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  1. I was checking out a Bama forum after they lost today and noticed this topic. http://www.rolltidebama.com/forum/showthread.php?192118-Auburn-president-making-preparations-for-Gene-Chizik-s-firing-suggests-Shawn-Watson-as-replacement
  2. I think you guys got a good one here! Reminds me a little of drew brees! I'm sure RW would appreciate the comparison, as he has indicated he is one of many BIG Drew Brees fans...
  3. Pete Carroll has officially declared Russell Wilson as the starting QB for the 2012 Seahawks! Congratulations Russell, you worked your ass off and earned it. Gonna be fun to watch....
  4. It appears that "Dangeruss" is in the process of doing the same thing in Seattle as he did at Wisconsin last year. When he was drafted, few around here expected him to be anything but a backup/student behind Matt Flynn for a year or more at least. Then Wilson shows up at rookie mini camp with the playbook already mastered and calls 500 plays in 3 days and only messes up the play terminology ONCE. He completes 85% of his passes in 7 on 7 drills to WRs whom he barely knows by name. Pete Carroll suddenly realizes he has to give this kid a legitimate shot and includes him in the QB competition
  5. I have a sense that we are going to have a lot of fun, both on the field and on this board with this new promising set called "The Bone". I'll take a few initial shots: The T-Bone The Rex-Bone The T-Rex-Bone Take it away boys and girls...
  6. I sat in almost stunned, dazed, silent disbelief as the final seconds of this game ticked off the clock. I mean, I honestly felt somewhat disconnected from reality (and I knew I was stone cold sober and hadn't touched a thing!). I couldn't even really cheer like I knew I should and I felt a little confused. That's when, no BS, I turned to my buddy and uttered the following now obvious statement to explain my curious condition. You know what? I think, I'm not sure..., I'm sure I'm forgetting something.... but, I don't think I can recall Nebraska ever, at least in my entire lifetime (51
  7. Looks like adc7236 beat me to this post. Mods, please delete or merge. Thanks.
  8. Pat Hill said this week that he thought the Boise State defensive line was much better than Nebraska. It's looking like he was right, as BS is destroying FS on the road 37-0 at halftime. Kellen Moore is one cool character at QB, never panics, good awareness, almost always puts the ball right where it needs to be. Fresno State had only 1 first down and hadn't made it past their OWN 35 yard line until there were approximately two mintues left in the half. FS finally breaks a long 40 yard run deep into BS territory, then fumbles it away on the next play. Total yards in BS favor @ 305-118
  9. Having surveyed the current Top 20 and their remaining schedules after week 4, The Oracle and I feel confident in making the following bold predictions that will determine the BCS championship for the 2011-12 season: The SEC champion will have one loss. OU will go down in bedlam @ a 1 loss Okie Lite team. God will suit up with the Irish this year as they upset undefeated Stanford (Never happy to predict a ND win, but that's what The Oracle says, so what ya gonna do?) Clemson, Texas, Michigan, G Tech, Illinois and K-State won't remain unbeaten (can you believe these guys are the remainin
  10. T-MIght is fast no doubt. Great acceleration too. But that's about it for the positive side... On the downside: Doesn't really have much in the way of a juke that I have seen, just runs fast like a sprinter in his lane. He's a little thin and not a strong runner and is gonna get his ass KO'd one of these days if he doesn't continue to get better at protecting himself. Better, but still dangerous with ball security. Doesn't seem to have the vision/awareness to see the defense and check down to open secondary and tertiary receivers and is prone to throwing pics as a result. Not a
  11. I didn't mean to suggest Wiscy will win the MNC, just that they will be one of the contenders in the potential mix at the end. Agree they would be tough to pick over LSU/BAMA/OU, but could end up making it to the MNC with some help from the SEC gauntlet and OU posssibly stumbling to Texa$$ or Okie Lite. I will bet anyone that Wiscy ends the season in the top 10 and we will be lucky if we are still in the Top 20 (the reason we won't make the top 20 is because I consider T-Might fragile and expect he will get seriously banged up again before the season ends--- and we all know what happened
  12. I think we ALL agreed prior to this game that Wiscy had played a very weak non-con schedule, and that they rolled them all pretty good (as a truly good team should). And then it rather unpleasantly occurred to me that based on the final score, Nebraska currently fits into the list of weak opponents a little too well for any of us to swallow easily... The Badger kill list so far: 51-17 UNLV 35-0 OR St. 49-7 N. Illinois 59-10 S. Dakota 48-17 Nebraska So, is Wisconsin truly that good, or did the Huskers just lay an egg on the road? I say Wisconsin is a bona fide Top
  13. +1 After watching our first four games and some Wisconsin replays on BTN, I called my brother in Omaha last Saturday night and made the following statements: 1) TM is not a QB and Russel Wilson is The Man. 2) Our defense will not be able to stop their running backs/receivers AND contain Wilson. 3) Wisconsin looked in control for most of their first 4 games. We looked inconsistent and too shaky to be confident we could compete with Wiscy-- anywhere. 4) The only way I would bet on this game is if you spotted us at least 24.5 points. I would have won that bet, but we couldn't eve
  14. From the ESPN Big 12 Blog today, Martinez' dad emails ESPN to clarify his future intentions: "To dismiss any rumors on my thoughts of transferring I'd like to state that I am anxious to get back to Nebraska Sunday evening and look forward to getting healthy and getting my strength and speed back," Martinez said via his father, Casey Martinez, in an e-mail to ESPN.com. "I also look forward to using these past year's experiences and challenges to help me become a better all around person, football player and leader. I feel that with the players that we have coming back, along with the new ta
  15. Dan Beebe has just issued the following decree from the Big TexAss conference HQ effective immediately: All Nebraska opponents for the rest of the 2010 conference season are required to wear a new protective helmet designed by Beebe, Mack Brown, Gundy and Pinkel. In addition, ANY helmet to helmet contact by a Nebraska player against any remaining Big 12 player will be penalized 15 yards from the spot of the foul and the Nebraska player will be ejected from the game and suspended for the remainder of the conference season. Link to photo of new helmet design here.
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