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  1. Hey Huskerboard! I just moved to socal, and the game is of course airing here at 9am local time. There are plenty of great watch sites down here, but because of the early start, many are closed.If need be I've found a local bar that opens at 10, but I'd love to be able to watch the game at home. Can anyone recommend any reliable online sources? I'm more than wiling to pay a credible site that wont overcharge my card. Have lived in Omaha all my life til now and have never had to deal with searching out the game...and this is a big one! Any help would be greatly appreciated! GBR!
  2. I like the call. I'm sure someone can contribute the stats of Rex's ypp on the Wildcat. I cant recall him every losing yardage from the Wildcat. Reed whiffed on that block, but the call was sound.
  3. Reminds me of Jacob Hester from LSU. Primarily a RB for LSU, and now is FB for San Diego. I really think Rex is making a name for himself as a potential 5th/6th round pick. He's not an NFL RB, but he shows the drive and effort to contribute in a special teams/backup role.
  4. Jacob Tamme filled in for Clark and was very successful. I think McNeil has to think about claiming a roster spot before he can be the heir apparent to one of the best in the league...
  5. Isn't it pretty common knowledge that there were players using steroids during the 90's? I would venture to guess 70-80% of D1 schools have players who commit "major" infractions - its just a matter of who gets caught.
  6. running along the goalline at the end of the game or half would in some cases make sense from a tactical standpoint to take time off the clock.
  7. First you hassle our girl Marin and now you slander Verne? While it irks me that he is basically the voice of the SEC, the man could make a coin toss sound epic. He is the James Earl Jones of college sports announcers. That man is holy ground, my friend. I am with you 100% on Craig James. Glad to see someone came to Verne's defense! He is obviously my favorite because he's my uncle! He's been a part of some great calls through the years, and is a great guy with a ton of funny stories about a lot of the others mentioned in this thread.
  8. I don't think anyone suggested that we should lose the Big 12 Title game, I think the observation was just being made by the OP that if we were to lose, we would most likely get paired with a superior opponent in our bowl. Observation does not = endorsement.
  9. I'm as big of a Rex fan as they come. In fact, during the non-con games last year I even started a rex burkhead chant in the stadium that (sort of) took hold. He's a solid performer. In a two year career, I can think of one fumble and one huge dropped pass. other than that he's money. Doesn't change that the picture is hilarious though. Grain of salt people, grain of salt.
  10. I think you misunderstand the Zone Read. It's not like Taylor can INTEND to give Roy/Rex the ball more often. The whole point of the play is that the QB reads a key player on the D Line - typically either the End or Tackle, depending on where the blocking scheme wants the play to go - and if that read shows keep, he has to keep the ball. The problem Taylor is having is not in his intentions or his reads, it's in the way they're defending the play. Since SDSU our opponents have been loading the box on the Zone Read, committing the End to the RB and a CB and a Tackle (in the event our C
  11. I agree with you that the thread title is a little overboatd, but the last time everyone was riding Nile's ass he had a huge game. Maybe its for the best. Niles in about 11 1/2 hours you have something to prove. Put that chip on your shoulder and have another game like you did last week. look, I was the first guy to call my buddies "niles paul" when they dropped everyday ordinary stuff on the ground, but all Im saying is...its gameday, lets show Niles and the rest of the team support! Good vibes and all that....GBR! BEAT MIZZOU!!!
  12. Booo!!! I understand your intent but please dont make another post with a title like that. We are fans, not haters.
  13. Not to befuddle the point....but i just watched a 3rd and 5 play where we had 3-2-6 look with Cameron Meredith at LB. Those crazy brothers...
  14. I thought the same thing, but we're talking 1TE 2RB 2WR sets. Not exactly typical Dime package material. I think what this really tells us is that they are VERY committed to stopping the big play. And, hey, if it works against a back like Thomas, more power to them.
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