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  1. For as good as our receivers were said to be at the beginning this season, is there any evidence they can catch something besides a run-pass option screen or a ten-yard crossing route? Missed opportunities, missed catches.
  2. Today, November 10, 2012, is a day that will live on in history. For today - the 10th game of the season - we discovered that handing off to Imani Cross works well near the goal line. Long live early onset muscle development. Long live the Big Red.
  3. I honestly believe that had we played Ohio State at home we would have beaten them. The difference in venue makes that much difference. But the flip side of that is we got killed at their place and they are still too good at the moment at a neutral site. Their offense would beat our offense.
  4. Well... business as usual. 54 yards in penalties and a fumble.
  5. That was the intent. But in all seriousness, our offensive line was offensive to watch, especially in pass protection. The past five years have been the college football equivalent of Groundhog Day.
  6. is that you have a dog house. When you have a dog house, you have to put players in it. When you put players in it, sometimes you put good players in it. When you put good players in the doghouse, they leave. When good players leave, the leave holes at their positions. When there are holes at positions, Taylor martinez fumbles from blindside hits two games in a row. Tyler Moore.
  7. taylors two picks are really the difference in this game. without them they never get that momentum.
  8. Yeah no kidding... that's the only reason he didn't just end up with 6 or 7 yards. That was key. On another point... why did the UCLA defense look so much faster than us as the game progressed? Was it a conditioning thing?
  9. For anyone wondering, it's a snippet of "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore. Pretty good song IMO.
  10. The interview was actually excellent. Short, but he provided insight into his game... something he's rarely done before. His footwork looks better, but his shoulder alignment still bother me, it looks like a bit of a shot-put. In all though... what did they put in Taylor's water bottle this Spring..?
  11. yeah, when stoops has had top their athletes, he has had top their defenses. He never really got the athletes he needed at Arizona. We have them at Nebraska
  12. mike stoops would make sense... oh wait their defense was the reason he got fired. and look at what corey raymond has done with a secondary that featured only two seniors (one being cassidy, arguably the worst player on the field at any given time) this year. They have come a LONG way. Andrew Green? Ciante Evans? Once they bought into his system, they have done well.
  13. Looking back at a video from last year, I happened across a video featuring Martinez' throw to Rex down the sideline against Idaho, and I had to replay it three times to make sure I was seeing it right. After all this talk about him progressing as a quarterback, it certainly looks as if his mechanics have taken a noticeable step back from the sharp, mostly on target balls from the beginning of last year. But here, judge for yourself: Vs. Oklahoma State last year Vs. Ohio State this year
  14. I watched the play earlier today and what I saw was Suh being tackled by the o-line then held down by the linemans right arm, at which time Suh tried to get up and became pissed that he couldn't and tried to get the olineman to let go (pushing him the only place he could since he was being hugged) and then tripped over the lineman when he got up, stumbled, and out of frustration stomped on the ground, and it just so happened that the guys arm was between his foot and the turf. Was it necessarily malicious? No. Was it a very poor example of maintaining composure? Absolutely. He's being held and
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