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  1. You are on your own on that opinion, in my mind Cotton needs to be the first one to go he is TERRIBLE! Thank you! Cotton sucks! Should not be here in the first place.
  2. Last year, it appeared Bo wanted to start Cody. When Cody played well like a true freshman, Lee was inserted back into the starting lineup. My understanding is that Watson has been told what he will do and who he will play. From what I'm told, his role on the team this year has been a lot more like a guidance counselor than an offensive coordinator. It's unlikely Watson will return next year. However, I'm of the belief that very little will change from this year with Watson being the only one not returning. It will be a lot like putting chrome wheels on a ford pinto. The problems go much deeper. If true, this doesn't bode well for the future. WTF is really going on within this program?
  3. fumbles, not executing, fumbles...oh and did i mention fumbles??? So we all want to start over YET again on offense? Great...get ready for the beat down that is the Big10 schedule we have next year. An offensive line that can block would be nice, don't you think? Why fire Watson all the freaking time. gets old. Fire him. then what? and how many, if any recruit could we lose if we do? What are the negatives if SW is shown the door?
  4. I'm ok. Disappointed with this last game but I do not consider the season a HUGE disappointment. We all knew what we are gambling with going with Martinez. No going back now. I'm good.
  5. AGREE! Taylor should have been out a long time ago. what a waste of an opportunity.
  6. That's my point i thought he called a decent game in the first half, but he has no creativity and no ability to counter adjust to what being givin. What is he supposed to call when the line cant block ? CAN NOT BLOCK!!!!!
  7. REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYY????????????? Have to show that sh#t? really???????????????
  8. woohooo no field goal! let's just start the second half over....
  9. god can we stop with the stupid f'n option already... really? nice.........fumble....
  10. Don't care. I want to get through this year first. But if I had my wish it would be for a clone of Mr. Money, one Alex Henery
  11. Henery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thank god for Henery every game!!!!!!!!! Henery was kicking at the big screen last year. Love it!!!!!
  12. So the 1st quarter flew by, 2nd seems like it is taking longer...
  13. nice long drive Huskers! Shut that freaking sooner song up already!!!
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