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  1. And that's how a lot of people feel about the Big 12 North. But that doesn't mean a great player shouldn't be commended for their accomplishments. Especially when two people attending have had very sub par years and don't deserve to go based on their career history.
  2. I disagree. I think Spiller was much more beneficial to Clemson than Gerhart to Stanford. Just look at Spiller's all purpose yards and TDs. He touched the ball in so many different aspects of play, the only player to have a TD in every game, and holds the ACC record for most all purpose yards! He was the game changer in offense, special teams, break out speed, etc. He almost won the conference title game by his own doing. Kind of, well, just like Suh! The only travesty here is that two undeserving and unworthy QB (Tebow and McCoy) got an invite because of all the hype around them instead of Spiller. This year those two QB were all talk and no show! And Suh should win... it's not even close!
  3. If I remember correctly Herbstreit almost blew his wad on that play. I don't think they were laughing at the fact the holding was happening, they were laughing at the fact that Texas was trying anything and everything to stop Suh and he just dominated them no matter what they did. I will say, I thought Herbsteit was fantastic during that game. A lot of spotlight on our defense and how great a coach and job Pelini is and is doing. He did hammer our offense, but I mean come on, how could he not. Herbsteit at one time said, "If he (Suh) isn't invited to NY for the Heisman Ceremony it is a travesty." I know most of this has to do with the tOSU connection we have going, but still nice to hear from whiney boy. Herbstreit is notorious for not giving Nebraska any credit for anything. So it was nice to hear him talk endlessly about Suh, the defense and the Pelinis. I even heard him say a couple of times that they nearly fell off their seat cheering for the offense and wanted them to make some plays. Quite a nice change!
  4. That was hilarious! Ruud stole that show even with Rodgers call! I lol'd @ Ruud saying I knew it had to be Rozier, Rodgers, Crouch or Frazier and you are going to have to stroke my ego now! Great listen! TFS
  5. Good read! I really wish that our offense would go to back to primarily smash mouth football. I think the Huskers have a better chance to recruit great players for those positions, and I just plain miss seeing it! Welcome to the Board!!
  6. I love how the what's taken from the article are really only positives related to Watson. This article by Shatel was how Watson would be around in 2010 even though Shatel himself and the majority of fans don't want him back. Shatel's theory of TO originally keeping Wats around was due to continuity since the 2007 offense was good. But obviously there's been a huge fall since then. And Shatel also states that any offense that needs a veteran QB who could qualify for AARP (haha) led by a fifth year senior, Joe Ganz is WAY too complicated. He states that Green would be our starter, but the offense is ridiculously complicated. And... that Bo is a simple man and the WCO is too complicated with no real identity. If Wats doesn't get things figured out and/or if the bowl game has the same time of ineffective offense, then he could be gone after this season. And quite frankly, I think they should get rid of ALL of the Callahan staff!! Get any trace of him out of Cornhusker nation!! Shatel is, at times, full of hot air, but I thought this article was a pretty good read.
  7. His creepy smile bothers me more than his eyes. But the combination of eyes + smile is super freaky!
  8. Yeah, I totally agree with this article. That clock couldn't look more unofficial or superimposed if they tried. I just wish Suh and Co had blocked that field goal so the egregious error and one second addition to the time clock would still be foiled and they could shove it up their you know what!! Although, in that case, they would have called a penalty, moved Texas closer to the field goal, and added two seconds with the way things were going! The black and white really screwed us this time. Game was over and there was nothing to cause a review and no "egregious error"! And nice to see that Anderson has no bias to Texas whatsoever....
  9. I have no problem with someone showing emotion. That would be a disappointing way to end your college season... especially with the expectation of beating Alabama and playing for a NC. But I do have a problem with Tebow in most circumstances because he is FAKE!! There isn't a genuine bone in that kid's body! I feel like all the peace, love, and harmony along with yelling constantly, etc is so attention seeking it makes me sick! Think of all the Huskers and college football players across the nation that believe in God or are doing charity work but don't feel the need to hunt down ESPN and relay their goodwill. A good dose of humility would serve him good. But with all the attention he received from Saturday, plus the fact that he got an undeserving invite to New York after a lackluster season (CJ Spiller deserved that last spot), shows me that he won't be coming down to earth any time soon.
  10. Pretty sure you're talking about the Oklahoma game where Lee took a pounding. Coincidentally, they only showed his parents after he took a particularly vicious hit. I wouldn't be smiling if that was my kid, either. Lee's parents have looked like that in every game. But I think the one Kara was talking about was the K-State game. They looked unhappy the entire time - even when everyone around them was cheering. As far as the QB, start Green. If it doesn't work out, then go back to Lee's lousy play. But next year, Lee better be the 4th string QB!!
  11. I know the media slobbers all over him, but he's seems like a very decent and humble kid. He's very religious and donates a lot of his time to charity. I can't wait for him and Florida to go away, but I won't bad mouth him. He could be a great kid... but to me it seems like nothing more than a media ploy and act! He doesn't seem in the least bit sincere. The act is getting old and the yelling is downright absurd! I feel the same way about Colt! They both look like asses that act like such amazing people. I say it's about time they received the right awards which are far from a Heisman and more like an Emmy/Oscar!
  12. We may have lost the game, but at least we took McCoy out of the Heisman conversation. And some of the sting of this loss could be taken away if they actually invited the best college football player to New York... SUH! In my wildest dreams....
  13. I'm not saying that Cotton is an O-line God, but c'mon, we don't have the talent we had in the 90's, may never again, to push a top flight D-line around when they're stacking the box. Perhaps the scheme could be changed and the talent upgraded, but thats not going to happen over the course of two seasons. What if we had even average QB and WRs that Ds would have to account for? Wouldn't that make our O-line seem that much better? The right coach can make huge improvements on our O line. Just like the Pelini's changed our D. It's not necessarily who you have for talent, but what you do with that talent and how you coach them. You can be the best QB in college football and have great WR to boot, but without a good O line, you accomplish nothing --> see Sam Bradford and Oklahoma! Their pass protection is fine. When there is virtually no threat through the air (due to our horrible receivers and qb) and the defense stacks up to stop the run, what the hell do you expect? I don't think our line is good either, but the threat of a passing game could change things greatly. Given that there is enough time to establish a passing threat... and Lee has had nothing but pressure all season. Did you watch tonight's game. How many times did he have more than one second before a blitz broke through? Very few! Ok, we expect that w/ Texas D, but not w/ ISU, TTU, etc. A superior O line can make even a mediocre QB, RB, or WR look like God's gift to football. It all starts at the line, and our O line is no good and is poorly coached!
  14. He looked pretty frustrated to me. After watching him get sacked for the eighth or so time and another three and out... he chucked the ball pretty hard to the ground. He lost his cool a lot! I thought Lee kept it together better than he did! Wow, what a great Heisman moment McCoy! lol Mack is completely classless. And the reason Texas is disliked is because they don't win or lose w/ any grace or humility!
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