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  1. Ok so now we're saying that "staying close to home" means for maybe 1 or 2 weekends a year the team is playing within driving distance. I feel like anything outside of a few hours drive is all the same in terms of distance. Picking a school because once a year you get to play in the hometown seems very backwards to me
  2. What am I missing about the "close to home" argument for WSU? 18 hours from LA to Pullman 22 hours from LA to Lincoln Similar flights
  3. Apologies if this is posted somewhere, but does anyone have a summary of the decision dates/times of our top remaining targets? Thanks
  4. This is just too perfect. coming from The Boy Who Cried N
  5. Or, he found some info not everyone had access to abd shared it. Then tried to spread some optimism. Now everyone is blaming him for Darnay not choosing us because that's what people do. No one is blaming him for Darnay committing elsewhere, that would be ridiculous. However, his commit guarantee and the whole song and dance of trying to sound like an insider, looks even more ridiculous now. Darnay had us as a distant 4th, and only had the hat there out of respect to the staff and his Calabass teammates. I am all for optimism, but that performance was a joke. And if everyone were to come on here and act like Matty, spouting off fake information, and claiming fake inside sources, the quality of this board would be severely damaged.
  6. MattyIce needs to be held accountable. There is a difference between optimism, and blindly guaranteeing commitments. or citing a "very trusted source." or referring to yourself as some recruiting guru that is well connected. None of these were true. Matty is the little boy that cried wolf and always will be. I (we) come on here for actual insights, not just blind guarantees.
  7. Matthew Svoboda did a great job on Twitter regarding Husker recruiting, he retweeted just enough (but not too much) and was a generally good follow. His account is gone for some reason. My question is what other Twitter accounts are similar, and who should I follow as we near NSD? I liked Matt's feed because it wasn't filled with all of those paid Scout/Rivals links, and he retweeted the Husker staff and Husker targets/commits when necessary. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  8. Excellent Twitter follow. Also probably the best season preview I have read all season
  9. Any updates on Pierson EL injury recovery? Will he be in for Wisconsin game?

    1. GSG


      Entire leg came off

    2. Savage Husker
    3. C N Red

      C N Red

      Pretty sure he'll be back by Wiscy if not for Illini.

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