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  1. I think the Russia invasion might be a turning point in how Democrats (or at least Bidens admin) deals with the obfuscating of facts. Biden's admin pretty much called bs and preemptively cut Russia's justifications for invading Ukraine at the knees when they released pretty much the exact timeline of what Russia was going to do back in February before they even entered Ukraine. Now, Garland is calling Trump on his bluff. Maybe its just a case of asking the right wing to put up or shut up and then shaming them when they do something so antithetical to the good of the public that might start pushing the fence sitters more towards voting democrat until either a new conservative party is created to take over for the Republicans, or the Republicans take their heads out of their asses (not likely) and stop kowtowing to the Trump and his base.
  2. He's probably closest bodywise to JoJo and could come close to what JoJo did against the run, but Gifford/Wright are going to be better against the pass. Which is why JoJo was so special.
  3. Is he not a run first coordinator, or has he had the QBs/Receivers to focus more on passing in the previous years (definitely last year with a top QB and the top WR).
  4. Democracy has Democrat in its name. We have to make sure to oppose it with all our energy. /s
  5. Directed at the tweet and not you.
  6. Think its more none of the cable providers are wanting to carry the channel knowing what it entails and the possibility it will alienate the other 67% of the country from using their service.
  7. Outside of Starkiller and the X-Wing attack on it (the third act), TFA wasn't a beat for beat reboot of ANH. Really the only similarity is the fact that Jakku is a desert planet like Tatooine. Rey is a force sensitive living on the desert planet, but she's nothing like Luke. Finn is someone who wants nothing to do with the fight, but he's nothing like Han. Poe is entrenched in the struggle against the First Order, but he's nothing like Leia. Until the movie reaches/leaves Takodana is the best Star Wars movie since ESB, but Starkiller is a dud because of how similar it makes TFA seem to ANH. The failings of the Sequel Trilogy lay at the feet of RJ deciding to only have interest in one third of the storylines and making his own movie in the middle of the ending trilogy of a trilogy of trilogies.
  8. Will it create a way to push notifications to peoples phones like the Amber Alert does?
  9. This is it. This is the line. Rs have been able to do whatever they want because Ds attempt to work for the betterment of everyone with their policies when its been clear for the past 15-20 years that Rs only care about staying in power.
  10. I'm confident that as long as the team wins this year, he will go to NU.
  11. I mentioned it earlier in the thread somewhere, or maybe just a thought I had, but I truly believe that the DOJ wanted the committee to take the lead on this to make sure that all the evidence of wrongdoing is aired. They want everything known by everyone in congress and the public to make sure when the DOJ does press charges, there's no cry about a witch hunt outside of the magidiots.
  12. I'd like to hear what is different about the NY concealed carry law on Thursday that forced them to can it and why they are able to rule differently with Roe vs Wade in regards to states rights.
  13. I have no clue on the exact abortion rates in Colorado. In fact, now thinking twice about it (some stat or graph or write up I saw a long time ago), it might be Teen Pregnancy rates that plummeted after they eased the access to birth control (no clue if expanded Sex Education was included). Here's the first link I found on Google about this: https://cdphe.colorado.gov/fpp/about-us/colorados-success-long-acting-reversible-contraception-larc Highlights This initiative empowered thousands of Colorado women to choose when and whether to start a family. Thanks in large part to the Colorado Family Planning Initiative: Teen birth rate was nearly cut in half. Teen abortion rate was nearly cut in half. Births to women without a high school education fell 38 percent. Second and higher order births to teens were cut by 57 percent. Birth rate among young women ages 20-24 was cut by 20 percent. Average age of first birth increased by 1.2 years among all women. Rapid repeat births declined by 12 percent among all women. Costs avoided: $66.1-$69.6 million.
  14. The best way to prevent abortions is to provide easy access to contraception and comprehensive sex education. Didn't Colorado provide birth control for essentially free a while back and have their abortion rates plummet?
  15. If we're going all purity police, lets just restart prohibition.
  16. It's funny, he's at the forefront because he was the one who perpetrated the action. Maybe if he didn't incite the January 6th insurrection, the gubernment would've been fine with him just f'in off to Mar A Lago (unless any of the other lawsuits against him gained more traction).
  17. Episode 5 was the best episode yet because it stopped focusing on internal pain and had characters actually do stuff instead of dwelling on said pain. My take on Reva is that she was placed in a very poor situation and has since been playacting and forcing herself to be on the darkside because she knows thats how to survive until she can take her shot at Vader. The reason she's not as intimidating as Vader or some of the other darksiders is because there's a part of her that doesn't believe in what she's doing so she takes these big, exaggerated actions to make sure she's seen as the biggest possible dog in the yard. When in reality, she's just a Chihuahua with a bark bigger than its bite.
  18. Have to believe that the DOJ is making sure to cross all their t's and dot all the i's because while Trump is the headliner, it is a deep conspiracy that has a lot actors. They're piecemealing the charges on the bottom guys cause they don't matter. They're just patsies, and they are going to announce the charges once the committee exposes all the information into the air. Announcing charges and then letting the trial expose everything, would probably be a poor course of action in this instance due to the cult following the guy at the top.
  19. IMO, what theyve done with the inquisitors has been some of the best parts of the show. Reva feels like shes acting the way she does to compensate. To drive her Jediness away so that she can become Vaders apprentice.
  20. I think depressed and defeated Obi-Wan is warranted. The man experienced first hand a genocide of his people that was perpetrated by a man he thought was his brother. I have no issue with him just existing in the first couple episodes. Its just as soon as he gets roped in by Bail to rescue Leia, his life has turned into one instance after another of what can the storytellers do to make him hurt, emotionally and physically. Episode 4 changed that up a bit (in that it focused very little on Obi-Wan's pain), but it's very easy to see what's going to happen in the next few episodes (not that I'm complaining of something being telegraphed). I'm just not seeing a reason for this show to exist outside of fanservice. It'd be different if it was fun, like Solo, but its just not. It's a competently made show (though some of the lightsaber stuff in ep 4 was eh), and the acting's been good, with a surprisingly good child actor. The show might have been better, though, if it split focus between Obi-Wan on Tatooine meditating/learning from Qui-gon and a different Jedi running from the Inquisitors/Vader. Keep Indira Varma's character the same, but just have her helping the mother and child at the beginning of Episode 2 get away, which leads to the cell being discovered, but the mother and child surviving as a hope for the future bit (supposedly that was Corran Horn and his mom as a setup for the Rogue Squadron movie, for the peeps who know their EU). Spoilers for Ep 4
  21. Stop breaking the law a$$h@!e! If you don't want to be arrested, maybe don't do anything that requires being arrested.
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