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  1. sodakhusker36

    Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump Superfight Thread

    The whole time I am envisioning this battle, I can only picture this as Joe Biden's signature move:
  2. sodakhusker36

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Majority of these voter registration rolls can be found online. Attached is one such example. https://www6.sos.state.oh.us/ords/f?p=111:1
  3. sodakhusker36

    SOTUS - Trump's first - will it be his last

    There are not poll options for 7 more.
  4. sodakhusker36

    Scott Frost gets it

    This is going above and beyond the roles of being the head coach at any university. I have not been this excited about husker football any time. I'm happy that we have our guy who represents Husker football
  5. sodakhusker36

    A man you can bait with a Tweet

  6. sodakhusker36

    Fox News Scandals

    That is terrible for anyone to say. Messed up you would even think about saying something like that.
  7. sodakhusker36

    Finally Going to Lincoln

    Does anyone know if security is strict about the no drinking in Haymarket? I've heard just put it in red solo cups and that is adequate. First time trying to tailgate before the game
  8. sodakhusker36

    Sam's Monday Rewind - Oregon Edition

    I completely agree. I live in North Dakota right now and it is tough to explain to Nodaks that they have just benefitted from playing bad FBS teams. A couple years ago, an individual said that they could compete with Alabama. It has been impressive what they have done in FCS, but a facing a Power 5 schedule would put them below .500
  9. sodakhusker36

    What did we learn-Wyoming edition

    It was hard to return these punts as they were way short. I did not see much wrong with the punt return.
  10. sodakhusker36

    Tunnel Walk of Shame 2016

    Loved the 58 minute reference. First time i have ever read these and had to laugh out loud a couple of times. Thanks for the laughs
  11. sodakhusker36

    SIGNED - DT Deontre Thomas

    He must have seen our 2 DT's drafted and wanted to be a part of it! Welcome to Nebraska, and hope you do big things!
  12. sodakhusker36

    LB David Adams [Notre Dame Commit]

    It does say that he is 6'1. Just think how tall he would be if he had his legs
  13. sodakhusker36

    When 90K sounds like 900K

    Anybody have a video of the crowd and players during the song? I was at the game and was one of my favorite moments ever.
  14. sodakhusker36

    where u at?

    Out of all the random places to be from in south Dakota, you are from Edgemont! I grew up in Newell and live in Rapid City now. There seems to be a large amount of Husker fans around the area, especially at the bars for the games. Great environments to watch the games
  15. sodakhusker36

    The Real Top 10

    Yes, the University of South Dakota is different than South Dakota State University. there are actually a few universities in south dakota. believe it or not. I'm told the Rapid City Institute of Technology and Feed Store is a real hidden gem. Hey, that is where I went to college, and it is actually called South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Division 2 school even