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  1. pjbighuskerman

    What games will you guys be going to this year?

    Just got my tickets for the UCLA game - section 15- on sale at ticketmasters. GBR!!!
  2. pjbighuskerman

    Eric crouch vs Scott frost

    Scott Frost. Tougher inside runner. BUT.... Crouch had Solich calling the same 3 plays. T.O. better play caller.
  3. pjbighuskerman

    What Husker games are you going to this year?

    Fresno State. Taking the wife. A good friend and his wife are joining us, he is a FSU graduate. He got the tickets. A lot cheaper than buying through stub hub. GBR!!!
  4. pjbighuskerman

    Big Ten position rankings: Secondary

  5. pjbighuskerman

    2012 recruiting class?

  6. pjbighuskerman

    2012 recruiting class?

    yes, commits.
  7. pjbighuskerman

    2012 recruiting class?

    Has someone posted a list of current recruits for 2012? It would be nice.
  8. pjbighuskerman

    Had Dinner w/ TO

    Hujan, good summary. I was there, but didn't get to sit by Dr. Tom. Did get to shake his hand and take a photo. To bad Bo wasn't there. I think my wife was more upset than I was (she didn't know about all the coaching changes) GBR!!!
  9. pjbighuskerman

    Everything about Les Miles - 2011

    Les Staying.... http://www.nola.com/lsu/index.ssf/2011/01/football_coach_les_miles_stayi.html http://ncaafootball.fanhouse.com/2011/01/11/les-miles-to-reportedly-stay-at-lsu/
  10. pjbighuskerman

    Tom & Bo will speak in CA

    I got my tickets for the Californians For Nebraska UNL Alumni Association “A Night with Nebraska: California Celebrates UNL” Coach Bo Pelini and Tom Osborne will speak. http://cal4ne.com/events.html But what is Bo leaves????? I guess that's why Tom will be there.... GBR!!!
  11. pjbighuskerman

    Postseason ranking

    Its like Deja Vu. We were saying the same thing at this time last year. Exactly. Until NU is able to have a consistent offense, NO top 15 ranking.
  12. pjbighuskerman

    Recruiting not going good

    One more thing. Look at recruiting classes not as 1 standalone class. Last year NU had 6 defensive lineman. This year they might only get 3. So, that is 9 defensive lineman (not counting walk-ons) over 2 years. That seems right to me. You are just adding pieces to a big puzzle, not creating a brand new team every year. GBR!!!!
  13. pjbighuskerman

    Recruiting not going good

    We are doing fine. As long as Bo doesn't leave. Ez - E good point. Looking at the graduating seniors, the class next year will be small. Keeping a few scholarships would be nice long term. We are getting deeper due to red-shirting AND Bo emphasizing walk-ons.
  14. pjbighuskerman

    Postseason ranking

    If the big red is higher than 15 someone is smoking something illegal. Average to below average offense, defense only loses one in the front 7 (ok, front 6) but loses 4 in the back 5. I say 18 to 23 will be the range of AP & coaches polls. GBR!!!!
  15. pjbighuskerman

    College Football Head Coach Openings

    I've said this too but other's who think that Osborne walks on water disagree! I concur. You could blame some of Solich's issues on Tom. Solich "had to" keep TO's assistant coaches. Old timers who didn't go out and recruit. Bo needs to stand up to TO and TO needs to see the problem and let Bo run with the changes. I still think Cotton will be the hardest to let go. A "Nebraska Guy". Bring in the best coaches. Doesn't have to be a ex Nebraska player or coach. GBR!!!!