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  1. I dunno, after a while, I'm sure he'd just want people to Leave Him Alone about it.
  2. Inside jokes are great among friends. Elsewhere, it's hit or miss as young Mr. Watts is finding out.
  3. Looking like we dodged a bullet with this kids intelligence.
  4. I'm sorry, to what reboot are you referring? Oh, you mean the 2 hour SNL skit about ghosts?
  5. Benning hinted at him being dinged up (should,ankle) before the season started.
  6. I'm sorry, I'm 44 as well, and I'm no geezer.
  7. In these times there is one thing we desperately need.....to be given back the "eyeroll."
  8. We'll need to win two of our remaining games to be bowl eligible.
  9. Someone stop us before we blitz again.
  10. Heard part of it was him wanting a position change to DB as he no longer wanted to run behind our poor O-Line.
  11. Good, we're one of the best at solid organ transplant. Hope all went well for him.
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