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  1. SCode

    Husker Invite

    Great job ladies! Finish weekend 3-0.
  2. SCode

    Husker Invite

    Huskers cruise to second set win.
  3. SCode

    Husker Invite

    Ladies win first set 25-19.
  4. SCode

    Huskers vs. #14 Creighton

    Huskers win after trailing 0-2. Great job ladies!
  5. Huskers beat Santa Clara 3-1. Great job ladies!
  6. SCode

    **** Official Akron Score Prediction****

    37-17 NU
  7. For grilling, a good quality gas grill will be great and last for years. I have a nice Weber. Put wood chips in aluminum foil pouch and set next to burner. Adds a bit of smoke flavor to anything grilled. For the smoker, I have a Weber Smokey Mountain. Uses charcoal and works great. It is a good compromise between the purist BBQ snob offset stick burner and the set it and forget it Traegers.
  8. Asked Alexa to play Beethoven whilst perusing Huskerboard. Edit: “Fur Elise” just came on.
  9. SCode

    Huskers @ Northwestern

    Huskers take game 25-13, 25-20, 25-21. Great job ladies! 18-1 in conference.
  10. SCode

    I cant take it anymore

    I thought we couldn't talk about that....
  11. SCode

    Top 3 TV Characters

    That's a pretty good list. But I will add: Raylan Givens Malcom Reynolds Adrian Monk Edit to add: Jack Bauer
  12. Grew up in extreme north east Ne, within eye sight of SoDak. A crick ran pert near to our house. Ate taverns at church pot luck, no pop though, just tea (un-sweet). Getting to have a pop was a special occasion only. Never heard of Yum Yums until today. Never heard of Runzas until a classmate went to college in Norfolk. Had relation in west central Minnesota. They accused us of having a southern accent.
  13. SCode

    Huskers @ Purdue

    Great job ladies! Huskers win 25-16, 22-25, 25-14, 25-18.
  14. SCode

    Huskers @ Iowa

    Huskers win: 25-17, 25-18, 25-20. Great job ladies!