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  1. The company was worth less than the price he paid even before he actually paid for it. If you remember his shenanigans help drive the stock price down and there was some litigation that took place to get him to pay the original price he offered.
  2. The only difference between this and a jihadi is that she's a woman and they'd probably stone her to death for wearing those clothes or talking. #freedome
  3. It's actually a massive Amazon warehouse now, so pretty warm in January. Just no piss breaks allowed.
  4. Schools out. He's been hitting the sauce.
  5. I thought stores used to have a no weapons policy? When that stop being a thing? I honestly would feel extremely unsafe with some walking around the same store as me and that thing slung on their shoulder.
  6. Alright, after spending far too much time researching this, and now knowing exactly where the property is located, it's pretty obvious it's part of a wetland system that has been in confirmed to existence for nearly 100 years. The major issue is that if you don't understand how wetlands work, then you would consider the property isolated from the main wetland on the other side of the road which feeds into a drainage channel, that feeds into a large creek, which feeds directly into the lake (US Waters); because it's intersected by a man made road. Just one look on google maps tells you that these two systems are historically and currently one. They no longer have an above ground connection, since the flow was diverted by the road and drainage channel, but there is no other way for the wetland on the property in question to exist unless it's linked to the major wetland on the other side of the road underground some how (that's basically what the EPA's field report said as well). While I agree that there needs to be a reasonable limit to how far the EPA can take their claims of US Waters, Alito is an idiot and this ruling literally doesn't pass the eye test. That being said, there should have been better communication with the property owners since they got the necessary permits from the state, but the EPA came in after the fact with threats and no realistic form of resolution outside of a massive cost to the owners. Clearly it wasn't a major environmental issue as the land still hasn't been cleared some 15 years later. This could be your worst take yet, and that's really saying something... Remember that Erin Brockovich movie? Remember Flint? Try searching for stories around the Detroit area about chemicals being dumped into creeks and streams.
  7. It's not a loaded question, I'm just not familiar with the case or the ruling. From the tweet it says Alito states that US waters have to have a continuous surface connection. That would completely exclude springs, underground aquifers, and cave systems. I guess I have some research to do. On the surface (no pun intended) I don't completely disagree with the ruling because this case sounds more like a watershed management issue than an EPA pollution prevention or major tributary disruption, but from what little verbage I've seen quoted it seems like the court threw the baby out with the bath water... I'll see myself out with all the puns.
  8. So, aquifers have zero regulations?
  9. I'd just like to revisit this topic... I'm ok with AI sometimes.
  10. Wtf is Twitter space? Like a s#!tty Twitch or something without video?
  11. Can't they get a second job? Ask their parents for a loan? Stop eating out so much? Learn to budget better?
  12. I'm sure he'll be posting about the christian school having their ipods filters unlocked so that kids could look up explicit material, and then did nothing for sometime when parents complained.
  13. Guns make for a polite society, am I right?
  14. Capitalism baby! I for one will welcome our Skynet overloads!
  15. It's actually AI Trump. Pretty accurate really. You can't tell the difference.
  16. It's being developed because it will make somebody somewhere more money by not having to pay a human to do the job.
  17. Get ready for idiotic stock market swings because of AI trading algorithms reading fake AI news...
  18. Let's pray the Cubans don't get involved.
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