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  1. Anti trump. Actions have consequences. He spent the morning/early afternoon riling up his followers so any talk of unity now from people who spent the time after the election talking about it being invalid, they can shove it up their butt. So it doesn’t matter that he’s now 6 days from leaving, actions have consequences.
  2. Cuz, y'know, he's going to be removed in 6 days anyways and actions have consequences. If you incite a mob, you should not get to keep your job.
  3. Think the Miami is conflating one payer with another. The Montana WR transfer is deciding between NU and Miami.
  4. Walker has potential, but he needs to get in game shape. Here's hoping that Yvan is fine and if he had Covid that it doesn't effect him negatively going forward. For as poor as Yvan is around the basket on offense, he really is a high energy big man and his rebounding was sorely missed tonight.
  5. About Kentucky, he originally committed to them before flipping to NU. Also from watching twitter, he seems close to his family and he has a new brother/sister that celebrated their 1st Bday recently. I'm not going to be all doom and gloom about this if it happens, just like I'm not going to think losing Wandale won't hurt, but people have a bunch of reasons for the things they do.
  6. About impeachment, they would never get the votes for removal, but it sounds like a possibility for enough flips to get a majority. IIRC, If they can get a majority then that'll prevent an attempt at re-election in '24.
  7. Is that the only thing she’s done outside of party lines since 2016?
  8. The point is they did it, and as someone else has pointed out, Minnesota is top 15 in 3rd down percentage on offense. Minnesota has been worse this year because of their defense, not their offense.
  9. Pointing this out because over the last 4 games the D allowed a 3rd down conversion rate of around 25%. We don't have a good pass rush, though.
  10. Probably in the minority, but of the two B1G teams playing today, I dislike the other NU more. I don't have the words to describe it, but its the feeling that the other NU can do no wrong and that since their so well coached they get no penalties called against them.

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    2. chamrocck


      I certainly respect OSU but do hate the BIG homerism towards them.  We saw same with Texas in the Big 12.  The worst is the NBA...it has been going on a long time there based on who the league wants to be fashionable.  Get rid of it across all sports.  You think the BIG treats Nebraska and OSU the same?  Just get rid of it.  But that's tough to do when the BIG wants to see their team in playoff, etc.  

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I agree @chamrocck, my questioning was about the OP's dislike for the other NU.


      I guess I don't dislike either team. I can only respect each of them. NW plays disciplined and does more with less. tOSU may get favoritism from the B1G but I can only hold that against the conference. The Buckeyes do pretty well earning their own way. People hated Nebraska for years because we were so good. I won't hate them for that reason. I actually felt some kinship from them this year but I still wanted them to lose today to spite the conference. So I'm petty....:lol:

    4. whateveritis1224


      Jealousy is a part I guess, but the last NU offensive play, the OSU separated the ball from the TE/WR and the first thing he does is look at the ref and do the targeting motion (wasn't even close).

  11. More like stole the name from a little video called Destiny.
  12. I've mentioned it here a few times and on twitter, but TLJ was only 1/3rd of an acceptable movie (Rey/Luke/Kylo storyline). The rest of the movie is forgettable/downright dumb. Why is someone preaching to the ex-stormtrooper about slavery? That storyline would have been better as Finn in Rose's place with Poe or have Poe take Finn's pace and hear the message about not overlooking the little guy from the sister of someone who died in the mission you lead at the beginning of the movie. If you look at the second option, the alternate storyline also makes sense. Why would someone trust an ex-storm
  13. Pretty sure it was originally supposed to be on BTN, but go moved up to FS1 at 11:00 AM. No clue how regions affect the broadcast, though.
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