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  1. Maybe look at what others at the position have been doing in the same season at other programs, and what I actually wrote. Or just continue with your diatribe...
  2. That I won't argue with, but this year I think we did a pretty good job trying to get the ball in his hands.
  3. I will never understand the mantra that we criminally under utilized Allen. He set the school record for TE receiving yards in 2021. Allen was 15th for TE receiving yards nationally and 2nd in the B1G. He was 24th for TE receptions nationally and 7th in the B1G. All while playing in only 11 games, most of the top TEs had 12 and even 14 games. He was also 2nd on the team for receptions, receiving yards, and receiving TD behind only Toure. Could he have been used a little more (especially in the redzone), sure... But you also had a pretty good WR corp, a QB who could run, and another decent TE in Vokolek. There's only so many touches to go around.
  4. I specifically wrote that too. When some one in front of you has a seat back... well, sore knees are great... Even without seat backs I feel like a contortionist trying not to knee someone in the spine.
  5. I don't know how you don't make much money when you charge 8 to 10 bucks for a bud light. Then Matt can take what's leftover at the end of the year and stick it in the keg room at Gate 25.
  6. Me. I wrote it on my survey. The boys need airing out on those hot September days.
  7. Another nice get, now can we please get some stud OL! Pretty please!!!
  8. I concur. If anything this program is ripe for a massive turn around. There's no shortage of money, facilities, and support. Plus talent and S&C haven't been an issue since Frost's first year. If anything our S&C program is right where it needs to be to compete with the top programs. We just need the right people on the bus to turn it around and hopefully we've found that with the Offensive coaching changes.
  9. Is everybody trying to die before the month is over? Betty White, Bob Saget, Meat Loaf, Sidney Poitier.

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      and now Alyssa Milano reporting heart palpitations... Yikes!!

    4. ZRod


      Oh God not Peptide Farm now too!

  10. This isn't quite right. USC won 2003 & 2004. tOSU won 2002 & 2014 (honorable mention 12-0 in 2012). Plus going back 24 years means you have Nebraska and Michigan splitting 1997. Still the balance of power is in the south and with NIL not much seems to be changing.
  11. Just got the survey too, and I've only ever held student tickets, like a decade ago.
  12. Stop it! You know the fate of the entire team lay squarely on the shoulder of one 20 something year old. The 5 or 10 others on the field had no input.
  13. Damn, we lost Bob Saget today...

    1. The Dude

      The Dude

      Ah, we'll find him.

    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      (For reference)



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      This one caught me by surprise. I was mostly AFK this weekend so I just found out about it. Too bad. 

  14. This spring should be pretty fun!
  15. Fair enough, but I think most lay-fans would consider power football to be iso, counter, trap, buck sweep, and the power run; which we run all those plenty with the exception of trap. I haven't seen a trap play in years and I really wish we would run it. It was one of my favorite plays as a lineman. Something else that becomes tricky is how do you define iso vs power in a spread offense. Modern power runs in a spread offense don't require a pulling guard to kick the end man out. Instead he can be isolated with the QB read to take him out of the play and only use one pulling lineman, an H back, or an H back in motion as an insert (which we love to do). We even take it a step further and add the orbit motion and run a triple option out of an almost indetical look. First drive against Iowa we run one true power run and bunch of iso insert: On 4th & 1 you have your "kick out" block, but I'm pretty sure this is an iso insert that becomes a read because Iowa is in an under front and has 6 guys in the box, out numbering us play side. I think that means Logan has to read off the end man to account for the numbers disadvantage. Allen is the lead blocker but he has to take the first guy who shows, which happens to be the DE, otherwise he would have continue through the hole and blocked a LB or Safety. Pretty heads up by Allen otherwise the DE blows the play up. A little later 3rd & 1 we run QB iso out of an empty backfield. 1st & Goal power read where Logan keeps it and Allen leads him around the edge. Allen has a sick feint on the DE here to sell the dive action off the read! 2nd & goal with a neat QB power. Brewington comes in motion as the kick out guy and Yant is your lead blocker. Boom, TD! A funky new age take on an old school power play. We run this same play again for a TD in the 3rd quarter and Brewington absolutely destroys the CB! So basically starting the game out with smash mouth power football. We continue to run iso on the next scoring drive and mix in the orbit motion for some triple option out of the iso look. I mean you also have to factor in strength of schedule and the conference strength as a whole. Frost's first season was one of his easiest. 2020 I'm not even going to count, the whole year was f#&%ed up by COVID. It happened, but that season doesn't tell you much (look at Penn St, Michigan, and Michigan St). Hindsight though, Austin probably should have been asked to move on with Walters. Held should have been on the hot seat along with Mario.
  16. Is it an excuse if it's reality? We haven't had a line worth a crap since Frost has been here. RBs have been a rotating s#!t show like you said. WRs were abismal last season, but we've finally brought in some decent talent this season. Special teams... I mean fix that alone and were probably a .500 team. All the coaches have been fired from the under performing areas with the exception of special teams. We've got talent, so it has to be coaching...
  17. But they're still runs. The point for the run the ball people, is that we do run the ball an overwhelming majority of the time. Scheme and run/pass ratio are not the problem. It's development and coaching, as it has been for a long time. The run the ball crowd also wants to cherry pick stats for their narrative; and ignore the context of recruiting, transfers, and what was inherited. Frost started with nothing, we now have the talent, and conditioning to compete with anyone, but lack the coaching/development.
  18. Against Iowa, Nebraska ran 43 times and threw 22 times...
  19. I'm really curious to see what our offense becomes next year. I fight it really hard to believe Frost is going to scrap what he knows completely and hand it over to Whipple, but maybe he will. We're built to do whatever right now. By definition it's power if we have a lead blocker. I think we scored a rushing TD over half the time we were in the redzone and average almost two rushing TDs per game. It's never been a scheme issue, and the O line coach being fired is a big indicator of that.
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