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  1. Another day in America, another mass shooting... 12 dead near Pepperdine University, including a LEO with 29 years of service.




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    2. HuskerNBigD


      @Redux I think you might be on to something with both those points. Ever since Columbine there has been this desensitization and glorification of mass shootings. Couple that with action movies and what not, and especially too lax of gun laws and you've got yourself a huge issue. I think that Pandora's box has been open for far too long to think a rounding up of weapons could be extremely successful, but something has got to change. Stricter background checks and preventative measures would be a damn good start. 

    3. commando


      any regulation at all is fought tooth and nail by the NRA and the current administration so new laws are out of the question.  heck....the evil libs enacted exactly 1 gun control law while obama was president (a law designed to let law enforcement organizations trade info easier about mental patients) and trump repealed that law.    so i guess our best possible answer is to  ignore the shootings

    4. Enhance


      All, please be mindful of our guidelines with politically-themed content in status updates. If you want to discuss the NRA, gun control, or similar topics related to this recent shooting, please do so in P&R. I don't have a problem with sharing the news of the mass shooting. Thank you.