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  1. ColoNoCoHusker

    Mods - Can we gets some clarification, please?

    IDK what to say then. I was pretty clear on why I made the comparison. I don't know why that is hard for you to understand. My posting behavior has been inside the rules, why is that an issue?? EDIT: Missed the ignore part. Sorry to hear that as there was a time when I enjoyed your posts...
  2. ColoNoCoHusker

    Mods - Can we gets some clarification, please?

    I am not offended by that word. It does set off my content filter if I view the site at work which is inconvenient. I'm not really sure why a political statement in a status update would be more offensive to someone than words that trigger content filters. I included that for a baseline reference to the hypocrisy you seem to have on when something is offensive. You misplaced/misinterpreted the reason for the comparison so please disregard it. My intention was to follow up with the Mods to get a standard that all of us can understand and adhere to. I thought, incorrectly, if we had a Mod position, it would lesson you and your crew's frustrations. I apologize this went another way. I hope that clears up my position EDIT: And I reached out to a Mod since it was requested previously in the status chain but nothing was done... In hindsight, I should have left it alone
  3. ColoNoCoHusker

    Mods - Can we gets some clarification, please?

    Thanks for chiming in
  4. There seems to be a theme of people being offended by politically slanted comments outside the P&R forum, most recently in status updates. Ironically, the people most offended by this are also the members whose posts/status updates constantly set-off content alerts if I view the site from my office or via business phone/tablet. I could exempt myself from the content alerts but it is important I abide by the same rules to which I expect my employees to adhere. Specifically the use of slang in relation to the male anatomy... While the "I'm offended" shtick is tiresome, I would like to do my part to prevent offending those with more delicate sensibilities than myself. I am not offended in the slightest by either of these referenced conditions/situations but I am happy to ensure other posters are able avoid being offended inasmuch as the rules allow. I would like to understand expectations in regards to these items as the bombast seems to be getting pretty deep and the rules are necessarily vague. Most probably to allow this to be handled case-by-case... I appreciate your guidance in advance. Below is the status update thread for reference. Status update thread: In the Deed the Glory I am tired of the political b.s. on this board. I come here for a break from it and it continues to spread out from its home. Hide Comments 10 Feb onlyHskrfaninIL+10 10 Feb teachercdSame posters...same posts 10 Feb onlyHskrfaninILas you would expect...you are never going to change anyone's mind on political views no matter what side you are on 10 Feb B.B. HemingwayWhy are people so sensitive about this. Just don't pay it any attention. 10 Feb El DiacoI make a motion that P&R talk needs to stay in that forum and not in status updates. At least then people can avoid it if they want to. 10 Feb B.B. Hemingway^ Snowflake 10 Feb TonyStalloniI started on Facebook about 5 years ago to see pics and vids of my grandkids. It is hardly worth going there now. This place is getting nearly as bad. 10 Feb TAKODAI'm game for no politics outside of the P & R threads.I try to lighten the intensity with a little levity but does not appear to have the desired affect. Are the mods around? Have not seen any postings from them for quite a while, and this is something only they can control. 10 Feb TAKODAWell, we still have NUance posting I see. 11 Feb BigRedN+1 11 Feb teachercdI like how posters want you to think their way and their way only...then criticize those that don't because they are not "open" 11 Feb ZRodI vote we all vote and actually care about how our country is run. Politics shouldn't be a back seat subject no matter how painful. 11 Feb obert1wish I could not have those threads pop up in new/unread content. 11 Feb TAKODAI thought we were just talking about keepin g it in the P & R threads. Politics and religion discussions, just need to stay in designated areas. Pro or Con, its part of our life. 11 Feb ZRodFine. Then football and basketball need to stay in their designated areas. 11 Feb teachercdI think they can be in any thread, lets face it...if you get that worked up about politics posts being in a football thread than you have bigger issues in life. If you get worked up about a joke/comment about a politicians than you have bigger issues. 11 Feb Delete ColoNoCoHuskerPot meet kettle... You guys can cross the line with your references to the male organ and what not but the slightest political comment in status updates puts you in a tizzy. Go ahead an grill me for it... 11 Feb Lil' RedA few political status updates upset some of you guys that much? 11 Feb TonyStalloniPutting angry named filled political post in the Status Updates is like the jerk who takes his dog for a walk in the park and never picks up the waste. We all come here to enjoy the news or some funny story but some drop a nasty political opinion and walk away laughing. I don't have a problem with anything said in the P & R forum. Thats your own back yard and you can let your dog do anything it wants. I would like here to be a space where anyone can walk without stepping in it. 11 Feb Delete ColoNoCoHuskerVulgar name filled comments in status updates are only offensive if there is a political spin or context? That explains it... 11 Feb teachercdNot for me...I think it should be an open forum of name calling and making fun. It is hilarious! 11 Feb In the Deed the GloryWow, that little comment blew up. I'm not trying to censor anybody. I don't want to limit where people can type what. I was just giving an opinion. I didn't want people to feel like they had to defend themselves to the mods. Man, this place sometimes. 11 Feb El DiacoBoner Boner Boner Boner. 11 Feb Delete ColoNoCoHuskerITDTG - Wasn't trying to blow it up. There wasn't consensus in the status thread. You've been good on this but others in this update have become a huge broken record. Was just trying help since no one followed up on the 'need a mod ruling' statement...
  5. ColoNoCoHusker

    Huskers Looking Into Virtual Augmented Reality

    If they can develop the tech to where a coach can go into a virtual playing field with his players and stop/pause/rewind/highlight elements, it would be infinitely valuable. Imagine the blackshirts and Diaco all in a room in VR and Diaco is in the middle of "live" game action showing players how to pick up route trees and stunt and blitz and such. If only there is a way to simulate game play in real life. Could you imagine how much doing something like that would help?! It sounds like they are working on it, right after making portable fire and suspender-less pants... ;P
  6. Gonna have to water the lawn if this keeps up...

    1. macroboy


      Dude I'm so tired of your politics. j/k

  7. ColoNoCoHusker

    Immigration Ban

    I appreciate it dudeguyy. I think there's a conscious effort by Trump's administration to desensitize the nation to this discrimination. It hasn't even been a month and a lot of folks are completely fed up with the feminism/religion/racial discrimination talk. Most people have their own issues and it's easier for many to think it will never happen or at least to them. I just hope those of us that have been alert can continue to keep this up. I really don't see this getting checked unless the Repub's lose majority in the next Congressional elections. A number of larger employers out here that rely on work visa/green card staff are putting formal contingency plans together for unexpectedly losing these staff. We have a couple very large healthcare clients putting together training for their non-citizen staff on what to do if they get detained. I never thought any of this would be a consideration for US companies let alone in Colorado. I find it hard to believe these companies would be taking these steps if the risk wasn't rooted strongly in reality...
  8. ColoNoCoHusker

    Immigration Ban

    I would agree with you on that. Our world and our country would be a much better place if that were the case, teach. The "us & them" mentality in the WH exists at the expense of the entire nation and it proceeding apace faster than I anticipated. I've said it before, but it doesn't get much scarier than measuring value of say Mother Teresa based on gender first. This is proceeding down the worst-case that was visible several months ago. I'll admit that I'm not surprised but I had hoped to be wrong. I am more concerned than ever which I did not believe possible just a few days ago.
  9. ColoNoCoHusker

    Immigration Ban

    Hmmm, I don't think my words would support either your conclusion or the opposing conclusion. I know I didn't present it as a binary situation (either A or B). What are you trying to say, teach?
  10. ColoNoCoHusker

    Immigration Ban

    I spoke to my Aunt, finally. He applied for citizenship in November but while that is going through, he had to do his annual LPR registraton. Immigration confiscated his Green Card and told him he will get it back in 6 mos while they research his renewal. He's never had to surrender his card prior and it's required to carry that all times. When he asked about that, the Immigration Officer said if he isn't causing trouble, it won't be an issue, like every Brown skin is here to cause trouble... His business dealings have required his LPR registration to be notarized/documented as part of numerous Government filings. His attorneys are pulling that together to get a court order allowing him to stay while he is without his Green Card. If he were picked up right now, he would be deported. His immigration attorney in LA states this is a calculated policy move to make Mexican LPRs illegal. It's selective right now and fortunately my uncle has the finances to fight this. I don't know whether to cry, vomit, or both. What blows me away is my uncle is easily in the top 10% of this country by both wealth & income. We don't want the worst from Mexico but we don't want the best either?? Wtf, makes no sense. I agree, he's starting by religion, now by race. This is going to get very, very bad for many good people. That sucks... But...why should he wealth or income matter? Like, why is someone that has wealth "the best". Or did you just mean that your uncle is a great guy regardless of his money? I mean, if skin color shouldn't matter (it shouldn't), if religion shouldn't matter (it shouldn't) why should wealth or income? I refer to that for several reasons. Most notably there is a specific category of Lawful Permanent Residents based on high level of investment in this country. Income/wealth is traditionally also a primary consideration for non-lottery Green Card allotment. The best comment was meant towards overall, not just the wealth/income. Based on traditional immigration rules, he scores at the top. Not that I think wealth/income should be the primary consideration but from what you mention, it's the only one that is not protected for/against discrimination. It also illustrates that for the current administration, an immigrant's value is determined more by their skin color than by their contribution to our economic system and society.
  11. Knap - can you stop tweeting at coaches so we can keep the good ones around??? This is gettin' redonkulous... /s
  12. ColoNoCoHusker

    Huskers Looking Into Virtual Augmented Reality

    Could really help with things like O & D reads as well as playbook tests. Would help free up time in practice while giving more dedicated time to decision making outside of practice. Sky's the limit really...
  13. ColoNoCoHusker

    Huskers Looking Into Virtual Augmented Reality

    The NU vs Minny game in 2016 was broadcast in VR... First B1G game, 2nd College Football broadcast in VR.
  14. ColoNoCoHusker

    Immigration Ban

    At least in this thread I'm sure he'd have some bigoted pithy remark... EDIT: fixed, NM is right
  15. Bigot-in-Chief? Oppresor-in-Chief? Idk, what's most inclusive?

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      Technically, they are both winners & both losers (popular vs electoral spllt)... #fakenews

    3. swmohusker


      Electoral counts. So not technically both winners. But whatever. Give you something to protest about

    4. onlyHskrfaninIL


      I'm no trump fan but the popular vote is meaningless in a presidential election. Trying to equate the two just sounds like sour grapes.