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  1. I am taking my son to his first game and I am hoping to get a parking pass in Lot 8 (directly north of the stadium) so that my wife can play with my youngest at the family area on the track field and still be close to the car. Kind of a specific request, but I thought I’d throw it out there just in case.
  2. Saw this. Pretty impressive outside LB coach we are getting.
  3. I think Watson has the ability to develop into one of the best to through Nebraska. Very fun to watch.
  4. Picked up 2 more CB's for Nebraska this morning...
  5. Picked up 2 more crystal ball predictions for Nebraska...
  6. A chance to equal our stride,
  7. Faith and Honor held high. If we should lose
  8. Hey all, I've been reading these boards for years (mostly to get news on whatever rumors are going around) and have never really contributed a whole lot to them. However, I saw this article from the LJS pop up on my Twitter feed and saw that no one had posted anything about it yet. I just wanted to get the Everyday-Husker-Fan's take on it. Apparently, a local Irish band from Lincoln brought back an old Husker fight song from before WWII and put a modern twist on it. I think it sounds pretty sweet and it would be interesting if they ever found a way to use it on game day. Wondering what everyon
  9. Under, but barely. I'd guess its still more than 60%. O/U Taylor Martinez rushing yards - 100
  10. Played both. LB and TE in High school. I played football for the first two years of college (LB) then switched to wrestling for the last two years of college.
  11. Bellomy? The guy was a backup, and a really bad one at that. Limiting his game is not really much to brag about. I love the idea of the thread though.
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