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  1. anyone find it... i've been listening to them and didnt hear them. just thought someone might know
  2. hey guys... ive been getting a few pm's about the spoofs of jim rose,callahan, and pederson... i have a few more so i will upload them for everyone... sorry for the IM sounds in some of them. just click on the link and click on download... hopefully they all work otherwise i did all this for nothing haha... but anyways enjoy Texas A&M play of the game http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=604025472.wma Colorado play of the game http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=1268445727.wma Kanas State play of the game http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=1001132336.wma Kansas play of the game http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=774504220.wma Texas play of the game (Bball, which makes it so much funnier) http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=434615388.wma Nebraska History 1 http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=755571452.wma Nebraska History 2 http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=1257876848.wma Nebraska History 3 http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=753974278.wma Valentine's Day thing http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=1250676668.wma Larry Assante on Signing Day (sorry my computer was messing up this day) http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=223291286.wma Prince Amakamura on Signing Day http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=651289932.wma Travis Lewis on Signing Day (maybe the funniest one of them all) http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=429218517.wma Steve Pederson spoof http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=947317461.wma Another Callahan spoof about the NCAA Tourney http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=1255711970.wma Pederson spoof--- and that isn't my computer skipping lol http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=827848966.wma Pederson/Rose spoof--- my all-time favorite (sorry for the skipping) http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=588220015.wma Play of the Game- Spring Game http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=941666807.wma
  3. another good devine article from the wvu newspaper... some thoughts of what steve slaton thinks of him http://www.da.wvu.edu/new/show_article.php...;story_id=27250
  4. people around here in wv are very very upset at deion. from the quotes that his high school coach has put out it sounds like he is upset too because he is getting bugged about it
  5. the thing that i saw that really hurt us just in the momentum stand point was when their player went down after the punt after we stopped them with a 3 and out. the crowd was into it and the defense was as well... it was only time before the offense went down the field right there... that injury kind of quieted down the crowd and cooled down the offense and i think that was big in the first half.
  6. i copy em from the stream every monday from the show on 1620 the zone. i'm not sure who does them though. i dont think they have ever said anything about them. has anyone heard the beano cook impersonator on there as well? he is really really good too
  7. watched him play at heinz field as he single handedly won the aa championship last friday. really not that big of a passing threat in my eyes but he is a very very smart runner.
  8. u all got to listen to this... soooooo funny... randeroo... just listen and you will laugh. http://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=59404290.wma
  9. well there are a few that are meant to do that... like the purify td catch in the tamu one. other than that i couldnt tell ya sry
  10. no sry i wasnt on the computer last monday so i missed it. first one i have missed and now that u said it was the best i am pissed lol
  11. u know something that i dont understand... doesnt have nething to do with these but just from the game winning calls of the past... u always get fiala making a very girly like squeak... the tamu catch, the mizzou catch in the end zone off the tip... just funny
  12. i love listenin to him... especially after knowing they do these every monday and trying to find the thing they will try and capture... like the tooooucccchhhhdddooooowwwwwwwwwnnnnnn thing that he does... ooo man did that make me crack up the first time they made fun of it.
  13. here are a couple more... call of the week ksu- sorry for the IM dings and the random laughing... it was too funny to stay quiet call of the week kansas Nebraska football history- jim rose style
  14. here you go... just click on download... its sooo good Call of the Week- from 1620 the zone's unsportsmanlike conduct
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