen this idea brought up a couple different places. Can someone tell my why Trev Alberts would be qualified to be an AD at Nebraska? And "he played at Nebraska" doesn't count. most fans here think the ad and president are already trying to sabotage football, just as well get a guy who outright ended a program.
  12. could a mod please ban me. this place is toxic. a microcosm of everything wrong with huskernation right now. i would prefer to root for the program, players, and coaches without being distracted by such shortsighted negativity.

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    2. jsneb83


      Just change your password to something you will never remember and log off.

    3. redout22


      Yeah just black out and change your password. Problem solved

    4. redout22


      Or please go on a rant for the ahes

  13. sd'sker

    The Tangent/Derailment Thread: 2015

    i would prefer you just ban me before i make a series of insults directed at qmany, many of which he would never understand.
  14. sd'sker

    The Tangent/Derailment Thread: 2015

    so the coaches are doing a good job with him? No, I assume they're not giving enough effort in their trade. this post is not as clever as you think it is.
  15. sd'sker

    The Tangent/Derailment Thread: 2015

    so the coaches are doing a good job with him?