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  1. wojo9457

    More leaked audio - Ron Kellogg presser

    He hasn't won enough of the games people want to see him win and it's created angst in the fan base, which is only natural. Yeah, it's been rough on him, the staff and the players, but IMHO we're nowhere near as vitriol as other fan bases may be in this situation. And this is why he gets paid the big bucks - with that money comes a lot of responsibility, and Pelini has spent the last six years trying to skirt some of that responsibility, whether it was interactions with the media or some of his decision-making as a coach. I only draw a line when it starts affecting the players. Pelini made himself a full-fledged victim yesterday putting everything on "you guys" aka the media. That mentality has trickled down into the player base with guys like Gregory threatening to leave and Kenny Bell giving a passive-aggressive threat about maybe not coming back next year. But I also think an argument can be made that Pelini's players play on the field like Pelini acts on the sidelines. Case in point - Pelini's hat incident. Whether he hit the ref with the strap of the hat or not (and to me, it looks like he did), he lost focus/discipline and made a mistake that cost the team. That whole incident was a microcosm of Nebraska football. So, though I think Pelini gets a bad rap, he does himself absolutely no favors. Agreed, and Bo knew what he was getting into when he accepted the Nebraska spot. He knew the expectations here. You can't perform like they did yesterday and then attack the fans and media like he did. Sends a bad message. I feel bad for him but at the same time he'll leave with millions and still land on his feet at the end of the day, so hard to feel too bad for the guy.
  2. wojo9457

    Bowl Game?

    Who wants to pay that kind of money to see the product we put out on the field. Had a bye week before Minnesota and look how well we planned for that. Give us a bowl thats about like kissing your sister, and let's be done with this season. With a divided fan base for sure now after Pelini's tantrum, Nebraska definitely won't travel well. I think it'll be dependent on who is head coach. Our AD needs to come out and make a statement for the sake of Husker Nation, recruiting, and current players.
  3. Can I be the first to ring the " Wait till next year bell"???
  4. iowa can get it done with a backup qb, why can't we??? How much more of this do we have to swallow?
  5. Sad day/season for Husker football
  6. I have never seen so many injuries to a team in my life
  7. mental mistakes. every week
  8. quick tempo, change it up...
  9. wojo9457

    ***Predict the Iowa Score, Passing and Rushing Yards***

    NU 41 IOWA 24 Rushing 225 Passing 210
  10. NU 45 WU 31 Rushing 295 Passing 189