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  1. I noticed a couple concering lines postgame: 1. Frost thinking that going up 24-0 wouldve emptied the stands and started the blowout. 2. Barry thinking they had it in the bag at half. That they thought they were going to win. I don't like that today Frost doubled down on the idea that they needed just one more score. It's like they are trying to pick the right time to be able to stop trying hard. Just keep playing. If the other team quits, go harder. That's the fun time. There should never be any 'oh we're up by enough we can screw around' fun time. That's not how you win.
  2. Shot in the dark: anyone know of a place to catch the game in Beijing?

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    2. corncraze


      You guys are going to China?!?! I am so jealous!!!!!

    3. jamrinelli


      I have a website that you can use just hit me up!!!!

    4. sbhusker


      Thanks, guys! I'm checking for my brother who is over there. Jamrinelli, a message is on the way!

  3. You're the best, Knap! (Feel free to move/erase the thread to clear some clutter, though others might find it helpful.)
  4. I'm planning a trip for the Northwestern and Michigan State games (driving out from California with my dad). Does anybody know if it is possible to tour the facilities during the week? Would I need to set up an appointment with the athletic department? I looked online for an email address to the athletic department and didn't find much. Does anybody have a lead I can follow? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I tried to go back and find "the very first N touchdown", first TD out of the state, first TD against old Big 8 teams etc. couldn't find anything. Yeah, I couldn't find scoring summaries from that era, either. I found the Chamberlin TD runs of 20 and 10 yds against ND in 1922 here: http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=919576 NU won 20-19, sealing a perfect 8-0 season and handing ND its only loss that year. The article says he also threw the go-ahead TD, which presumably would be more 'glorious' than the other two TDs, but the play's yardage is not given.
  6. That Brandon Jackson run is a good run, it's just that it came in the 4th quarter against Louisiana Tech in a blowout win. Anyone else have any feelings for this? That's a good point, Knap. I can see how we might want to go with plays from bigger games or clutch situations. That brings up another question, though: What about plays that put us over the top in important games but that don't have any video evidence? If we want to especially include plays that might have had a larger impact on the program, maybe we should bring some of these into the fold. I'm not trying to over-think it (Isn't that what Husker fans do though?). This is a fun thread either way!
  7. Did anybody catch the documentary "Bugeaters" in Omaha last week? Would love to hear a review.

  8. Possibility for 25. Starting @ :23 in. (Hope that works) 20 and 10. Guy Chamberlain against Notre Dame in 1915. Haven't found em on Youtube yet. Gonna stay up all night looking. Makes you wonder what all happened before they started to "put it on film." Maybe some of it is somewhere?
  9. Well, after Charles Jackson's comments, it appears Bo's potential bungling goes beyond offending the fans and media. I was hoping that would've been the extent of it. Maybe time for a new poll? Have at it...I think I'll just sit back and lurk for awhile, waiting for my next chance to hassle knapplc for getting emotional. kidding dude.
  10. You posted in another thread that Bo is "in danger of losing the fanbase." I was just wondering what happened yesterday (which I suppose could be added to previous concerns held by some regarding his sideline demeanor) to cause that opinion. If it's because he "misled" fans (like you) then yes, I think you are taking it personally. So, I made a guess that your interpretation of Bo's comments as being misleading to fans, or whatever you think he did that does not meet your expectations, caused you some hurt feelings. I hope that explanation is less nonsensical, even if you still disagree with my conclusion But if you say your feelings aren't hurt, then I believe you. Wouldn't want to blow your "dispassionate" cover
  11. Well played sir! yes a little but I don't care over here BTW- we signed a pretty good class today. Hell yeah! Now, if we can just get some new coaches! haha GBR!
  12. Right, from that perspective I can see how "lying" to the press can be construed as "lying" to the fans. Of course that assumes that Bo had the option (legally, contractually, whatever) to spill his guts but decided not to, just to be a stinker. Is that the assumption? That he could have told us everything but that he hates the media so much and is so indifferent towards the fans that he decided not to? Or are we dealing with a coach who is still new to dancing around gray areas (let's face it gray areas might never be his specialty), especially with the media, who said "No!" a little too defensively and forcefully in response to a question he already said he wasn't going to answer (after the 4th time it was asked), and now is in a PR sh*tst*rm manufactured by some fans (and reporters) who would rather discuss their hurt feelings than the STELLAR class we just pulled? With that, recognizing the irony of keeping it alive, I drop it.
  13. gotcha, good point. But wait...that means Bo LIED to the press! *gasp*
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