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  1. Actually, we take the months of December and January off as well. So, we could probably give back the TV money for those.
  2. So Gitmo? Or just the one in Florence, CO with all the other domestic terrorists?
  3. Yeah, I thought there was only one as well.
  4. I'm curious how high this one goes, and who's going to be the scape goat.
  5. Well, eh, it's not exactly Ca-nahda bud.
  6. Whoa whoa whoa... I'm old enough to remember when Republicans didn't want the government picking winners and loser, and that the free market should always decide. So, now we have to continue to fund these pharma companies at absurd prices as they continue to make insane profits, or people won't get some unknown life saving drugs in the future?
  7. How are they going to talk about the Greeks in history class?
  8. First he doesn't state what paper is drawing the 97% conclusion. Not that we should be hung up on that number to begin with when it's always an overwhelming majority, but it'd be nice to know Then he's specific about one survey by AMS, and it's extremely important to note that meteorologist are not necessarily climate scientists. However, they overwhelming say that climate change is happening and it's man made. Only 6% definitely said climate change was not influenced by man. Finally he talked about some Dutch survey, but then points out the survey doesn't really include only climate scientists aka climate experts. So, why did he bother bringing up the AMS survey then???
  9. There is no content. No links to research papers, no citations. It's basically a guy's opinion. For a supposed Academic it's a terrible article. As I pointed out, it's no surprise because, the sources is dubious on all fronts.
  10. It's actually a good one, especially if you check the sources used.
  11. You and me both brother... This industry absolutely sucks to work in right now. Plants go down every day because they run out of all kinds of things that take chips, or we can't get axels, heat shields, transmissions, you name it
  12. You just pulled up something to corroborate your own opinion and you didn't even do a simple google search did you? Fraser institute has received funding from the Koch brothers and Exxon, as well as other petroleum and pharma companies. They also have a history of siding with the tobacco industry. Your article's author, Ross McKitrick, is a fellow of Fraser and an Academic Advisor for the Global Warming Policy Foundation, who's aim is basically to challenge global climate policy under the guise of helping developing nations. And then there's this... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_consensus_on_climate_change
  13. Wait until she finds out about the postal police.
  14. It doesn't belong with the states, and current events have made that abundantly clear. You have states creating laws and trying to prosecutor people for crossing state lines.
  15. So, I think everyone would probably agree that the following countries are viewed as very religious when it comes to practicing Christianity: Mexico, Ireland, Spain, and Greece. How f#&%ed up is it that they all have less strick laws on abortion than Indiana? All of them allow legal abortion up to 12 weeks with no restrictions.
  16. Sounds like she wants to get the band back together, but time had passed then by.
  17. The Cheney's better be careful. The old man should probably be in jail himself for all the s#!t he pulled.
  18. Thanks for reminding me of that old tune! I've been making a playlist of the songs my dad had on his custom cassette tapes when we would drive out to Western Nebraska. This was one I missed.
  19. The unemployment rate, it's great, but I don't think it's all that amazing. Most of the jobs lost were were ones would come back as soon as the industries started operating again. This was vastly different than the recession. Now his international diplomacy? That deserves rave reviews. What he pulled off with NATO and the international community for Ukraine is nothing sort of amazing. But we need to find a way to get Russia out of Ukraine and stop the destruction and death. The job isn't done. Also...
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