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  1. Only criticism would be the lack of throwing TDs in the red zone when you have that big a mismatch at TE. Fades or throws to hit the field goal posts with Allen. The Brewington kill someone play worked a lot through the year, but it probably would have worked better if there was something a little different to work off of (like leaking Allen into the back of the End Zone or a throwback).
  2. There's a certain prove it quality, but just based on Casey's year last year you'd think he goes above Clifford. But I also think the ranking is out of wack past the first three names. (With the above listing, I'd probably put Cade at 4th, Casey at 5th, Sean at 6th and so on)
  3. Simmons was ours until a last minute Scholly offer from Clemson. Hall was a huge miss considering his Nebraska ties and the fact that he would easily be the best RB we've had since Ameer.
  4. Without watching any other Purdue games, is it the refs not knowing how to call fouls on them due to their height/length with our guys trying to go around and avoiding contact? I could only stand the first 5 minutes after half today, but that one play I mentioned above might be what they're looking for with fouls.
  5. I'm not going to say the refs are the reason we are losing, Purdue is a really solid team, but man are the refs bad. The foul on Bryce after the Webster throwaway. The guy was on the edge of the paint and Bryce was running down the middle of the lane in anticipation to try to block him and the guy went out of his way to shoulder check Bryce and got the foul (can't remember if it was an and-1). I'm all for calling foul in this situation if its warranted, but I've also never seen anything so blatant with the offense attempting to create contact that was also rewarded.
  6. He was good until Kofi got his 4th, then Frazier took over and Verge thought he could match him. The last 4 minutes are the difference between a good team that knows how to win and a bad team in a close game where they keep losing.
  7. Iowa's best player did what she does every game, shooting probably a little worse than normal, but the rest of Iowa shot over 70%. That was the game there. They had one girl who hit her first 6 or 7 threes and only missed a single three the entire game.
  8. Not my comment, but I'll post it here: "We have a guaranteed 7 wins next year as Texas QBs are undefeated in Memorial Stadium"
  9. Would be even better if Haiby would have made most of her layups. She's had a rough game on offense. Only complaint though on the team's performance.
  10. Good 3 quarters. Markowski's schooling Michigan's bigs and the defensive plan on Hillmon has been great. Just gotta finish now.
  11. Household had it over Thanksgiving (though only 2 people tested positive, 1 child, 1 adult). We tried to quarantine as much as possible and kept masks on most of the time, but one adult wasn't vaccinated and two were. Myself and the other vaccinated felt very little effects if we ever had it, the unvaccinated could barely move.
  12. Players need to make the small plays, theirs did (block at the end of regulation), ours didn't (missed free throws). Other than that, it's a good performance against a good team.
  13. Thought I saw a tweet from a Lincoln guy (Basnett?) that had an update from Hoibergs presser stating that Dawson is on campus and practicing with the team now.
  14. I think its simply Tuioti found Nebraska to be a job. He liked his players and presumably the people he worked with, but the team success wasn't there. If we go bowling this year, wouldn't be surprised if there was a good chance we keep him.
  15. Playing for the ship. Let's get that monkey off their back.
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