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  1. Yes.. and something like ten Juco guys. In all reality, half of that class didn't produce on field results or make it to campus. Key starters were Barry Turner, Phillip Dillard, Zackary Bowman, Suh, and the class headliner, Marlon Lucky. Also, 32 recruits.
  2. Lets take a look at the past ten national title teams in order from the most recent; Florida State Alabama Alabama Auburn Alabama Florida LSU Florida Texas USC What do they all have in common? The states all have coastlines with a warm year around climate, and the five states all rank in the top seven in the graph Abdullah the Butcher provided (maybe not the most reliable). Geography plays a huge role, in the fact that the state of Mississippi is sandwiched in the middle of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. Weirdly enough, Colorado, Wyoming, Iowa, and Missouri schools don't seem to be anywhere on the list of National Title teams since... 1990. In the past 24 years one state that touches Nebraska has won a national championship. Name another national title winning team to come from a state that touches Nebraska. This forces Nebraska to recruit kids from California to Texas to Florida, as there clearly isn't enough talent in the immediate region. With a coach like Pelini, who is a mediocre recruiter, it makes it tough to entice young 17 and 18 year olds, in the age of social media, to come to Nebraska. Also, the SEC has the ability to recruit more efficiently today because they have won 7 of the last 8 national titles. Pelini can't walk into a recruits home and say; "We play against the best competition game in and out." Instead he has to say; "You would look good in a Nebraska jersey as we beat cream-puff A, B, and C." Recruiting is half of the equation, while coaching is the other. You have to be able to persuade a good coach and staff first, then have that staff recruit quality kids to fit their system and style. We have recruited many five stars. It would be interesting to know the reasons they did not choose to come. My guess is if you took the Nebraska facilities, campus, and stadium and placed them in Starkville, MS, our recruiting would only get better.
  3. Husker4lif3

    Most Impressed with so far

    I was very impressed with T-Marts decision making last game. So glad someone told him to start sliding rather than getting trucked.
  4. Husker4lif3

    Taylor Martinez throwing motion

    When we get another quarterback with the athleticism of Taylor, passing or running skills, then talk about how long he will be the man for this offense. When you find the new man, please inform me
  5. In Wyoming, coal is accepted more frequently at stores than cash or credit cards.
  6. Husker4lif3

    Wyoming Tailgate Locations

    There are plenty of bars near 3rd and grand. The Cowboy, 3rd street bar, Love joys, and the Buck (which i would stay away from). They are quite aways from the staduim though. Tailgating isnt that big before games in Laramie. The main T.G. is just due east of the staduim and in the grassy area on Grand and 20th(?) or just south of the staduim. Hope everyone enjoys the trip, i'll be wearing red as a UW student!
  7. Husker4lif3

    For Huskers coming to Laramie, some helpful info

    West of Laramie in the Snowy Range and East of Laramie in the Medicine Bow National Forest. There's a lot of fly fishing opportunities. Give these guys a call. The West Laramie Fly Store will give you the inside scoop. http://flystore.net/ Go to Kurt Gowdy(spelling) i worked near there for a day or two and there were fishers galore
  8. Husker4lif3

    Wyoming Roll Call!!

    I am a UW student who will be wearing red! Hoping for many others to be repping scarlet and creme as well!
  9. Teach Me How To Jimmer

    1. GM_Tood
    2. NUance


      Dude can sure hole the treys, can't he?

    3. Haspula


      First you have to teach me how to taylor

  10. Husker4lif3

    Photos from 1st Spring Practice

    i was thinking the same thing, looks ripped as F***
  11. Husker4lif3

    Remember our all red jerseys?

    remember your uncle duane?
  12. Husker4lif3

    Breakout Year

    Possibly solid numbers in the bedroom, but rather than that, remember kids, crack kills...
  13. Husker4lif3

    Scout 150 of 2011

    Aaron won't be close to 5 stars when the rankings come out. Rivals listed him as 8th in Texas. Because his Jr season was plagued with injuries he went from being a top15 player to a player in the 50-80 range. They are saying there is a legit chance that there are 4-6 running backs will be ranked with 5 stars. Crowell, Brown, Green, Sims, B. Williams, and Bergeron all have a good chance. I dont care what they say, Aaron Green is the best back in the nation. He dropped in the Texas Top 100 because they know that it is very possible that he will never attend The University of Texas. Would he be the best back in the country if we werent going for him, and have a pretty decent shot at him? I think he looks to be a great one, but lets let it all play out. Rankings jump tremondously in a years time.
  14. Husker4lif3

    Which signee are you guys most excited about?

    Out of that whole list, i couldnt take my eyes off of cottons name. With all the thoughts running through my head about him being the next great nebraska lineman.