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  1. Alabama tried to flip him last minute, he said today
  2. Crying shame. This will come back to bite us in the ass.
  3. Not announcing til 1 now TCU is my guess
  4. Those are snipes...Amazing he was able to get 2 of them. Very elusive bird. Haha
  5. Y'all don't know your birds do ya, those aren't ducks. Pretty cool he seems to like the lifestyle here. Hope we push hard, believe he has family in the state
  6. Impressive that they almost got him to visit from Hawaii two weeks before signing day. I think Cav is going to pull some impressive oline in the future.
  7. Not visiting. Going to sign with UCLA
  8. Like I said above, no visit this weekend. Is trying for next weekend.
  9. Ya, the guy sounds pretty legit. Gives me a glimmer of hope anyway.
  10. Mixed reports on whether he's actually visiting or not depending on the site. If Mora was actually interviewing this year as reported it will just be a matter of time. Would be great if this dude visits all the way from Hawaii. Will visit next week if it happens according to Mike Scheafer thou.
  11. Don't think he actually visits unless Mora leaves.
  12. Your right. He's gotta save face thou. Can't be throwing coaches under the bus. Never know when your going to work with them again.
  13. Sounds like he accidentally tweeted at him. I'm sure they will have to self report. Davis has been out of college to long. no big deal, it happens
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