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  1. Tommy Hill going from a player used as a gadget on offense and an afterthought overall to locking down a side of the field and getting 4 ints on the year. DL going from a perceived deficiency to the best group on the team. Bryce Benharts improvement and just being healthy so we didn’t have to worry about another back up on the oline.
  2. Shot poorly tonight against a team ready to play and won by 14. Defense stepped it up and Kesei hit a couple 3s to get some space and they didn’t look back. Didn’t allow a point for 9:30 in the second half to close out the game until some garbage time buckets that closed things to the final score. Decent team, but missing Sam could loom large in some games.
  3. Holy cow were the refs bad at spotting the ball. Haarberg got to at least the 3 on the scramble the previous play and they spotted it at the 4. Then again on the last drive where Coleman ran his route to the sticks and they spotted it a yard short.
  4. Something that’s noticeable when they’re running free into the end zone, but both Lloyd and Johnson covered up the ball when they were crossing the goal line. They described why they do that somewhere, but it’s nice to see two freshman follow through.
  5. Think peoples annoyances with Raiola not helping to land his Nephew is helping with peoples annoyances at the fact that our OLine isn’t a final product this instant. They’re ok, and with how poor they were the last few years it’s been an improvement. I also think the offense is running plays to protect the tackles better than the last few years (more chipping on pass plays).
  6. I think the first kickoff fumble overturn informed the muffed punt. The first one they let things play out and got it wrong on the field. The second, they still got it wrong, but there was very little chance of Nebraska coming up with the ball at that point.
  7. HH isn't a good thrower, but he didn't even need to hit Nate in stride, just float a ball in his general area and its still going for 50 (unless the other safety went center field at the snap). It's about him laser focusing on Fidone and then forcing the ball into him.
  8. Watching highlights on YouTube and holy s#!t, that first play is a huge play if HH throws to Nate instead of Fidone. The Safety on that side has Fidone the entire play and Nate just runs free. Players gotta execute.
  9. Anyone think the grey shirts for the offensive starters is the start of something? Or just something to make them easily identified while in practice?
  10. Saw somewhere that he has the highest PFF rating on the oline.
  11. Just had a weird thought that made me go "huh": Nebraska football has had 4 straight years of starting on the road against a Big 10 team (2020, OSU; 2021, Ill; 2022, NW; 2023, MU). Part of that was wanting to go to Ireland to start the year, but 4 years straight of opening on the road feels weird.

  12. Can you explain that? I only saw one mistake by the special teams in the game, Kemp letting the first punt bounce that allowed it to roll down to the 1. All kickoffs were covered and didn't allow Minnesota to reach the 20 on their returns. Punts were good and they prevented any long returns. Alvano nailed his two kicks right down the middle, and Johnson had a 60 yard kick off return. There wasn't anything spectacular, but that feels like a B grade to me, especially if you give the Pass coverage a B-.
  13. I agree with this, but most of the complaints I've seen is the old same s#!t, different year. Not so much that we lost, but this loss looked very similar to all the other one score losses the teams had for however many years now. The team plays better/equal with their opponent, make some mistakes that keep points off the board, and then make a huge mistake that lets the opponent get the lead in the last minute. This Minnesota team felt like all the other Minnesota teams the last few years, minus someone like Ibrahim. They'll probably win 7 or 8 games as their defense is well coached and will make sure that their offense doesn't need to score too much to get a victory. With the Big West kind of in a transition year with a number of teams (Purdue losing its coach, NW's mess and other things), they should be able to get to the number. It's annoying that they focus on that instead of the things we improved. Special teams looked solid with the only mistake being Kemp not catching the first punt, but that only traveled something like 20 yards in the air and then got a lucky initial bounce that brought the ball down to the 1. Defense already looks like they have playable depth. In the first half, Minnesota ran 32 plays and Nebraska had 15 different players involved in a tackle. The offense took their TOP deficit in the first half and made it almost equal by the end of the game.
  14. Same thing happened to Betts in '21 Wisconsin, and I remember a whole lot of complaints about a no call there.
  15. Bad pass Nate was open. Underneath where the throw went.
  16. Keisei helped spark a come back as Japan was down 17 halfway through the 3rd and ended up winning by 10. He ended with 17.
  17. He's currently cooking for Japan as they try to claw back from a deep hole against Finland.
  18. Isn't it the Wisconsin Governor the one who appoints the replacement if they impeach her? Who is of course a Democrat.
  19. Androff was a TE in Minnesota at Lakeview South(?) the opposite school of Benhart. Got here and they were already half joking about getting him on the oline (not because of Jurgeons, just his body style probably warranted in the change to Tackle)
  20. You do. It involves the state he represents and the letter next to his name.
  21. Why the f was the anthem played before a kid's swim meet? How old were they? Under 10? Sorry if that is too personal a question, but the anthem should only be played before any applicable competition that involves a US national team (like at the Soccer World Cup) and doesn't need to be played at any other sporting competition.
  22. Why anyone would want to leave what will be one of the two superconferences in college football is beyond me. Writing is on the wall for the Big 10 and SEC to be making significantly more money than every other conference within the next few years, especially if there is another round of realignment.
  23. He tripped over sandbags set on the stage for whatever reason. He didn't have any issues before or after the incident.
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