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  1. I believe they already did here...
  2. This sounds like an activist court to me. The law makers wrote the law as intended, why should the courts be allowed to overrule them? /s
  3. People forget that Republican also sabotage ACA before it even got off the ground. They killed the stipends that were supposed to be paid out to insurance companies to help with the transition of taking on patients with preexisting conditions. Cost likely would have continued to rise YoY, but it would have likely been slower ( if I remember right the ACA initially did slow the acceleration of increasing premiums anyway). Then Trump sucker punched it by removing the mandate.
  4. Obama care didn't raise your income taxes.
  5. We all agreed he was a piece of s#!t for what he did to his dieing wife, and that he deserved to go to trial. Madness!!!
  6. The f#&% has Obama done in the last 6 years?
  7. Nobody wants to arrest Gym, Marg, Bobo, Mccarthy, McConnell or anyone else who hasn't committed a crime...
  8. It's crazy that no one has said uncle yet on the consumer side. Although I think it's starting to happen very slowly. I get that luxury vehicles have a higher profit margin on them, but I don't agree with that philosophy of producing them over affordable vehicles. It's bad for the consumer, but apparently the consumer doesn't care.
  9. Yes, that's also another large part of it. Steel/aluminum/copper went up with the tariffs, plastics went up with COVID and adverse weather, and they never came back down. The cost isn't only passed on to the customer, the supply base who buys the raw materials to manufacture the components for these vehicles are also being squeezed as well. But for the EVs; don't forget that these car companies are basically building all new assembly plants just to manufacture the batteries. Those are billion dollar investments. Normally when you launch a new vehicle you have a pre-existing plant to build it in or can modify one, that's often not the case for these batteries.
  10. Can somebody turn off gramps caps lock? Thanks. And get him his blanket? It's about time for his nap.
  11. All very true. A large part of the elevated price is OEMs trying to bank cash to fund the future of EVs.
  12. This has always been rumored, but never proven.
  13. I think the digital compression is heavily distorting the video. He walks like Vlad, and has the right high heel shoes on.
  14. No, no, no. He just told a guy to do a thing. It ain't his fault if the guy doing the thing didn't understand and gave em a bumb on the head a little too hard.
  15. It'd actually be funny if the signed letter said not to mask or take any measures to protect against infection, but it said to mask and distance...
  16. Start WWIII over a drone? Go home Lindsey you're drunk.
  17. Or criminal/civil prosections
  18. I know, I'm just saying MSNBC and CNN don't compare
  19. Exactly Lemon and Maddow are horrible, but relatively harmless. They twist facts instead of straight up lying about them.
  20. I don't think I've watched, or listened on XM, to either of them in a couple years now; but CNN is not even in the same zip code when it come to the dishonest s#!t that Fox pulls.
  21. I need Trump's take on this.
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