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  1. We got a heck of a new RB group coming in by the way.... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Greg Bell #1 JUCO RB ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Maurice Washington #10 HS RB (can also play WR or DB) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Miles Jones #17 HS ATH (can also play WR) ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Moses Bryant (walk on) thats basically a whole depth chart of guys in one class.
  2. Listening to Sharp & Benning... It was stated they squatted out of season and made gains but in season Riley didn’t want them lifting too much for fear of injury. Mark Phillip’s hands were tied. Some guys did squat and commit to weights in season but the accountability and requirement was not there so some guys got lazy and didn’t lift like they should have. They also weren’t required to eat 3 meals a day at the training table and were eating bad foods. The body fat on these guys was way too high. They lost muscle mass as the season went on and thus lost mental confidence. When they did squat it was an assisted Olympic type. Now they are doing old school bar on the back squats and it’s being required with accountability for all linemen consistently. All the team is also required to eat 3 meals a day from the training table to eliminate a lot of the bad food options they were choosing.
  3. Call me crazy but Michigan might not be as hard as we think. Their morale is down right now. They have underperformed and Harbagh is feeling the heat. Their last couple recruiting classes haven’t been that much better than ours and their players aren’t believing in the system like they were a couple years ago. If patterson gets eligibility this year and they find he is a good QB for them, it could help them a lot but I don’t think they are going to be as good as we thought.
  4. Gebbia will be our 2018 starter. Martinez will challenge him and will be #2 unless he is redshirted. I think a redshirt would be ideal but probably won’t happen. We don’t have the depth or experience to do it and he came early for a reason. #3 will be Vedral but he will help with plays from the sideline, coach in practice, simulate scout teams, etc. Since he has to sit out this year. behind them will be O’Brien, Bunch, and Masker. I fully expext O’Brien to transfer when he sees he’s 3rd/4th.
  5. Greg Bell was brought in to be the starter. You don’t bring in a JUCO guy with his level of talent so he can be a backup. We also don’t bring in 2-3 RB’s in this class if we already have 5 on the roster unless the coaches didn’t see what they wanted in the room. They mentioned they wanted speed, a home run threat, good vision and ability to catch passes and pass protect. Theres been discussions about putting Tre Bryant on a medical scholarship. His knee is just worn down. Ozigbo and Wilbon are question marks. Spring will tell us more but one of those is likely to transfer after spring.
  6. This is our starting OLB we have been needing. He starts day 1 here. 6’5” 260 with 4.5 speed is a freak athlete that’s hard to find. This is a Randy Gregory level talent that would fix our pass rush issues and give us the speed we need in coverage. This is a HUGE need and a huge get if we can land him.
  7. This photo brings a smile to my face... I miss Ron Brown & Ameer and when Frost is next to them it brings me back to happier memories from Nebraska. Days of spectacular plays and wins.
  8. I saw Rivals mention something concerning... two QB's say if Riley is fired they will transfer. Lee will most likely try to go pro after this year if Riley is fired and a new system comes in. That would leave Nebraska with a new coach and no QB's except for Andrew Bunch. It has also been reported we will lose Keyshawn Johnson Jr's return, will not sign Bookie, Chase Williams, Joshua Moore, but will most likely hold on to Jurgens, Cameron Brown, Pickering, Farniok, Alston, Goodrich, etc. we are just in a mess right now. the poor record has our class falling apart due to uncertainty with the coaching staff. We have a significant talent upgrade need on the team already and are already down several scholarship players. Bringing in a new coach means a whole new system again... and 3-4 weeks to put an entire class together for signing day. It's going to be mass chaos!! Whether Riley is retained or not, it's going to be hard to recruit this year and probably next.
  9. So then if Frost is not an option who is the right guy for the job?
  10. So as a hypothetical what if... lets say Tennessee, Florida, UCLA, and Texas A&M all approach Scott Frost as their #1 choice for their next Head Coach. Lets say one of those schools offers him over 5 million but wants him to agree to the job secretly before end of season. Let's say Nebraska waits to fire Riley because our AD is assessing the situation and wants to give it some time. If Frost is gone and we don't get a shot at him... what's plan B? If Frost was not an option, then would the fans be more open to giving Riley another season? Or would they still say fire him and go for another coach. IF we take Frost off the table who do we hire who has multiple seasons of proven winning with low talent, good culture, quick turn around, power 5 experience, is a Nebraska fit, and a big name with recruiting clout? Can you think of someone who fits all that? Or do you keep Riley and go on this big PR stunt that his job is safe and his coaching is not the problem, talent is... so that we can try to put a good recruiting class together?
  11. What does Chancellor Green and President Bounds state they want in a coach/AD right now? Why did they say they canned Eickhorst? Right now the "what we need that we are lacking" discussion is completely geared towards a proven winner. If Riley gets canned it's not because of Public Relations, team division, effort, or Academic/off field stuff. It's strictly because of a lack of wins and players making mistakes over and over. So based on our history, they will now search for a winner. I just hope, and feel, that the next guy is going to be the good of Riley mixed with the wins they want. Let's not yo-yo again. Let's bring it to the middle this time. Damon Benning has said he thinks there is a good chance Riley chooses to retire after this season. It's been a big stress on him. You can see it in his face. He is 64 yrs old. He's under tremendous pressure. I personally think we need to keep him, hold on to this recruiting class, let him coach one more year to see what he can do with an older defense, a higher level WR/DB and then assess/fire if things aren't much better. But we will see. I don't see how you can keep him if fans aren't showing up to games, we go 6-6, and we keep making the same mistakes.
  12. Thanks for looking that up! I had tried to find it but had a hard time! I just remember that fans were complaining that Solich' recruiting was dropping off from what Osborne was getting his last 6-7 years and what Solich got his first couple of years. Maybe that drop off was minimal, but I distinctly remember the fan base complaining about Solich's recruiting efforts. A lot of it also had to do with Peterson coming in to ride his high horse and make his splash.
  13. If it's too long for you, don't read it. Whether you read it or not is on you not on me. I'm sorry you felt your time was wasted.
  14. Something to consider are the details of Nebraska football since 2003. Around 2003 is when we started to see a descend in our program. Tom Osborne had ran his option offense for over 20 years. When he retired (1998), Solich continued the same offense through 2003. The reason Solich was fired was because everyone could see the recruit quality decreasing with each signing class he was there. In 2002 he finished with a 7-7 record. Something unheard of at Nebraska at that point in time. It was believed He was having trouble winning because recruiting the same quality of players that had come to play for Osborne failed. And it just wasn't the same perception and honor to come play for Solich. When Solich was coach from 98-03' he went 9-4, 12-1, 10-2, 11-2, 7-7, 10-3. The 7-7 season was proof of the recruiting classes dropping down in talent as fans we're starting to see some talent defenciences. The following year he did better but was canned by AD Peterson and Pelini (DC) took over for the bowl game (they won). Everyone at that time was asking for Pelini to be hired as the next HC, but Pearlman had brought in Peterson and Peterson had already been working on hiring his friend Bill Callahan. When Callahan came, he took the team 180 degrees. We had players who fit an option/run offense and a physical attacking defense. Callahan wanted finese/pocket passing/West Coast Pro set players. So he recruited to that. He recruited well to that because prior to Nebraska he had operated an offense that sat atop of the NFL. The Raiders had just played the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl and had showcased a great offense (they got beat badly due to sucky defense). People knew who Callahan was and Cali players wanted to play in an NFL offense for an NFL coach. But the transition from Option offense -> WC Pro sets was a complete 180 and required a totally different type of recruit. That, coupled with Callahan's lax coaching style, lack of discipline with players, and embarrassing defense, resulted in team cliques, popular players putting down young players, etc. Our championship, team, brotherhood culture quickly faded, but our recruiting sure did improve. (Callahan was brought in to be the anthesis of Solich. To take Nebraska into the future of football. We were told the option days were over, football was evolving). Callahan goes 5-6, 8-4, 9-5, 5-7... the defense struggles immensely. But Callahan pulls in a top 5 class and several other great recruiting classes, he just fails to develop the talent. AD Peterson is canned, Osborne is brought back to save the program and restore the black shirt defense. So Osborne hires the guy everyone wanted in place of Solich, the guy who just won a National Championship at LSU with one of the best defenses in college football. Bo Pelini gets hired to fix the defense. He keeps Shawn Watson to run the already productive Offense and we go on. Year 1 the defense improves immensely... guys already on the team who had been poor performers begin to emerge as NFL prospects...Suh, Amukamara, Hagg, O'Hanlon, Crick, etc. In a short amount of time we rise back to B12 champion contenders and play stride for stride with Texas. But the offense stalls out and by year 2, can't perform, can't even get first downs. Watson gets canned and Tim Beck is brought up to move from a Pro Style/Spread to a Spread. The offense becomes productive again and Nebraska begins to move from a Pocket Passer QB to recruiting dual threat QB's. We get Cody Green, Taylor Martinez, Tommy Armstrong. Pelini does well, wins at least 9 games each year he is there. But Osborne retires, Pearlman hires Eickhorst and we begin to see Pelini's firey field personality seep deep into his administrative life. Pelini's disrespect for Eickhorst and disapproval of his job at Nebraska coupled with the media's painted image of Pelini leads to a diminished, more unorganized focus on recruiting and a lashing out at fans and administration. As the recruiting suffers and Pelini's outbursts grow, Eickhorst chooses to let a coach with a .750 win percentage over 7 years go and he hires a person to be strong in the areas Pelini was weak. He wants a nice guy, who will restore media relations, fan credibility, and who will unite the team. He doesn't go after a proven winner. Mike Riley, a .500 coach with a personality that can win anyone's heart with kindness... is hired. And here we are today.... again, looking for someone to be strong in the areas a coach is weak. There's a few reasons I wanted to tell this story. I know most of you already know it. So it wasn't for education sake. It is to (a) bring attention to the systemic philosophy swing every 4-5 years since Solich's departure, and (b) to bring attention to the truth that Nebraska always looks for the next hire to be strong where the prior hire was weak, often neglecting to also find the strong characteristics the prior coach held that fans would like to see continue. This leaves us with a see saw effect of yo-yo from one valued charastic to the next. I've included examples below: (a) systematic philosophy Osborne -> Solich - Option offense/physical attacking defense continued with Solich in philosophy. Solich -> Callahan - moves to West Coast Pro set NFL offense/Off the ball assess and then attack cosgrove defense philosophy Callahan -> Pelini - moves to WC Pro Set which transitions to Dual Threat Spread/physical attacking defense Pelini -> Riley - moved back to Pro Set NFL offense/off the ball assess and attack Banker defense which transitions to a 3-4 disco assess and react defense *you see an offensive philosophy swing from one skill set of recruit (long lean/pro passer/220lbRB) and philosophy of offensive scheme to the opposite on offense (smaller jet sweep/slot WR/DT QB with run option/ smaller shifted RB) with each coaching change. And a similar situation with each defensive coaching change. (B) Strength/Weakness yo-yo From Osborne -> Solich - keep tradition, consistency, culture going. Solich fails to recruit well. From Solich -> Callahan - Callahan is brought in to fix recruiting and bring Nebraska into future of football because the option is "fading in college football". Callahan is brought in to be the opposite of Solich. From Callahan -> Pelini - Pelini is brought in to restore winning culture, tradition, physicality and defense. He is brought in to bring Nebraska back to what it was and to be the opposite of Callahan. Callahan was weak in defense...Pelini was strong. From Pelini -> Riley - Riley was brought in to restore public perception of Nebraska and improve Media/Fan relations. Pelini had been weak in brand relations and university perception. *with each hire, a weakness in the previous staff had been identified and the next hire is sought to be strong in these particular weak areas of previous HC, often neglecting to seek qualities to be able to continue what the previous staff did do well and establish continuity in the kind of player needed for the system.
  15. I know Les Miles is 63yrs old but hear me out. WE need an immediate turn around. Frost is in the first year of a contract with UCF in his first head coaching gig ever. I just don't think he's quite there yet. But bring in a guy like Les Miles who never won fewer than 8 games in his 11 years at LSU. He's won a National Championship. He's had a consistent winning record. He is a good recruiter with a big name kids want to play for. His son plays on the team and he's had a year off to refresh and get ready to coach. Bring in a guy like Miles to keep our current recruits and get this ship turned around. Miles coaches for 4-5 years, retires, and Frost then has the HC experience and slides in. I think Frost would have a harder time turning this around year 1 and recruiting than a guy like Miles would.
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