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  1. We'll need to win two of our remaining games to be bowl eligible.
  2. Someone stop us before we blitz again.
  3. Heard part of it was him wanting a position change to DB as he no longer wanted to run behind our poor O-Line.
  4. Good, we're one of the best at solid organ transplant. Hope all went well for him.
  5. Chip is comically horrible at recruiting.
  6. I'm sure a certain new ellipses loving poster would find some negative aspect of such a win to focus on.
  7. and the unnecessary overuse of ellipses.
  8. As big a Nebraska fan as you claim to be, you act like walk-ons and a successful program are mutually exclusive.
  9. Only if they are still inside, that way you can start over and hope the new kids don't disappoint you as much as the old kids.
  10. After last night, I'm not sure we don't go 4-8 again.

    1. The Dude

      The Dude

      At this point I just hope we get a bowl game but I wouldn't put any money on that happening.

    2. 4skers89


      We'll get 1 more win.  #Improvement

    3. spurs1990


      I think you have to hope for two out of three between Purdue, Maryland, and Indiana. Get to a bowl, don't get blown out, call it a year. Unfortunately Iowa and Wisconsin blow outs seem likely.

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