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  1. Before I begin, congrats on a good season Huskers! We're pumped for a rematch against you guys. We're still a little bummed about being 1 play away from being in the Rose Bowl, but next year is supposed to be OUR year anyways so the Holiday Bowl is a great get for us this year. Before you guys start predicting a dominating performance by your Nebraska team over Arizona, you might want to take an objective look at how the two teams really match up, who they played and beat this year, and both teams strengths and weaknesses. First off: For all of you who think that you will crush us and that we are a weaker opponent than Oregon State or Stanford, you must remember 2 things: 1) Your offense is absolutely terrible. You will be playing the 20th best Defense in the country with the best Secondary in the Pac 10 and top 10 in the nation. We have the conference's sack leader on our team with 11.5 sacks, and a front 4 that constantly pressures quarterbacks with very little blitzing. Zach Lee will be throwing against 7 or 8 defenders covering 3 or 4 receivers on almost every play. Not easy. We also beat Standford and Oregon State; two teams you think are superior to Arizona. Secondly: Arizona will be an offense very similar to Texas Tech's. We are not a smash mouth team, nor a pro-style offense like Texas (which you guys perform better against on D). Our spread offense will minimize the effect Suh has on the game because our all-Conference QB Foles gets rid of the ball very quickly on WR screen's, hitches, outs, and slants. Finally: Arizona beat USC at their place, we beat Oregon State at their place, and beat Stanford at home. Not to mention 2 fluke plays that cost us two close losses. And taking Oregon to double overtime. We also crushed a 1 loss highly ranked Central Michigan team. All of this in the top-ranked conference in the country. We have the nation's 9th toughest schedule and won 8 of those games. If I were you, I would take Arizona a little more seriously than it sounds like you are. Good luck and safe travels to the Holiday Bowl.
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