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  1. well what a hoot. see its not just about the rules its also about perception and there are so many irrationally afraid that dont want to venture out of their bedroom. that goes back to my original comment. good night very fun chatting with you.
  2. hey now...i wear a mask for YOU and give you priority hours at the grocery store you keep those prayers
  3. well you got me there buster..the restaurants are at 30% of previous capacity instead of 0%. i guess we are all systems go a ok.
  4. its a little different here. the schools here were supposed to open with parents having the choice of all in person or all e learning. the super announced this about 2-3 weeks ago. i was ok with that we were going to send our autistic son back in person because he needs to be around typical kids. last friday they send out an email saying they changed their mind and its all in person then today we get an email saying they dont have laptops for all the kids because of some shipping delay. its been a huge cluster-f. my wife has gotten emails from some teachers who did want to go back saying apparently there was basically a boycott from the union and no one (or not enough) wanted to work because they were scared.
  5. not where i live. restaurants are open for limited outside seating and carryout. i didnt go to any bunker i kept working.
  6. k-12, higher ed (e learning is crap), pools, church, restaurants, museums, any kind of sports or extra curricular, any kind of organized social event such as a fair or festival, concerts, bars, quite a few other things im forgetting probably
  7. Ok you know more than she does from wherever tf you live. I'm not going to keep arguing with you. You can believe what you want. the mortality rate is declining and you already admitted that. The question is why are you so concerned with making this seem worse than it actually is? Do you have small kids? I do. E learning is crap. The school where i live just came out today and even they are doing e learning only, oh sorry, we dont have computers for you anymore. And earlier in the week they admitted in an email that, oh yeah, we will actually be taking an attendance and grading things this semester. You can pretend the e learning is great you are another that wants to keep things shut down for as long as possible. The only question that remains is why is that? Can I ask what your political affiliation is?
  8. im a cpa i didnt fail math. i was your tutor. its not significant enough to justify shutting everything down is what i meant. you should take the blindfold off.
  9. people who want to shut everything down until there is a vaccine. you are in charge of your own health. i wear a mask because its the courteous thing to do but you really need to stop worrying about what others do. you have ZERO control over them. yes lots of people like this i see it every day
  10. you dont have to believe but what i say is true. there are a lot of people that think and still think the death rate is in the 3s. you are entitled to your beliefs but i dont think 1400 people a day (and declining) is enough to justify millions of kids not going to school, and millions of people losing their jobs.
  11. the mortality rate is going down whether you want to accept it or not. 7 to 8 thousand people died per day in this country before covid. 1400 on top of that is nothing. and we all know they are calling pretty much every death right now a covid death to get the federal money. my wife works in the hospital here and she admits they are doing that. this is not something we should be shutting the whole country down for at this point.
  12. they'll be lucky to get a third of the population to even take it
  13. There may not be college football for quite some time. Fauci has said dont count on an effective vaccine. The doctors are already learning how to treat it better but that doesnt seem to matter. We are having more and more positives and less and less deaths but people are still irrationally fearful of this. I hope there is a great vaccine or treatment but until then the world is on hold until we learn to accept some of the risk that comes with this virus.
  14. why so you can twist my words like the last guy? you seem to know it all anyways i'm sure you dont need me to tell you
  15. he didnt say pure freedom. but hey keep moving those goalposts
  16. ha! This is like the argument for communism - We just didn't do it right!. You and I both know a federally mandated lockdown complete with brownshirts patrolling the streets will never happen in this country. Even if someone had the will it just isn't possible.
  17. If you want to refute what i said fine but snide comments like this dont really add to the conversation
  18. Yes, and they have all sorts of restrictions and travel bans still in place https://www.forbes.com/sites/irenedominioni/2020/07/14/italy-renews-coronavirus-restrictions-connections-with-13-countries-blocked-until-end-of-july/#1baf127d6f4c Yes if you control a small enough area and use massive restrictions you can tamp this thing down for a time. The problem is eventually you have to open things up again to have schools, commerce, sports, etc. Thats why I say there is no 'in control'. As long as this is out there and there is no vaccine you can either hide out and keep things shut down forever or you try and mitigate it as much as possible and move forward. We are in this weird place right now where people are really struggling with this concept. There is no country on this planet that has 'beaten' covid as long as its still out there.
  19. you're not because you think there is an 'under control'
  20. I would love to hear your definition. Please humor me.
  21. Way to conveniently ignore your own strawman in your last post. You are deliberately not understanding what I'm saying. we have been 'taking action' for 5 months and this thing still exists. You can't mask this thing away. You can do a shutdown but its still going to be out there when you open up again. There is either a vaccine OR there is being as safe as possible but accepting some risk and we go back to real life.
  22. right now there is a tolerance for 0 cases so actually whoever that was did say it would be gone without masks. i clearly didnt say we should give up because i mentioned the vaccine. 1,000s of people died every day in this country before covid. yes more people will die from covid there is nothing you can do about that but there is no reason those at high risk cant stay at home to reduce their exposure. This may go on for years. Are you willing to shut down kids education for that long? Sorry but saving a few thousand elderly isn't worth that. It just isnt.
  23. So this would have all just done away had we all worn masks? Do you seriously think this? This isnt going away whether people wear masks or not. We are either waiting on a vaccine or we accept the risk and move forward.
  24. didnt delete anything not sure what you're looking at. there won't be a vaccine without a strong immune response. At least not one that lasts for more than a few months. i'm not counting on a vaccine but i guess we'll see.
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