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  1. Old skool HP'er, sometimes HM'er. Came here after the original split. I thought this site was excellent for football talk, and will probably split time between here and HM. Plus, cool to see some of the HP folks here as well.
  2. I see nothing wrong with or childish about getting to know something about your fellow members. Don't take it personal Knap. It's a joke....I always forget the emoticon and it never ceases to amaze me how someone will always say something. I got the reference...lol A/S/L?
  3. Whoops...shoulda' posted my last one after yours...haha
  4. Can you still stomp on 'em for massive ketchup explosions on the playground?
  5. I just use a bucket next to my futon. Picture unrelated. A Gatorade bottle is much more portable and won't raise suspicion when it's found stashed under the coffee table.
  6. I remember spending lots of time in the Old Market area of Omaha while attending UNL, and people really went out of their way to let you know if they were not Husker fans. Kind of like they were trying sooooo hard to portray themselves as cultures and sophisticated that they were too good to be Husker fans...lol. As soon as they heard I was from Los Angeles, they would start to rag on the folks west of Omaha. Was kind of odd.
  7. And bad words, too! ughhh...had to scrub my eyes for weeks.
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