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  1. Seems like our oline have plenty of fire to talk sh#t after the play. Maybe put some of that effort into the play itself, yeah?

    1. ZRod


      Give it some time. We'll see where it goes.

    2. man eating mastodon
  2. Russia did not hack the election. Stop saying that. Tge spin on this is hilarious. They hacked and publiciEd some emails. Disclosing some-what i say is-pretty valuable info that may or may not have influenced some voters. Hillary is a despicable f'ing bitch. So is michelle obama in her ridiculous arrogance. This country will not miss these apologetic pussies we have in the whote house right now. Obamas been a little bitch for 8 years. Bending us and himself over the barrel without the lube to the world. But now. NOW he wants to flex his muscle. Starta war with someone cuz the real people spoke and decided they didnt want another super liberal globalist bitch runnin the show again. The right guy won this election. The world is craving a strong and prosperpus America. Trump willdo that. Atsome point some of you butthurt bitches will have no choice but jump on board. Turn them Obama phones off and cash em in for alarm clocks America. Happy times are here again. Rant over. Count out. Again.
  3. I dont think weve ever truly reset as a program. I think itd be good for us to endure like 6 straight 3-9 seasons here. Something to completey drain the swamp, kill the sellout streak, and force a true restti g of the program. You cant climb very high when you start in the middle. The largest gains come from the bottom. Then we can appreciate progress. Cuz any progress will be clear.
  4. Despite my Pro-Trump trolling and dooshbaggery ways, I wish EVERYONE here a Merry Christmas.

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    2. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Frohe Weihnachten

    3. funhusker


      I hope your "25th of December" was great!

    4. Count 'Bility

      Count 'Bility

      Is it ok to call tommorrow a holiday, since its technically not, but i have the day off?

  5. My 3yr old daughter was running around the house with a couple of these big lego like blocks saying "i need to build a big wall". #prouddad

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    2. Redux


      Don't forget the mandatory lobotomies for LGBT citizens!

    3. NUance


      So ... you don't want school vouchers then?

    4. Atbone95


      STFU and let the guy parent. If he wants to raise the next Hitler, that's his right. If he wants to raise the next Mother Theresa, go for it Count. You all piss me off.

  6. My 3yr old daughter was running around the house with a couple of these big lego like blocks saying "i need to build a big wall". #prouddad

  7. Yet he's one win away from having a better season than Bo did in 7 years....even with two blowout losses.See how easy that was? Bo had a 10 win season. Are we just going to ignore his success to prop up a coach that hasn't done any better to win an internet argument? Mike Riley has been here 2 seasons. If you're going to be "fair" about comparing the two, then Riley would need to be given 5 more years. I'm just gonna stop you there. Riley lost 7 games, Bo never lost more than 4. This line of argument holds zero water. If Mike had lost only 4 games I'd be right beside you saying give him time. I said that of Bo too. But you guys with your Pellllini and #9wins bullsh#t don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to comparing records. At least not yet. Riley needs to compete for championships, and that needs to start next year or his seat is gonna get pretty warm. In 4 years in the Big Ten Bo played for exactly 1 conference title, that gives Riley 2 more years to equal Bo's 1 division title, granted Bo did it in his 2nd year in the league. And more cherry picking here, but in 2 tries Riley has at least made us look like we can compete with Wisconsin. An issue under Riley is the gap between us and the top of the west is getting wider, not narrowing. Pelini couldn't get past COMPETE WITH Wisconsin OR GET BY NORTHWESTERN OR MINNESOTA.. Now Riley can't get past Wisconsin or Iowa (you know, that program Eichorst "evaluated"......). I fixed your comment.
  8. McCaffery's decision is fine. I have no problem with. Players have the power. All of it. And that's fine. But it's time to have real conversations about the NFL having their own minor league. College football is becoming too much business, and less pure everyday. The product is not fun anymore. And it's quickly dwindling. it's on bad path. It's time to acknowledge this before it's too late. I havent had this lack of interest in bowl game or the immediate...

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    2. swmohusker


      We do have a minor league system. It is called the SEC. Players get compensated to play college footbalk

    3. Lil' Red

      Lil' Red

      @Zrod, nothing is stopping you for leaving early for and pursuing a career. If your abilities in your field are on par with a top recruits abilities to play football, you should not have much of a problem.


      I don't have much of a say in my school's rules either. Would you agree then that students/student athletes don't have all the power?

    4. ZRod


      Except I wouldn't get a job because I wouldn't be qualified. Like the NFL says you're not qualified until year 4, and could say until you finish your degree. The players don't and shouldn't have that much power. All my work is absorbed bybmy company and I recieve small compensation compared to their take. It's real life. They need to get used to it.

  9. Lol. "It means nothing". Says the guy starting a thread about it and multiple comments about it on the home page. Lol. Nothing. Nice try. Beaten wife syndrome. Keep crawling back. Thinkin about opening that door again. Im still glad hes gone.
  10. Someone forgot to tell Lewis and Brown that Trump is a racist that wants to destroy the country.

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    2. TAKODA


      Don't patronize me Tom. I bled for my f'ing country! Let me know when you spill a drop of blood for it and then we can talk turkey! Oh wait, let me guess, you are vested in it by voicing your opinion or protesting. GTFO of here!

    3. Thanks_Tom RR
  11. Ah yes. That wonderful time of year. No not christmas. That time when grown men on the internet become fidgity and fretful over ever little decision of high school boys.

    1. Redux


      That sounds like a NAMBLA ad

    2. Count 'Bility
  12. God Trumps such a badass. Im so excited for this new America First, tough as nails mentality in our country. Long overdue.

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    2. Cdog923


      Nah, you can't be serious.

    3. Lil' Red

      Lil' Red

      His ability to dominate Twitter wars will put America on top again:



  13. Alright. Lets look at this from another perspective. Whos seat in the big ten is hotter?
  14. So ppl are still mad about trump? I thought that shortminded demographichad moved on to the next thing like the iphone7 and flat screen zombie shopping.

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    2. ZRod


      Count, I'm an engineer now for one of the big three.

    3. HuskermanMike


      Well he is our president so you have to give him a chance. If you lose your job that would be awful I hope you don't lose your job. If you did lose it would that be 100 percent Trumps fault or maybe some of that will be on the automotive industry I would say.

    4. ZRod


      There is a lot screwed up in this industry, but it lives and dies with the country's overall economy. If I lost my job I could find another pretty easily so don't worry about me, it's just easier to move when you want to is all. Guys and gals on the assembly lines and plants would have it rough.


      I don't have to give him a damn thing. He is who he has been all along. I have zero respect for that blow hard. I respect something of all the past presidents, not this scum...

  15. There was a glaring and obvious body lango and swagger shift precisely at the point when Nebraska stopped a run and got it to 24-23 in the 3rd set. A spark where Nebraska exhaled and penn st said "sh#t, it's alive". The match really wasnt that close after that point to say the least. 4 in a row to steal the 3rd and dominated 4th and 5th. in first two sets Nebraska looked like a team not quite ready for a street fight. Looked like a team that had been too good all year. it's every coaches nightmare. Penn st was dominating and playing with a high level of emotion. But champions die hard and Nebraska showed they were the tougher team, mentally and physically.
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