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  1. His major issues this year have been from gambling. One play was when we pinned NW deep, on third down they ran stick curls and Cam was a step slow on jumping the route (felt like he was indecisive on jumping or not) and gave up a first down. Against MU was the first game where he played in the system the entire game. Both he and Newsome have been good all year, just disappointed the D as a whole has had issues causing turnovers.
  2. Pretty sure Reimers been on scholly since the beginning of last year. But we must of had a heck of a pitch to get him to NU as he was going to SDSU on scholly before he decided to walk on.
  3. Such a great audible by Martinez on this play. No clue what they originally had, but he called this perfectly.
  4. Because Meyer's issue is cheating on his wife, not being a homophobic and racist butthole. (Disclaimer: I haven't looked into Meyer's issue too much further, so all I know is the video of the lady grinding on him. Haven't heard anything else.)
  5. That's the play where they pulled him. It was bad and it caused the only punt in the 3rd quarter. Some plays are bad, but that could be because the player on the other team made a good play. Poor play is different than not knowing your job.
  6. Keeping your feet and balance when you are stepping out of a shoestring tackle is a tough skill to have. Only reason he ran into his guy was because the one NW defender got enough of his foot that he couldn't keep his balance enough to try to cut to the left. If he did it, it'd probably be one of the most underrated runs of Frost's era (probably longer).
  7. Our defense executed their game plan to almost perfection. We stayed in 2 deep coverage to prevent the long ball. Their longest pass play came off of a trick play. The biggest defect of this defense is the lack of havoc plays in sacks or turnovers.
  8. In reading this thread, Mills played a type of FB at Georgia Tech. So when we moved him down against Ohio State, he had some skills and prior experience to fall back on. My understanding is that Yant is a big RB. A FB is and has completely different skills and just because someone is big, doesn’t make them a good short yardage back. I’d like to see Yant in short yardage situations, but putting him in the FB position in an I doesn’t feel like a good idea.
  9. This play was pointed out by someone else, but look at Jurgeons.
  10. How many times did we run that motion vs Buffalo? We tried against Oklahoma, but their D is faster, the blocking was poor, and its a true triple option with the RB running a dive. Oklahoma schemed it so that the 1st read guy would go for Martinez and Martinez gave it to the RB each time. One game where the D makes a decision not to let your QB get to the edge on that play doesn't mean its gone from the quiver. Stop overreacting.
  11. I believe the course of events didn't even progress past feelers/hypotheticals of what it would take to get out of the game because we wanted a gimmee game early in the season to set us up for the meat of the B1G season and a bye later in the year. I don't think it progressed past that as it was leaked, but who knows what would have happened without the leak. When did we drop SE Louisiana as an opponent and sign Fordham?
  12. Offense and O-Line hasn't been good, but they've made progress in one area, IIRC zero fumbles by the first unit since Adrian's fumble at the end of the first half against Illinois (it was a big fumble). Even more, the first team only has a single meaningless INT as a turnover since that fumble also (I know Smothers had one against Fordham). The special teams has been hot garbage, especially field goal kicking and punt returns, but the offense is taking care of the ball better than they have in past seasons.
  13. He continues playing like he has this year someone in the NFL will take him.
  14. There is an official box score and the box score says the penalty was on 85 at the bottom of the screen. Doesn’t matter though because the possible guy from the top doesn’t run into anyone in a way that would generally be called. Both his guys start running with him like they’re guarding him. It was a bail out call by the refs and overall just terrible.
  15. Like with any Nebraska kid of his skill, want him to come to NU, but as long as he doesn't go somewhere where NU could play them I'd be happy for them.
  16. That was probably a worse flag than the RTP in the first.
  17. Change in kickoff rules to help prevent some extra hits especially on the head. Guaranteed 25 if a kick is past that point over maybe getting to that point. Its essentially a touchback.
  18. The call was right and we still haven't seen the taunting, but the game changed on the RTP + Taunting that gave Illinois 30 yards. Shooting ourselves in the foot and all of a sudden the momentum that our D had is all gone. s#!t has just rolled downhill since.
  19. He drove him into the ground. Again its soft and I have no clue if its a penalty in College like it is in the NFL, but that is probably getting called 10 times out of 10.
  20. Roughing Penalty was for the extras after the initial contact. Soft call, but they've been calling it for a few years now.
  21. Trying too hard to make a big play over just letting the ball bounce into the endzone.
  22. Sam had some thoughts on the Pick 6 podcast, but the alliance isn't so much for scheduling but, as pointed out that the ACC, B1G, and PAC weren't at the table for Playoff expansion, to prevent the NCAA from folding too soon without having a body to control things in place if/when it does. Also another point is that they might want to delay playoff expansion far enough that ESPN doesn't control the broadcast rights from the get go and they can be bid on by other networks.
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