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  1. Guys laying on Thompson and Corcoran pulls him off. They changed things recently (or not that recently) that pulling people off a pile is a 15 yard penalty. Edit: I'm wrong, Cocoron pushed him back in another one of those plays/actions that's not called at all that the refs were calling all night. Also embellished by the defender to draw the penalty.
  2. That stats missing a line. First block returned for a td since 09. We had a couple blocked punts against Northern Illinois in 19
  3. I’m more with Severe on this game. If last week turns out to be a corner turn and the team starts playing up to expectations, then they could get a good run of games.
  4. Adrian, if we knew the backup would be transferring halfway through fall camp we might have gone for him (zero reporting, just wish fulfillment).
  5. Previous years backs didn’t have the patience that Grant has so they’d run up the back ends of the oline. The oline this year has been horrendous in pass pro, but they’ve been solid with run blocking.
  6. Joseph mentioned this I. The post game presser. They pulled Thompson because he was holding the ball too long and just not trusting what he was seeing or something to the point (play before the pull was Palmer running past his defender with no safety help. All he had to do is chuck it deep and it’s either an incomplete pass or touchdown). He explained it as TO pulling his QBs for a series to see how the d was attacking the o. Poor play calling though once Purdue got in.
  7. Saw the comparison and I think it fits; this game felt like the Rutgers game at the end of 2020. NU was the better team in both games, but made mistakes that kept the game from becoming a blow out (main offenders being Turnovers in the Rutgers game and the oline being so bad in pass blocking against Indiana).
  8. How often did Scott have a back to back wins in conference (to say nothing about non conference)? lets get that win in NJ to show more progress.
  9. That was a rule being applied correctly. If the offense subs in someone late, the defense gets a chance to sub too. Indiana ran someone one late and we sent in a couple of dlinemen. You see this everytime something like this happens.
  10. Said it was ticky tacky last night and the video above clarifies it even more. Probably under more scrutiny due to the previous Unsportsmanlike.
  11. On the 3rd and 2 that got him pulled for the next series, Palmer was "open" in that he was behind his guy and there was no one on the opposite side of the field. Hit his back foot and launch it at that point. He just wasn't seeing things and after he got pulled he was better.
  12. He was finishing the block and swung his hand, open, into the guys helmet to push his face into the turf. Definitely would look like a punch live, especially with the flag the previous play.
  13. Its striking at just how bad Frost was holding the team back and how many losses that there have been over the years because he was the head coach. Trying not to dog pile, but this game might have ended in something like 31-28 Indiana just a year ago (or even a worse score). Just too many small things that piled up during a game that prevented wins. The only two drives that Indiana was able to put together felt like something that would've snowballed earlier in the year and Indiana would've got to that 500 yard mark. Both sides of the ball made adjustments and the team prevented Indiana from starting anything by playing complimentary football (offense not giving the ball away outside of the INT at the 1, ST pinning Indiana deep, and the defense not allowing Indiana from getting out of the hole) when the offense was stuck in cement through the 3rd quarter.
  14. Gotta go out and do it. Doesn't matter how bad he team you beat is, you still have to win it.
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