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  1. iruletheskool


    Excited to be back in town for the game, time to see what Mike Riley can do
  2. iruletheskool

    First Depth Chart of the Season

    Looks like a good lineup there. Should be a great game, excited to be back home for it
  3. iruletheskool

    SIGNED QB Tommy Armstrong*

    Would not be happy.
  4. iruletheskool

    FB Christian Powell

    I wouldnt mind seeing it either, but with such a small class we have more pressing needs that need to be filled. We also have Mike Marrow who will be playing that role for a couple of years. he'll be a junior though - this is the class that we should be recruiting to replace him. if we wait another year we'll likely be counting on a redshirt freshman in 2014. not that the fullback position is rocket science, but it would be nice to not have to count on a rFR. i am still betting there ends up being room in this class when it's all said and done. we alway swing and miss late - and end up with guys like Marsh. I'd take this guy over someone like Shoff. What's this here supposed to mean?? Don't count Marsh out yet..
  5. iruletheskool

    LB Quanzell Lambert [Rutgers Commit]

    I think that might have been Afalava, if I'm not mistaken.
  6. iruletheskool

    SIGNED QB Tommy Armstrong*

    Why in heaven's name would he have to beat out Martinez? We need to get to a spot where we aren't starting Frosh QB's, and if Taylor starts 2 more years, Tommy would be a RS Soph.. nothing wrong with sitting until then.
  7. iruletheskool

    SIGNED DE Greg McMullen

    Jeeze, now Bo's giving Blackshirts to kids not even on campus.. What a shame to the tradition..
  8. iruletheskool

    Illinois Sucks

    let's just steal Zook as a position coach/recruiter.
  9. iruletheskool

    SIGNED DE Greg McMullen

  10. iruletheskool

    DE Jonathan Bullard [Florida Commit]

    Hopefully all these guys can make the 11 AM kick
  11. iruletheskool

    OT Andrus Peat [Stanford Commit]

    mmkray, he'll play on the DL at least.
  12. iruletheskool

    OT Andrus Peat [Stanford Commit]

    Baker will play DT on Sundays.. Some of you guys need to just be happy we have some good players.