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  1. First review was correct. Swiped too early and missed his hand, which hit home before the tag reached the body.
  2. Everything after Dany dying was kind of horse poop writing. First Drogon attacking the chair, not Jon, then everyone getting the fanservice endings that they wanted. Jon getting to live where he felt freest, Sansa being the Queen in da Norf, Arya being an explorer, and Bran being King. Kind of turns me off of the Starks in general (no matter the crap the family experienced throughout the story). Jon, flat out, should have been roasted by Drogon. I've stated previously in this thread, but I feel a better ending would have been Kings Landing burning due to Wildfire (foreshadowed more times in the show than Dany turning "mad") accidentally set off by Dany when she attacks the Red Keep. They can't have her as Queen (though a main reason they chose Bran also applies to her), but she has a realization she just wanted a family and a home. She bounces with Jon to Dorne, the North, or simply Dragonstone and they live the rest of their days not worrying about ruling or the throne. In short, everything in the back half of this season felt like they needed to hit plot points more than anything happening naturally (plotters vs pantsers mentioned earlier). If they were going to have this "happy" ending, why not have it for every "hero" character. Also Bronn is a POS and should have died at the Field of Fire part deaux. He did not deserve to be Lord of Highgarden nor a seat on the Small Council.
  3. What was the point of Dany's turn into dictator if that was how they decided to end the show after she dies? Elect Bran because he can't father children, prompting another vote when he steps down? Dany's barren, same result. Destruction of the city via Wildfire caches instead of dragon? Same result. Dothraki going back home and the Unsullied going to Naath? Same result.
  4. Maybe it was reading the leaks, but the second half of season 8 was disappointing
  5. whateveritis1224

    Poll: Abortion legality belief spectrum

    If I said yes to all, am I going to hell?
  6. I think these last two seasons, s8 specifically, are well made pieces of TV in every way except for the writing. From acting, directing, cinematography, action scenes, costumes, it is probably the most impressive show ever. But s8 has too many missteps with characterization in the last half (characters acting stupid to get to the endpoint they wanted(stuff like Dany forgetting about the Iron Fleet 2 minutes after pointing them out in the planning session)). I've pointed it out previously, but they wanted Mad!Dany, but didn't want to do the legwork for it because it would undermine how heroic she was (and they couldn't have that until the actual turn). Would I have preferred a different ending than Mad!Dany, sure, because I'm sick of nihilism and grimdark and love "Disney" endings. IMO the backlash over these last few episodes is not so much "subverted expectations", it's that the show runners made the decision that they only needed 13 episodes to finish the story when it probably needed 20 episodes. I'm disappointed with the back half of this season because it feels like the writing isn't up to the level as the rest of the parts of the show.
  7. whateveritis1224

    Racist promposal sign

    Think it falls under the freedom of speech, but not freedom from consequences. Prom is an extracurricular activity, and you can be suspended from playing a sport for threatening speech, a stupid prank, or something as simple as skipping class for Senior Skip Day.
  8. Those are all logical points, but in context all of her victories were shown as victories with no lingering “madness” shown. In fact she spent the entirety of the show, until this last episode, actively trying to avoid civilian casualties. IMO a better way to end would be the Rhaegal is hit by a scorpion after the bells ring, which leads to civilians celebrating, which leads to Dany torching the city. Or that as soon as the bells ring and she’s staring at the red keep, she decides everything wasn’t worth it. She goes straight to the keep, destroys it down to the foundation then goes back to dragonstone. The writing as is feels like they wanted zero grey area. When Dany turned, there had to be no going back.
  9. Might have been. I'm pretty sure its a P word.
  10. Thread I read on twitter the other day about why this ending isn't working. Essentially there are two types of storytellers. The plotters and I'm forgetting the other type. Plotters know the exact beats of the entire story, and while it is more coherent from start to finish, it can make characters feel wooden as they are forced from plot point to plot point. The other type just has the spine with like 2 or 3 plot points. They then write the story and make the characters act naturally to get to the minimal plot points they want. This can cause the story to meander into insignificant plots or ones that do not matter to the overall story. GRRM is the second type (which is why the books have become bloated and he's written himself into a hole he's having trouble getting out of), while GOT showrunners are the first type. So you have characters that act naturally for the first part of the story, but then in the second half you have them do stupid stuff to get them to the end they want. The writing also feels like they want to have their cake and eat it. They wanted the heroic Dany with all of the "foreshadowing" being followed up by making her actions feel triumphant, no matter how sketchy said actions were. So now they have her do something so reprehensible so that when/if she dies this week the killer is 100% justified. You can't have someone getting a lucky shot on Rhaegal during the siege, because then Dany would have a "good" reason to torch the entire city. Its the same reason why Dany also couldn't attack just the Red Keep (which makes way more sense than attacking the entire city). We had to see her as a villain even though the actions she took were something she actively avoided throughout the entire show.
  11. The second they turned from the AOTD to King's Landing is the second the writing on the show turned to crap. Guess in the behind the episode they talked about how Dany seeing the Red Keep, where her entire family died, created the anger that made her torch the entire city. But there was no indication of that and bells have never rung to indicate surrender before (where did everyone hear that plan anyway)? I'm sick of nihilistic writing in mass media. I don't expect everything to have a Disney ending, but this ending does not have any hope to it. They've talked (GRRM and show creators) that the ending is bittersweet. LOTR was bittersweet. There is nothing sweet anywhere in this story now. If they wanted KL to burn, why not have someone who has proven they don't care about that type of collateral explode Wildfire caches throughout the city (Cersei and Qyburn).
  12. Watching 2012 NU/PSU and how many times have we seen a Safety (or really any DB) read and jump a route for an INT in the last few years?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BIG ERN

      BIG ERN

      Other then Gerry we have been pretty garbage as DBs since Bo left. 

    3. Scarlet Overkill

      Scarlet Overkill

      I forgot it was even allowed!

    4. whateveritis1224


      I think lack of continuity has affected the DBs the most. This will be the first year since Joseph or Raymond that they've had the same coach in the room for more than a single year. There's been some talent (Kalu, Jones, Gerry are all in the NFL), but with the improvement seen last year by the CBs, I'm interested in seeing what they do this year.

  13. My thoughts on the probable ending using reputable leaks, don't read if you don't want to be spoiled. Also Endgame spoilers.