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  1. ...for some reason every time I see the "1890 Initiative" my first instinct is to wonder whether that is the thing we keep hearing about in education. Then I google it and see that is the "1619 Project" - still too close and too weird for me. Time for a new name.
  2. ...others are trying to brush this off as business-as-usual...which unfortunately for Nebraska it is becoming.
  3. ...based on when the person is fired. this person retired. that's completely different. which is what he was referring to, have some balls and make it public the guy was fired. only reason not to do that is to protect Moos and/or cover something up. For a school trying to scrap together $$ to keep the build going throwing $3million to someone who voluntarily exited 18 months short of his comittement isn't exactly an intelligent decision unless you had damn good reason to. Pretty expensive retirement party....
  4. Just curious who else has had an athletic director retire with 18 months left on their contract, but still paid them out for not only the entire sum of the remaining contract but also bonuses based on future metrics the teams have not even yet achieved?
  5. So did pretty much every other coach hired in 18', of which there were plenty. It's kind of amazing to look through the list at the best hires of that year and see how many are already out the door or struggling though. No one would have expected Chip Kelly to be a non-factor in year 3. Mullen/Fisher are trending in the right direction. Taggart, gone from FSU. Joe Moorehead, gone from MSU. Chad Morris, gone from Arkansas. Kevin Sumlin, gone from Arizona. Jeremy Pruitt, gone from TN. Matt Luke, gone from Ole Miss.
  6. - yeah, the mass-exodus that was the purge of Huskerboard a few years ago reduced my posting - and inversely greatly enhanced my productivity. HB has been stifling descent a free speech since long before Facebook & Twitter! (before anyone flips out and bans me this is facetious)
  7. *RUMOR* Mass Exodus Coming - "We'll unlock if said 'exodus' emerges." ....said exodus has emerged.
  8. Just read this from last week: https://theathletic.com/1796343/2020/05/05/nebraska-huskers-football-recruiting-bellevue-west-zavier-betts-micah-riley-keagan-johnson/ still seems iffy to me. depending on an exception
  9. Would have left this one out of your example considering they currently have 7 of the top 10 locked up already. Iowa has done a damn good job this year.
  10. keep seeing comments similar to this. i haven't been following nearly as close as I used to - but for some reason I still thought manning and betts were very much up in the air. without them, that "haul" last class looks pretty mediocre. are we confident both will make it? considering they aren't in a classroom and having to depend on themselves, being accountable to themselves, with no one else holding them accountable...consider me a little worried here if we have to depend on "online classes" to get these two qualified.
  11. I thought I read somewhere that if they sign and don't qualify they still count against the #s - one of the reasons they are saying Betts is waiting.
  12. I'd assume there are processes/batches that recalc this periodically versus just some sort of running total in which case without the original posts and their associated points you might be SOL. I obviously missed something regarding board ownership...but if it has changed hands...think I can bring my bouncing boob avatar back?
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