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  1. 90% of the time you can get the tickets outside the stadium.
  2. The coaches seem to be very picky who they allow to walkon. Not saying this isn't a great pickup, but i just don't see justin cracking the 3 deep anytime soon. Maybe when he's a junior. We shall see. At least he's not a cyclone, that's what matters.
  3. Well i guess i was proven wrong for this game. Looks like the departure of McCray had something to do with this team winning. The question is, will this continue or will Nebraska fall below .500 at the end of the season like i predicted? We play Oklahoma St. (2-4) next and if NU can pull off a win against them and then beat a struggling Baylor team (0-6) who is on a 6 game losing streak, then i will say we have a chance of maybe finishing above .500. This team is so inconsistant and it looses games it shouldn't and wins games it shouldn't.
  4. it seems like every year we get a visiting non-conference team talking about how the great treatment they received in Lincoln. NU's fans usually get "respect" from everyone. amazingly, the one exception are CU fans. many of whom, in their jealousy/idiocy/whatever, contend that its all bogus. Though the proof is often right in front of them: 2004- broken hearted and Bowl-unbound Husker fans stick with tradition and clap for the CU players as they walk off our field. 2005- well, we all know what happened at "Folsum Prison". even though its typical CU bs, somehow i'm still lost as to how so many of them are not willing to admit that maybe the things everyone else says about Nebraska's fans aren't just self-created myths. That's because those same CU fans are the ones who were littering the field last year and got kicked out of the stadium. CU fans are the disgrace that is Colorado and everything wrong with college football.
  5. I expect Gill to do a better job next year. Can't really consider this a proper evaluation of talent when you are giving scholarships to players who you need to fill up your roster with. Gill will likely hit Florida next year hard and offer guys who fall in the 2-3 star catagory because everything else will be eaten up by Florida International, Florida Atlantic, and Florida A&M and other smaller fish schools like duke and kentucky.
  6. Well i was going to respond but 2 people already beat me to it. Travel rosters have nothing to do with who has a scholarship and who doesn't. I can give you a dozen names of guys who traveled to Baylor and Kansas last year that were not scholarship players. You are correct on 1 thing though and that only as certain amount of players are allowed to suit up for a road game but doesn't mean the ones that don't suit up can't travel. Case in point Bradley who did not suit up for the Alamo bowl game, but i am sure like the rest of us, you saw him holding a sign asking ESPN for some love correct?
  7. That was scott Downings area, but with him leaving and the duties being restructured, i am not sure who will be given that state
  8. Things change of course and right now a team that was out of it seems to be back in it after NU stopped recruiting him. It's between West Virginia and N.C State right now and i would venture to say he is likely N.C State bound
  9. Joe has a bad attitude. I can tell you that from people who know him personally and he is selfish on the court. It's not just Collier that has issues with him but it's his teammates as well who also are not happy with him.
  10. Slauson was a walkon that was given an exemption by the NCAA because of his transfers. From what i know, he isn't on a full scholarship, but i could be wrong. I will check on that.
  11. I hope you were not referring to my statement. I was only giving you the views of how recruits these days see things. 90% of them don't like to wait untill they are soph to play. Some want to play right away (Freeman) and some have no problem with competition (Schilling). Those that love competition are a rare breed these days. The biggest tool recruits hear these days are "you can come in and play right away". Very few coaches and recruiters say "if you can win the starting job outright by competing, it's yours"
  12. I found that out last night but to my knowledge it was a suspension not being kicked off the team. I wasn't sure it was true but Barry and McCray have been going at it since the KU game and McCray was upset about being pulled from the KU game and it carried over to the Colorado game and Collier must have had enough of him running his mouth and the fact he decided to miss practice since Collier gave him the cold shoulder about not playing him much in the Colorado game.
  13. It wont matter, NU will lose this game. NU is on a a 3 gamelosing streak that will likely be broken after the 13th consecutive loss.
  14. I really don't know why the Big10 even consider Notre Dame to be a non-conf game. I can see the USC/ND series being non-conf, but let's admit it. The amont of games ND plays against the Big10 is almost the same amount of games the conference teams play against each other.
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