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  1. Ah yes, they were all scum because one guy was a bipolar child molester 18 years before (and was molested himself as a child), one guy had some domestic assault chargers with his family, and the survivor had a prior misdemeanor for being drunk with a firearm on him but was there that day to render medical aid if needed. But Kyle punches the s#!t out of a girl on video, carries a firearm across state lines, possesses it as a minor (when it's not legal in that state), shoots 3 people killing 2 of them, and that's all cool. I fully understand the verdict, and can accept it given the laws, but Kyle is still a complete piece of s#!t. Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement. For even the very wise cannot see all ends.
  2. But it didn't happen... I'm just pointing out that it's hypocritical to shrug this off and then nitpick every single thing when it comes from the other side. We need to be aware of rage farming on all sides and not promote it. Nothing about the interaction seems to be illegal, and the BP even explain to the driver why/how they are authorized to do what they are doing. Overall this is almost exactly how these interactions should go.
  3. Ok... But it didn't... and this was rage click bait meant to fire up people who oppose the GOP using false info.
  4. I mean... They're federal agents, so Ron doesn't have any authority over them. What they were doing in Maine is perfectly legal as far as I'm aware, but I don't think they have the ability to make you answer, or detain you without reasonable suspicion you're immigration status isn't legal. It's basically like a DUI checkpoint but for immigration.
  5. You're tweet is tagged with a comment that says this was 2018, and in Maine (the trees definitely don't look like Florida conifers). It's also perfectly legal for BP to operate within 100 miles of the border if I'm not mistaken. They are camped out on I-75 down river from Detroit all the time.
  6. Especially given the fact it was a unanimous verdict, and civil cases don't require unanimous agreement from the juniors but do require a super majority.
  7. He's not convicted of anything. He was found liable in a civil case.
  8. If it's just a civil case I don't think so. I did see a clip of his deposition on Reddit this morning where he mistook Carrol for his wife (even though she's not his type) and his lawyer has to correct him multiple times.
  9. Did he seriously post that as a gotchya???
  10. Which is hilarious, because statistically immigrants in the US are less violent than US citizens.
  11. Hispanic and Latino isn't a race. It's an ethnicity, and you can actually identify as both Hispanic/Latino and white, or black, or whatever on most government forms.
  12. Get cancer to own the libs!
  13. The schtick continues... Archy only sees nuances when it suites his tastes. As I said, investigate all of them. Being a public servant should not be a form of personal enrichment via wealth. Our congress people, presidents, and justices absolutely should not be getting sweetheart deals from donors, dark money, lobbyist or anyone who stands to gain from their ruling through conflicts of interest. Sotomayor should have recused herself, but to act like the actions of these two justice are similar is hilarious. If she deserves some kind of reprimand then Thomas deserves expulsion.
  14. Agreed. I think rational people can also realize that money paid to you from a book deal is massively different than someone paying for lavish vacations on a yacht, buying multiple properties from you including your mom's home that she still lives in, and paying for your kids tuition... As well as not disclosing your full income over multiple decades, or maybe even falsifying it. Oh, and your wife trying to over throw a presidential election.
  15. As someone who is against war in general and is of legal draft age for the next decade, if Russia nukes Ukraine we have a responsibility to respond. That is an ungodly and unfathomable escalation of an already unjust war... But as Winston Churchill pointed out we will likely exhaust all possible options before choosing the right one.
  16. I think a lot of what you two mentioned was covered when I was in school, but they were generally small sections with only a few paragraphs dedicated to them. I do know for sure that the Tulsa massacre was never once mentioned though. I had no clue about that until very recently. Slavery was a pretty big topic, and the treatment of slaves on boats and plantations was discussed in depth. I guess the piece they don't really drive home is how utterly dependent the south was on slaves for their economy. But I think slavery and the blending of that into civil rights movement is covered pretty well in schools.
  17. He's exactly the same person. The famous interview of Jon Stewart on Crossfire is a prime example. As Jon roasts him with legitimate questions and critiques, Tucker just continues to be a smarmy jacka$$ about everything.
  18. So... Gym and this guy are bankrolling dark money groups to throw off any probs into them. Got it!
  19. This man has kids in college.
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