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  1. I finally had a chance to watch the whole game. The hot takes on Frost's play calling are hot s#!t. There are a few plays here and there that he'd want back, but it was pretty solid. 


    The swings were needed and helped open up the inside runs that popped. Just like all the sweeps we ran. 

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    2. ZRod


      It's 2nd and 20. They weren't showing any sign of a blitz and there is a single LB in the box with a single high safety in-between the hashes. It's about as good a play call as you want...The RG whiffs on his block so the DT is plugging Adrian's running lane. The pulling LT can no longer pick up the Mike because he's moved past the B gap with Adrain as he bounces outside and the play is dead.


      If our guard actually makes his block the pulling tackle picks up the Mike, and the OLB is late to fill because of the PA. Adrian is one on one with the safety for a solid gain.


      It's a good play call that was set up all game long. We just broke down at a key position.

    3. Redux


      2nd and 20 and our go to play call is a pass that requires 5 yards just to get to the LOS.  You can break it down all you want.  It didn't work, nor has it in any clutch situation this season.  Hence losses to teams we should have beaten.  But yes, in theory it's an awesome play if you have the personnel to run it.


      So again, coach the team you have.  Not the one you hope to have in 2yrs.

    4. ZRod


      Uh, no. It's one in a series of plays that gives the defense a single look with 3 possible out comes that they've seen during the game/season: the swing, a deep pass, or the QB run. It didn't work, but it's a pretty basic play that we have the personnel to run. If we can't execute a basic block then we can't run any play. 


      It's the theme of this entire season in one play. Inconsistency. 

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