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    What do you mean by shield blocking? They're not coached to remain at the LOS, but on outside zone they do block down the line instead of drive blocking. It also allows us to use an RPO if the number of guys in the box dictates it.
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    Not sure to be honest. I think they did lose some much needed time due to the chaos of last season (see Smother et al as well), but they've gone through a full off-season and basically two years of weight room now. At this point it's either want-to on the players part, or coaching. I'd need to rewatch the OU game again, but below is kind of what I gather from the first 3 games. Poor communication presnap, and when working to the second level. We whiff on LBs a lot. Some of it's coaching, some effort, some of it just takes experience and adjusting to the speed of the game. Some piss poor technique that needs to be coached up. Guys not driving their feet after they engage (when you see them get stood up or blown off the line). That's stuff peewee and high school coaches harp on everyday. Pass pro has been bad. The young guys don't seem to know how to anticipated the defenders moves and direct them away from AM. Some of that's experience, some of it's coaching. Some of it's effort. Poor blitz recognition in pass pro. Goes back to presnap and immediately after the snap communication. You always gotta be talking and looking. So I guess it's a little of A, B, and C...
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    I think there's ample evidence of us being innocent of those allegations. Something like 5 specific pieces.
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    Meh. COVID kinda screwed up workouts and practices last year. Our young guys didn't get as many reps to help development as they should have.
  5. I really don't think we need a transfer. Logan is going to be fun to watch, and we've got another guy right behind him who's pretty raw, but talented.
  6. It's not bad technique. Literally every field goal unit is coached to do this. You can't line up like that or the tackle will be off the line. At the snap everyone takes a step in, behind the guy next to them. The point is to close any gaps and make the defenders have to squeeze through (like you see them doing on the left side). Doesn't matter if you can't sustain the block long because the kick should be away pretty quick.
  7. I'm not use to anyone being that tall and wearing #15 for Nebraska.
  8. That's pretty common on all teams. They're trying to get matchups, give guys a blow, or maybe exploit a weakness they just saw.
  9. Yeah, what the media says happened and what really happened are probably two different things. I doubt anyone was dumb enough to pursue dropping OU more than a brain storming idea.
  10. Our RB room is kinda of like the New England Patriot's room, without the production.
  11. How many rushing yards did we have that game, and how many were Adrain's? How many picks did he throw?
  12. I think that got an audible "dayum!" out of me. Shades of Mo Purify or T Nunn just snatching balls out of the air. Omar could be something special if we can keep him on the field. He could be a good possession guy for us with those hands and his size. Right away I said "that was f#&%ing stupid". I mean I guess it's better than letting us play the tip drill with Toure in great position behind the play, but he should have just dropped it.
  13. Most of the game they were serviceable. The first and last drives were just hot garbage...
  14. That's discipline not mental weakness.
  15. I'm fine with his penalties the last shouldn't have even been called, and the first was questionable too. I want mean mast offensive linemen. He a decent center, better than we've had in awhile. He's not the problem on the line.
  16. You're takes are bad and you should feel bad. We hung with the #3 team all game. We don't suck. Just discipline and special teams that hurt us (yet again). mentally weak is laughable, this team brang it the whole game and kept popping back at a superior team.
  17. He almost had better numbers than Rattler today. The INT didn't really mean anything, and it was worse for OU than us. Only mistake he really made was taking the first sack on the last drive.
  18. The forward pass I can see either way. In reality (and by the letter of the rule) the ball moved forward because of the momentum from Smoothers sprinting forward, which is a penalty. But in the realm of physics he didn't apply a forward force on the ball, or attempt to, so it should have been a no call.
  19. That one's extremely bad. As a tackle you can never get beat to the inside on a pass play. That's a mortal sin, because it's the fastest path to the QB. You have to make them go around the outside. The DE even telegraphed his move. If you're going to give him the inside like that then you let him spin in and burry him down the line to take him out of the play.
  20. I mean it didn't matter, but it looked like it shoulda been good. I think if it clears the top of the post and is directly over them it's good
  21. Did you cruise by on your Kawasaki 900R pumping your fist?
  22. Idk. The issues from that game still persist. Line is not good. RBs can't find lanes. Poor pressure by our defense after the first half. Special teams ...
  23. I got grief in one of the other threads, but he's made really good decisions so far this year. Everytime he's chosen to take off he's done it quickly and it was a good decision that got us yards. I don't think he's really forced any passes either. Maybe some he should have against Ill to make something happen, but that got him in trouble last year.
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