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  1. Herd Husker

    RB Robert Standard

    Basically said it was what he expected of it. Great facilities, great coaches, the history and tradition of the school. Also mentioned that he loves red & white since he thinks he looks good in those colors (his HS team is also red & white). Doesn't want to reveal who his favorite is yet because he plans on visiting more schools. good deal, thanks nexus!
  2. Herd Husker

    RB Robert Standard

    both rivals and scout have teasers about standard really enjoying junior day at NU. can anyone with a subscription to either site give some more info. thanks.
  3. Herd Husker

    OG Dylan Admire

    glad to see he pulled the trigger! welcome N
  4. Herd Husker

    Nebraska's Most Important Rivalries

    it was tough to choose between missouri and texas for current rival
  5. Herd Husker

    WKU forums

    those guys are a joke. not even worth our time... Nah, they're just fans of a small school. They're cool. With all of the "CU Love" going on in the thread or 2 i read, no, they aren't actually. The FAU fans last year were cool. They had their share of homers, but they were cool. So far the WKU guys are just dicks. they're just giving CU love because they share the pain of being an awful team too
  6. Herd Husker

    RB Tevin Williams

    if he's like like tray robinson, i would take him!! i was very impressed with how tray played last season as a TRUE freshman in his given situation (minus the fumbles). i'm not saying williams is gonna have early successes like tray IF he gets an offer and eventually signs. but this kid comes from a good a HS program that prepares their players to play big time college football. its too early to look past williams based on junior year highlights...just MO.
  7. Herd Husker

    Coulda-Woulda-Shoulda Husker

    1. Thunder Collins, 2. Kenny Wilson, 3. Major Culbert
  8. Herd Husker

    Shatel: Watson wants to keep foes guessing

    great read! makes you feel like the offense is gonna turn it around this year. but like watson was saying we can be so much more multiple when everyone is healthy...hope injuries are cut down to very few this fall
  9. Herd Husker

    SIGNED ATH Daniel Davie

    Here's some of his highlights...
  10. Herd Husker

    B12 Spring Lineup

    yes to #3 burkhead! have a good feeling he's gonna be a major contribution to our offensive surge this year! i'd love to see him and helu lined up in the wildcat many times as well
  11. Herd Husker

    CB Daren Kitchen

    His Top 5: Miami Texas Tech Nebraska Oregon Tennessee nice!!! thanks nexus
  12. Herd Husker

    CB Daren Kitchen

    rivals just put out a teaser about his top 5. can't imagine NU not being in there with us and standford being his only offers so far...can anyone with subscription give more info?
  13. Herd Husker

    WR Ted Lampkin

    definately like that 4.38-4.4 speed as a slot receiver, like a curtis carter. we'll see if he gets an offer or not later down the road...
  14. Herd Husker

    OLB Cole Fisher