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  1. I've very uneasy with the thought (proposal) that a small group of leaders is deciding the future for college athletes and the alumni that support them. In general I don't trust the "Masters of the Universe" to make decisions in secret to control our future.
  2. There are so many topics that the BTN could report on, but choses to ignore. Such as: > Which Universities have cut sports programs. > How many people have been laid off from their Athletic Depts. > $ impact to each University budget. > $ impact to each University home town. > Which schools are having football practices & how often. > What COVID-19 testing programs are on-going at each University. > What are the COVID-19 testing results at each schools football program. Yet the BTN reports NOTHING. Why are they HIDING dur
  3. For years I've tuned into the BTN to get my college football information. This fall they have disappeared and completely disappointed me. Are they cowards and afraid to talk about football? All they do is show reruns of old games. No news on what is happening at various BIG 10 schools. I've finally tuned into the SEC Paul Finebaum Show to find out what is happening in the BIG 10 and all of college football. Is anyone else as disappointed in the BTN as I am?
  4. I'll be watching games from the ACC, SEC and Big XII and in a few wks I will pick a favorite to yell for. If the cancel then I'll have to come up with Plan B.
  5. NU can do everything perfectly to protect the health of its BB players and it will make NO DIFFERENCE The BIG officials (Kevin W & others) will listen to some medical expert and decide our fate. Every person in Nebr could wear masks, wash their hands 8 times a day and keep social distancing and if Maryland, Rutgers or Penn St have problems, we are shut down. All of life is a risk, but our BIG leaders don't want to take ANY risk with this virus. My opinion.
  6. There has been lots of talk about the loss of the 2020 football season for NU and the entire Big 10. Wondering about the financial impact for all the Big 10 schools with no football revenues, no Bowl game income, no basketball & no NCAA March Madness, no volleybal and no TV revenues from all these sports. (Surely TV would keep paying the Big 10 to show re-runs.) Will Big 10 administrators also feel the pain? If the financial impact for Big 10 members is down 50% say, will the Big 10 leaders/ administrators have a 50% cut in their salaries?
  7. It seems that teting positive to COVID-19 will determine whether or not a college team will play football, basketball, volleyball or soccar. Since the latest news from Spain seems to point that natural immunity only lasts for a few weeks. Would vaccines be any better? To avoid the risk, all HS and College sports will be cancelled forever. It doesn't stop there. Cancellations would also apply to all indoor gatherings (movies, stage plays, etc.) I hope that long term immunity can be developed, but if not....are we as a society really so risk averse to want to live in such a world?
  8. Don't want to be nit-piking, but I saw a lot of center snaps go very high. The QB's were lucky to jump up and grab the snaps but in crucial games a center snap over the QB's head could be a game changer.
  9. Lets get serious on this replacement scheduled game. I say we go with an old Big 8 / Big 10 rival - Kansas!
  10. FLHuskerGBR, on 15 Jan 2017 - 01:59 AM, said: Thanks.....not many people use the word "whelmed"........I thought you made a mistake but it was I that was mistaken. I've only seen the word used a handful of times. Take care Technically speaking, "whelmed" is the root of overwhelmed, and has literally the same meaning. It's an archaic word from Medieval English. The word "under-whelmed". Is a relatively new word from about the 1950s. TMI, I know. I'm surprised and impressed that Iowa produces such literate people. The Lord’s Prayer and the Chicago Bears John C
  11. I could not agree with you more!!! As I am a Husker fan for 60 yrs, you develop some perspective. The winning records were great, but what made me MORE proud was the way we played.... not that all players & staff were perfect (we are human after all), but the overall honesty, integrity, gracious fan base, academic All-Americans, support thru good & bad times and good leadership of the Nebraska sports program make me proud to be Husker!
  12. This is a very wild dream! We should be concerned about the next game .... and only the next game.
  13. I think this is the most accurate statement in the whole thread! Couldn't agree more.
  14. Its been a few wks since I was last logged on & this topic caught my eye. The President of Purdue Univ is Mitch Daniels (the ex-gov of Ind that lots of people wanted to run for POTUS). When he took over Purdue in 2013 he insisted his base pay be 24% LOWER than the prior President. He has froze tuition for 4 yrs (Purdue tuition had gone up EVERY yr since 1976). He watches Purdue football in the stands among the students, not in the expensive enclosed box seats. He is very concerned about the image of Purdue Univ. The point --- I can't imagine Mitch allowing the AD to hire Bo with al
  15. Targeting Rule - I think the BIG 10 refs are calling it every time 2 helmets make contact. Whether or not it was deliberate or they were both trying to catch a pass or whether one player slipped / tripped ... makes no difference. Other conferences like the Pac 12 (Stanford / UCLA game) or SEC (Tenn / Ga) pretty much ignore targeting altogether. Best solution is to require the reviewing booth to ACTIVELY CONFIRM OR DENY THE CALL. if the booth ignores their role in the penalty, the conference should fire them!
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