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  1. This loss is on me. Was playing a video game and instead of switching to cleaning I decided to put the game on at the start of the 9th after not watching either yesterday or today. Go get em tomorrow boys, I won't be watching because I am bad luck.
  2. Why even have OOB be reviewable under 2 minutes if you do not review a clear error like this?
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-mask_law#United_States Unless they're in the religion of guns.
  4. Isn't it against the law to cover your face like that in government buildings?
  5. Reports that the flight manifest listed 9 people, which might have been where the incorrect reports that his entire family/daughters were also on board.
  6. I'm with you on this until the last part. In your example, there are still two people whom (hopefully) are willing participants. Maybe its just too much Sci-Fi, but a clone could happen from a small amount of genetic material. If that's done without the consenting knowledge of the clonee, then the clone should not have automatic inheritance rights. Major sticking point for me in the example is the active participation in the creation of the new life. If the clonee decides to include them in their inheritance, that is up for them to decide. But even in this case, the clone should absolutely be granted full citizenship.
  7. Cross is going to be pretty good next year. Also noticing a number of missed over the back calls, unless I don't know what over the back is.
  8. Is it just me or does it seem like the refs are calling a lot of touch fouls on us and letting light contact go on Rutgers?
  9. Trying too hard to make plays. His minutes have been cut way down and wants to make sure the minutes he does have he contributes something.
  10. Good job by the guys coming back after they got down by 9. Previous games the deficits ballooned to around 20 in the same situations. Gotta come out of the locker room well.
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