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  1. I was wondering if anyone had a link to Eric yelling GO BIG RED at the Kansas game. thanks
  2. im just wondeing if anyone could inform me of when the army all american game will be played. thanks
  3. all of husker nation. i call for us to all boycott the game. the bcs picked it and we all need to send a message. please stand with me husker nation
  4. go i state i hope all big 12 teams do well but. will not watch the texas game.
  5. nothing we can do now. we will beat arizona then . move to next yr when espn and the rest of the sports world will think texas is the big 12.
  6. on espn they did just add shu to the list on seeing who gose to NY. they annouce tomarrow night
  7. i think they do have talent on the offence. they just need to know they can play and throw the ball to someone other than niles, and we do have tightends. i was happy to see 2 tail backs in there for a play last night the play action to dontravis while he was lined up at full back . got like 3 yrs then they never tryed anything like that again. any wrinkels always help. sorry i suck at spelling
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