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  1. Was going to be a negative nelly, but happy for the win and how the team has had guys step up after the injuries.
  2. Get what you're saying, but he has made 8 threes with only 2 misses the entire game. At some point, you just gotta have a guy on him. At 4, that's probably a good strategy, but at 8, something has to change.
  3. Keisei with 30. Probably should be up 15-20, but for some reason we keep leaving the only guy hitting 3s wide open for Penn State.
  4. On the flop call, the guy got hit, but then he embellished.
  5. Under 4 first half and Sam is the only one playing on offense outside of the first 4 minutes where Maryland decided to not guard Walker in the paint. Through two games, you gotta ask why Sam wasn't taking either Wilcher or Keisei's minutes earlier in the year.
  6. Keisei's going to end up with the Vault's most points scored record.
  7. 3 minutes in and it has a feeling its going to be one of those games with the refs being poor all around.
  8. With 8 minutes left in the game, the 2nd half has been like the opposite of the Iowa game. Sometimes the other team can just hit their shots. The thing that's worrying about this performance is the lack of urgency on the defensive glass. Maybe this is where Gary getting hurt is most felt.
  9. Defense without Gary playing is like the offense without Walker playing. They're ok to alright when both can play, but can be absolutely atrocious without them.
  10. It's not nothing, and it is a mess up by Biden's team, but I'm already sick of how it's being used as a talking point.
  11. Would have won in regulation if there wasn't a god awful charge called on Walker. Same exact play that got their big man the 5th foul in Overtime. I'd say they were also throwing up a lot of stuff that was going in, but there were too many lapses on defense that it could simply mean playing on the road is really hard to do in the B1G.
  12. I'd be more questioning if he was the OC. He's the WR coach hired after the most likely one was arrested for spousal abuse.
  13. Gotta think it was Mickey's until he created his legal troubles. This guy's the backup and it comes back to what Rhule said, he'd rather work with someone that fits with him over an all star name.
  14. Don't know what everyone is complaining about with the McCaffrey foul on Griesel, he clearly threw his body into Griesel and was pushing him off his spot. If anything, it was probably called too late.
  15. Think there’s a path for Rhules year 2 success to happen next year. As has been mentioned, NIL and the transfer portal makes it easier to flip a roster then when Rhule was at Temple or Baylor. Also, for as poorly as it’s appeared in Lincoln, it’s still in a better position than either of his previous college jobs. Might be an unpopular opinion, but I think a lot of the subpar success the last few years was due to poor coaching over poor players.
  16. Exceptional distance jumper. Jumped further than anyone from Nebraska has, but its not a state record prob because he did it at a Nike event (25'5" in the Long, and 50'6" in the Triple).
  17. Seems like the competition isn't all that, but with D1 athletes in this situation, they need to be completely dominant. It appears as though he's completely dominant and clearly athletically superior with his competition.
  18. Disappointing for the missed chance in this final four. Wisconsin out, Stanford out. It'll be Texas most likely.
  19. Again calling a foul as a result o what happens with the ball. If its not blocked, the ref probably doesn't call a foul.
  20. Can't review judgement calls. Pretty sure they can only review binary stuff in basketball games like who last touched the ball or if an action constitutes a flagrant foul.
  21. There was a couple calls that were called on the expectations of contact or looking at the result of a play before calling the penalty.
  22. He had a pretty long interview with the announcers on BTN coming out of half.
  23. Problem is they started so poorly that they have to dig out of that hole. Can't do that against a team like Indiana.
  24. Bad start on the offensive end. Davis is spanking Walker on both ends of the floor right now. Need to hit shots when available. Griesel missing the game probably takes whatever chance we had and throws it away.
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