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  1. This team is playing like they believe in themselves. We need to plug in the right recruits to fit the scheme but all in all....They made HUGE leaps in the past 3 games.
  2. That and the nice blisters ya get around your thumbs from power clings.....
  3. Just got back from a great Nike Coaches convention. Also got to pick the brains of some of the great coaches in college football. You might recognize a few of these guys. PJ Fleck was probably one of the best speakers of the entire convention. Chris Petersen is a very smart guy! The drills he comes up with are incredible The guy is full of fire and it's hard not to like the guy. Yes Yes I even told them I am from Nebraska (they still spoke to me after that lol ) and they spoke very highly of Scott Frost. Anyways, I learned a lot!
  4. So you wait until their 14 and then teach them? Kids are bigger/faster/strong now and if they have no experience they are going to get hurt badly. I have seen kids who try and start football as a freshman in High School and usually ending up quitting because of how hard the hitting is. They are pretty much in shock the first time they are hit. If they start younger most kids already have the techniques when it comes to tackling, footwork and knowing how to take a hit. At age 5 kids get hurt more tripping over their own feet then taking a massive hit to the head.
  5. Apparently the State of Maryland is pushing a ban for all tackle football under the age of 14. As a former youth coach who had all 3 boys play since they were 5 and now a current varsity coach at the high school this is absurd!!! So when they reach the age of 14 they will have NO IDEA in regards to technique or the fundamentals of tackle football. THIS is where they will get injured! It is growing legs with the state legislation and is being pushed by a former NFL player and MD alum, Madieu Williams. So damn frustrated!!!!!! Article
  6. I am headed to 72nd and Dodge right now! Who's with me??!!! No not really but damn it feels good to have our coach home!
  7. I have this funny feeling that Matt Davison is going to be on his staff somewhere
  8. Bill Moos..."you got to fit at Nebraska, and Scott is the fit"

    1. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      This is Nebraska,this is as good as it gets.  love that quote!!

  9. Says he "watched videos from people wanting him here. People are passionate here about their football team" I wonder if he was talking about the "Frost come home" video lol
  10. I love the fact that he talked to Coach Osborne about the walk on program and how Scott wants to bring it back. This is HUGE for the program!
  11. Awesome how Coach Frost spoke about bringing back the walk on program and that's the kids that sacrifice and bleed for the program. So damn excited to hear about that!
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