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  1. I would have to guess Williams is headed to USC, it’s the new way of football
  2. Eh, I actually think in this example he needs to be a Boy Scout to fit the Nebraska image. Perfect in every way…
  3. I think we found our qb for next year…..
  4. Here is how I see it. We can give frost more time (and eventually he will be here forever) and he will learn. In 10 years or so we will be great again. Or, we changeover and hope it happens, like lightning in a bottle, with a change. Or, it doesn’t, and we try again, and again and again…one of those might hit……are you a gambler?do we allow him to grow, and we watch him grow and be successful here, eventually? Or somewhere else?
  5. Some smoke on the 247 board about this. Of course it’s people with “inside info” but they think he may be the choice
  6. Maybe “the sock” will return…..
  7. Is anyone actually going to watch this game? Literally doing anything else would be a better use of time
  8. I learned that I like losing at night better because I am usually drunk by the end of the game and I can drink more to forget about it entirely.
  9. Time to bench martinez for a series or two, he is just not in the game
  10. As great as you think the 80’s were, the reality of it is, we were in the Big 8. Us, Oklahoma, and six joke teams. The college football of now, it completely different than the 80’s. Nebraska can’t be one of those overnight stories. We are not in a recruiting hotbed. It takes time to build the program.
  11. Just to look from a different perspective, how many games that have been wins would have been losses without him? Or been blowouts instead of close? It’s easy to blame him for everything, but in many cases he has been the only bright point. He will have his day
  12. If we lose any of those three, I’ll be disappointed. I hope we destroy them all, especially Wisconsin. I just think we are due for a big win this year, we’ve been building to it. Maybe we ruin Iowa’s season. We’ve proved we have the talent to do it, just need to learn how to finish
  13. Of course criticism is to be expected, but if all you have is negatives of the team, then move on. No one is forcing you to watch the games or be a fan. If all you want to do is see the negative, then just jump on someone else’s bandwagon. Been through lots of ups and downs with this team over the last 40+ years, and I live in Michigan, so I am ill hear more about this than most of you (for the msu game too). But for the first time in a long time, we are getting respect as a good team, other fans now see us as a threat, not a joke. In my mind that is progress. Im just sick of the “we have to win it all now” people. It will come, give it time, we are on the right path.
  14. True. I’ll stand by my statement though. I think we will have our “breakthrough “ win this year
  15. I think we beat osu or Iowa. We are due to win a game we shouldn’t.
  16. This team is improving, if you can’t see that, you aren’t watching. We will beat osu or Iowa. If we fire frost we are doomed to be a bottom feeder forever
  17. If it’s that hard for you to be a fan, there are 106 other teams to cheat for. As a Nebraska fan you have a lot to hang your hat on, appreciate that and hope it will come back. It could be worse, you could be like an Illinois fan, a team that has never done anything. Point is, it’s a game, played by kids. If it ruins your life, it’s time to find a new focus
  18. I agree, it’s frustrating as hell, but if you’re not old enough (I’ll guess you’re not) there was a time in the 80s when we just could never get over that hump. And people got mad, wanted to fire Osborne, could not beat Oklahoma…..and then the 90s happened. And it was glorious. The point is, as much as you want things to be immediate. They aren’t. Be patient and enjoy the game. Eventually, it will Pay off. If you can’t handle it, jump ship and cheat for another team that is winning now. But, they will have hard times too. It’s the way the cycle works
  19. It’s a process. Need to build up depth year after year so it doesn’t matter when you lose people. It doesn’t happen in one season. Maybe the offense will carry the defense next year
  20. Yep. And Alabama sucked for a long time before they started dominating again. That’s the way it works
  21. If you want frost gone at this point, the. Go follow a different team. This team is in the brink of being back to what we are used to. If you can’t see that then you are not paying attention
  22. True, but it’s all part of the game. We had our time in the sun, and it will come back, you have to give it time. No one rules forever, it goes in cycles.
  23. Hey, it sucks. s#!t happens. But if you don’t see progress in this team you are blind. We will win at least one of the games down the road we aren’t supposed to.
  24. Martinez looks like a different an the last few games. He comes back next year, look out
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