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  1. whateveritis1224

    Gun Control

    I really hope this wasn't a case where they wanted to get him on attempted murder but had to go with a lesser charge to make sure they received a conviction just because he's white and the person he shot at is black. (I go to the Dick Wolf school of Law, so who knows if I'm even close to how a courtroom works or how serious the conviction was versus attempted murder)
  2. whateveritis1224

    Thoughts and Prayers!!!

    \ Peoples lives were lost, this is not the time to politicize the issue.
  3. whateveritis1224

    Don't Just Impeach Trump—Annul His Presidency

    It doesn't sound like making people forget, it sounds like an annulment would remove Trump's entire cabinet and revert all laws to what they were when Obama left office. Officially it would be like Trump was never President, but you bet the entire ordeal would live on in history books as long as America was a country.
  4. whateveritis1224

    Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    Does Martinez even have more upside? Right now it appears the only thing he's demonstrably better is his athleticism.
  5. Oh I agree. The only hyperbolic statement is that it was the hiring of Frost specifically that saved the sellout streak.
  6. I think the quote is a little hyperbolic in that specifically the hiring of Scott Frost saved the streak. If they retained Riley, I believe that it would have ended this year. If they had hired a different coach, one not as exciting as Scott, then I believe the fans would have taken a wait and see and the streak would have ended next year if that coach could not show progression through year 1.
  7. whateveritis1224

    BTN Big Ten Elite to Showcase 1997 Nebraska

    I would say if you want to use examples of tough games, you might want to use something other than the NC game against the number 1 or 2 team in the country. Miami needed something like an 80 yard int return to close out Boston College and 05 USC needed a 70 yard pass play in the last minute and the Bush push to get by Notre Dame are really the only equivalents to '97 NU-MU. Now this isn't to say that NU would not have killed Michigan (can't see Michigan's offense doing anything if Tennessee's offense could barely get started).
  8. whateveritis1224

    Last Chance U

    Season 3 is now available. Quick review halfway through the season: Don't like the coach and how he's always threatening to cut people. The yelling is whatever, but telling them to F off and get off the football field because they're cut? There are better ways to motivate. Kids are kids, they are either not focusing on the grades situation as much or the "lead" players are better at the school part. Honas gets a cameo (name is not mentioned, team plays Butler CC and 2 on defense is shown a number of times).
  9. The whole reason the Trade Federation attacked Naboo was a manipulation (there's something about an important good for the Trade Federation being unreasonably taxed, or it was a trade lane, I'm too tired to look it up right now) by Palpatine as a false flag operation to first remove the sitting Supreme Chancellor and second to use the invasion to gain sympathy votes to become the Supreme Chancellor. He then turned public opinion away from an institution that had helped keep the piece for 1000 years so that when Mace and his posse go to arrest him it becomes easy justification for their eradication in the 3 minutes of screen time (because again Palps ordered the Clone Army with the thing that made them turn on the Jedi to wipe them out).
  10. The overarching plot of the prequels is the fall of the Republic and Jedi engineered by Palpatine.
  11. It was more how the darkside rose. Palpatine used a false flag operation to gain sympathy and manipulated his position to be elected to Supreme Chancellor. Then he created an exterior threat to make sure he kept the power while also stripping freedoms. Eventually getting to the point where he turned the Republic to an authoritative Empire to "Thunderous Applause". The acting and dialogue are sketchy at best through the entire Prequel Trilogy, but the overarching plot I will defend.
  12. Talking about Episode III, he goes deep into why the turn makes sense. Basically he chose the Sith side/Padme and Sideous informed him that to get enough power to save Padme he would need to wipe out the Jedi. Hence his attack on the Temple. All the Prequels are not good movies. The overall story, though, was good, just told poorly. The dialogue in all movies is overall not good and the acting is spotty at best. On top of that they did Padme dirty in ROTS. All of the Rebellion starting scenes were cut for some reason (there was also a really great scene where Padme, Bail, and others meet with Palpatine in his office and Anakin's there).
  13. I forgot to mention it in my initial post but here are my thoughts that I posted on Reddit thread I learned this news from: I guess Seth Rogen also went back an forth with them (mostly about the logistics of their plan and the fact that they have no f'n clue what they are doing). This terrible idea would have just been lost to the depths of the internet, but because Rian decided to bring it out to the light all it is doing is providing them a platform. I should have posted this months ago, but I forgot and I couldn't really put my thoughts to words. There was a large backlash to how Superman was portrayed in both Man of Steel and BvS by critics and how he wasn't Superman as seen in this story: https://birthmoviesdeath.com/2016/03/30/superman-and-the-damage-done Unfortunately I could not locate the gentleman's thoughts on Luke and TLJ for comparison, but the general consensus from Media/Critics has been the Luke that was portrayed in TLJ was an extension of where he was at from the OT. The general consensus of Superman in his main 2 movies was that it was terrible (even though it was a new continuity and one person's idea of Superman). Why does one portrayal get a pass for the differences from the previous portrayal/portrayals and the other gets ripped to shreds? Is it because they like Johnson more than Snyder? This isn't addressing you specifically MC, as you are the most vocal TLJ lover here and I think you mentioned liking MoS and BvS, it's just an observation about a seemingly double standard.
  14. Saw Jurassic World: Lost Kingdom.  Franchise has turned into more of a monster movie for Dinosaurs, but it was enjoyable outside a few cringe parts. Think the marketing did the movie dirty by showing what happens once the Dinos are off the island.

    1. Toe


      I mean, it turned into that back in 1997. The sense of wonder and gee whiz is long gone, unless you're a kid too young to remember the original.