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  1. It was the 90s... Not the 1960s. If somebody was using slurs or driving drunk; sure, let's not judge that so harshly. Playing guys who beat women, sexually assault women, or hiding a gun from the cops are not things that were acceptable even in the 90s. The boys will be boys attitude was as f#&%ed up and wrong then as it is now. It's even called out in Varsity Blues in 1999 for crying out loud.
  2. I got news for you. A lot of the people that cheer for red didn't play no school. Kinda like Bama and Michigan
  3. Actually I'm wrong. The northern territory was Central Michigan's.
  4. I think that's Michigan State's territory for what it's worth. It looks like it includes Lansing and the other D1 schools are all in the south of the state (Eastern, Western, and Central Michigan).
  5. Meh... How much of that was the coaching and no thumping in practice instead of live tackling? Most of the defense looked like garbage int after the OU game.
  6. I mean if he has success here and in the B1G (which he is) you really can't get a better opportunity than that to be drafted... Unless he ends up in a top tier SEC team (which is doubtful) he's kind of killing career prospects for a pay day after school.
  7. I mean for a true frosh, at LB, in the B1G, he did outstanding! There's a few plays here and there that could have been better, but he's also adjusting to the speed of the game. Outside of QB that's probably one of the hardest roles to step into at a young age and be competent in this league. He's going to be a good one, and I hope he decides to stay.
  8. Purdue and Iowa coaches probably pissed he burned them so they put him on 3rd team. That's some BS! There's only 2 WRs with more yards than Palmer in the B1G this season and they are first team.
  9. Is this a summary of the Scott Frost era?
  10. Probably people who didn't notice that he was in pass coverage literally the entire 4th quarter against Iowa, and dropped back significantly throughout the game.
  11. The nutrition staff tends to be changed when the rest of the coaching staff moves on. I know some of the staff was replaced with the hire of Riley, which was pretty stupid.
  12. It wouldn't be that crazy for Mickey to stay on staff, and it wouldn't need to divide the locker room. Fickell stayed on at tOSU after his interim year. Granted it was slightly different as he went back to being DC (a more active leadership role than a regular position coach). Mickey is a standup guy, and no matter the outcome he'll make it work and be all in. That's just who he is.
  13. I know nothing about this guy. Would this be considered a decent get? Imo we need somebody with SEC or B1G experience. These two leagues are not like the others. Chins found that out the hard way, as did Bo, as did the buffoons in between.
  14. Go get bent. It's been 7 years. We are horrible team and likely played spoiler for the division championship to our border rival. Stop being a sour puss that we beat you. The amount of s#!t Iowa fans have spewed at Nebraska since joining the B1G pales in comparison to what Husker fans have vented the last 15 hours.
  15. Like last week? Or Minnesota week? Or Illinois week?
  16. This team was basically 2, maybe 3, competent O linemen away from losing in Indy. Which is weird to think about.
  17. That would be kind of trashy. Win or lose you wait at least a day to announce the new hire. The only thing is that's Saturday and a big day for college football. I'm expecting an 11am Sunday announcement.
  18. You're in Colorado fool, not the desolate plains. There's no trees in the plains.
  19. How could he even know this???? Lawn care is done for the year. Your source is full of poop. Good lord!
  20. Losing a parent is pretty tough to go through at any age.
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