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  1. RednScarlet

    Northwestern Game Advice

    We are going to the game; it's set-up by our Alumni group in a package deal. Flying out of Nashville and staying in Chicago. Not sure where we will be sitting, but going to the game is enough for us. GBR
  2. Lost it here in Nashville also. They finished laying the fiber for U-Verse here, so made the switch. We watch the games at the watch site with the 'Nashville Huskers'. Traveling to the Northwest game.
  3. RednScarlet

    Your plans for the first game?

    Watch Site with the Nashville Huskers in Cool Springs, TN
  4. RednScarlet

    Music City Bowl vs Tennessee

    Got my Christmas wish early. My friends from the 'Nashville Huskers' will be there. GBR from Nashville.
  5. RednScarlet


    The WatchESPN app in the SpiderWeb mode is Great! Just the noise of the crowd, the bands and good view angles. ( no needless commentary ) Got a new Tablet and this feels like you are in the stadium. Paired with a HDMI to the TV, my favorite way to watch a game. An old guy learns something new. GBR
  6. RednScarlet

    Merry +1mas 2015

    Merry Christmas and don't forget to have some Greens, Black Eyed Peas and Cornbread on New Year's Day for Good Luck... GBR
  7. Nice thing about being retired... You can pick " just any ole time " to have a few, and Crank the Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore East .
  8. RednScarlet

    Mark Richt fired after 9-3 season

    Kirby Smart has ties to UGA Mark Richt has ties to Miami...
  9. RednScarlet

    Bowl Projections

    There probably are too many Bowl games, unless it's the one in your city. I was pretty excited that the Music City Bowl here in NashVegas announced the adding of the B1G. The bowl is a way for our family to enjoy one last game of the year together. Hoping the Big Red gets a shot at coming out.​ GBR !
  10. RednScarlet

    Bowl Projections

    Come on out for the Music City Bowl...We'll treat Ya'll Right !
  11. RednScarlet


    Found the last Runza in the back of the freezer, from our last shipment, so... Sign that the Gods are smiling and We Win. ( Not sure how it wasn't there last night when I was searching for Ice Cream; I might be in trouble when SWMBO comes home from work.) GBR !!! ​
  12. RednScarlet


    GO BIG RED !!!
  13. RednScarlet

    ***Predict the Minnesota Score, Passing & Rushing Yards***

    Huskers : 16 Minn: 13 Rushing: 226 Passing: 181
  14. RednScarlet

    What are you reading right now?

    Just finished the first book in the " Saxon " series by Bernard Cornwell. 7 books total in the series. A good read while I enjoy the "Vikings" on the History Channel. SHIELD WALL!!! SHIELD WALL!!!