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  1. One of the things that annoys me is that Mr. Johnson went back and forth on whether he should kill Luke or not at the end. Unfortunately I'm unable to locate where he said that (it might have been the documentary he made for TLJ).
  2. Thanks for informing me. Never seen the Holiday Special outside of clips and had no clue the Chewie family section was more analogous to Thanksgiving than Christmas.
  3. *nasally nerd voice* Well actually there was never a Star Wars Thanksgiving Special. It was actually a Christmas Special made in 1978.
  4. How can you call that on him when the TCU guy dove on him when he had the ball? Also nice flop by the TCU guy.
  5. How the refs are calling this game might halt this run. Calling it tight.
  6. Foul on the 2nd fast break was a make up call for missing the one on Palmer 2 seconds before.
  7. Think they're calling this a double tech
  8. whateveritis1224

    The Republican Utopia

    I read the "This is America" quote like Randy Marsh in the Little League Baseball episode.
  9. That's 3 goal tending calls that refs have called wrong in all 3 games. All 3 were bang bang plays, but man you'd expect at least one to go our way.
  10. whateveritis1224

    Replacements for Miles

    A win tomorrow probably means he's staying. As of now I would say it's probably 50/50. I do like the core of the team if Roby stays, though. Starting lineup of Roby Harris, Juco kid who's averaging like 25 a game, Allen, and someone else. I don't think the ceiling is as high as this years team, but they might be able to do something.
  11. Nice job stepping up in the 2nd half. The Rutgers band member needs to STFU on fouls.
  12. whateveritis1224

    The Republican Utopia

    First season was good, Second was alright, Third (or whatever the last season was) got a little too preachy for my liking.
  13. Sipple wrote something earlier today about this. You can be proud of what he accomplished here, but also be disappointed at the missed opportunities and still want more for the program.
  14. He's going to have to run the table in the tournament. It's not just this win, its the other wins that were left out there with a team that had a lot of potential.