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  1. Stanton and Fyfe looked the best of the QB's. And what was that kicking thing all about? Yikes.
  2. This might be good to be there and watch, but it sounds like a mess when you can only listen to it.

  3. What? No Creighton on his list? I can hear Dirk crying from here.
  4. Basketball is over, the baseball team looks below average...nothing left but to rip apart the upcoming football team.
  5. I used to work with him. Always seemed like a good guy. Nice gesture by Bo.
  6. Always wondered where he went. The fans did that on more than that one occasion. Glad he's doing well.
  7. I did not know that was Forsberg's nickname and he is my all time and forever favorite hockey player. Your status grew ten times today in my book, sir. Love the way that guy played the game, just wish his body had cooperated a bit more. I would have gladly traded ankles with him for a few more good years out of him. It's not like I'm playing anything professionally
  8. Anyone else hear that Kurt Cobain just commited suicide? Wow, I bet that's the end of Nirvana.

  9. I wouldn't change mine, it's been my nickname for years. I'm a huge Colorado Avalanche fan, and Peter Forsberg is my favorite player of all-time. It is his nickname, and my friends started calling me that whenever I'd wear his jersey, which was quite often during games. If I had to change it? Carlos Spicyweiner.
  10. I agree. And the refs still were awful.
  11. I'm just sick of this new 'ticky-tack' rule, and how half the time it's enforced, and half the time it isn't. Teams can't even dictate the flow of the game anymore. It's like those Metallica lyrics from the song, 'Eye Of The Beholder.' Doesn't matter what you see Or into it what you read You can do it your own way If it's done just how I say Independence limited Freedom of choice is made for you, my friend Freedom of speech is words that they will bend Freedom with their exception I'd rather they got rid of this crap and play the game. But if not, go 100% and make sure the players know what a bore-fest they're up against every game. The refs have had a whole season to figure this out. It's not Baylor's fault, and I'm sure they don't care since they won. But soon the NFL will be the National Flag-football League and March Madness will turn into a H-O-R-S-E tournament.
  12. I've heard on a few occasions that teams aren't 'adjusting' from game to game with how the referees are calling things that particular night. So, the bottom line is: Remember our game plan and how we prepared to play this team all week? Well, guess what? Refs said 'hell no,' so just abandon what we thought was a proper game plan and now? Hope for the best. There has been lots of consistency this season. The refs either consistently let them play, which, according to the new rules, they're not supposed to, or consistently call fouls and turn the game of basketball into watching your grandmother's bridge game, which they're now supposed to do. Don't get me wrong, NU's horrible shooting was what lost the game. But that was flat-out awful to watch if even if you were just a basketball fan and didn't care who won.
  13. I heard after the game the refs are going to a little kids' birthday party and puncture holes in the bouncy castle, take a chainsaw to the pinata, and throw the cake into the swimming pool.
  14. I'd love for him to find out! Ha ha ha! Awesome Bo. But we'll probably get a technical foul if the refs find out about this tweet. Bo just fouled out of the game.
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