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  1. If anything its targeting on Morgan as Cam just put his head down, he didn't initiate the contact.
  2. Said it last week, but Refs and replay booths need to trust themselves and also look at the body language of the team that benefits the most. If they are moving on, just let them play.
  3. Also the False Start on the Punt that was clearly induced by the NW defender jumping into the neutral zone.
  4. Spielman got popped last drive of the 1st half.
  5. B1G refs again watching us and not the other team. Clearly a reaction to their movement into the neutral zone on 4th and 5 and they call it on us.
  6. Its easy when your DE/OLB has his head down chasing the RB.
  7. Sometimes they just have to trust what the refs see. The first review, I understand, take a look. But that was clearly a catch.
  8. The quick replay on TV made me question what I saw live.
  9. Only question is if we touched it. It definitely looked like it live, but second look on the replay didn't appear so.
  10. Pretty sure the snaps are the reason AM is giving when he should probably keep. When you first focus is making sure you're realing in a bad snap, its a fraction of a second not spent on watching your read. He's probably been coached to just give if he's not 100% sure. Also wouldn't be surprised if some of these plays are straight gives and not technically a zone read.
  11. "Watergate for Dummies" has popped up on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver a few times. I'm not sure if he coined the term, but he's definitely talked about it a couple of times
  12. Just a dig at the fact that Obama is the only President in US history that has been anything other that a 40+ White Male.
  13. She also wanted to become the first non-white male to become President (instead it went to Obama).
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